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Meringue Sew-Along Week 1

Today for the Colette Handbook Sew-Along we’re supposed to have our measurements taken, and muslins sewn. For you non-seamstresses out there, a muslin means to make a preliminary garment out of cheaper muslin fabric in order to perfect the size and work through the pattern first. Liam kept thinking I was saying “Muslim” as I was explaining what I made. Ha! No, no. Mus-LIN! I’m making garments over here folks.

I was watching “River of No Return” with Marilyn Monroe on Netflix as I worked.

And here’s the first go at the muslin. I’m definitely going to have to take in the sides a bit. I also want to try a different technique for the scallops at the bottom, and add a waist band. Maybe a strip of patterned bias tape along the bottom seam and to trim the waist band would be cute. Lots to think about!

p.s. that little blurry blob in the bottom left corner is Lucille’s head haha!
p.p.s my slippers are awesome.

I have a few ideas in mind to tweak the pattern so we’ll see where this goes as the weeks continue. Next week we’re supposed to tweak our muslin until they’re pretty much perfect so we can start preparing for the final product!

I had to throw in some pics of Liam and Lucille for good measure 😉 He was trying to make her smile. Gah she’s so cute! It kills me.

I probably should have saved this post for Monday but today was the date picked for the first deadline. Two sewing posts a week might be a bit over kill… Hmmm… We’ll see.

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!

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  • Oh, and I got those slippers on sale at Old Navy recently! They’re pretty comfy. You should get some 🙂

  • Rhonda

    awww love the pics of liam and lucille. cannot get enough of her … have said it before, will say it again.. she is SUCH a cutie! am in love with your slippers too! have to admit, while i adore colette patterns, and own a few, i’m not a fan of this scalloped edge skirt. i do like the look of it being contrasted though. can’t wait to see the final version

    • Aww I’m glad you like Lucille 🙂 She is pretty darn cute. I see you’re a dog lover too! What kind do you have? Looks like a sweetheart from your pic.

      Yeah this skirt will either make me really proud, or really bummed haha so we’ll see!

  • That’s so cute and awesome! I just started taking a sewing class and I am hyped about it!

  • Gillian

    Your contrasting hem ideas is TOO CUTE!!! For the first time it sparked me to think of the Meringue as a skirt I’d like to actually wear! I may have to copy your idea, if you don’t mind! 

    • Not at all. I’m flattered you’re so inspired 🙂