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A Closer Look at Meringue

Hi there,
Here are some better pictures of my Colette Sew-Along Meringue Skirt as promised! You can find more pictures on my flickr page.

I did end up tweaking the pattern a little to get a better fit, and also to add the contrasting color. Here’s what I did…

I used a total of three pattern pieces to make my skirt. I used just the Back Skirt pattern piece for both the front and the back of the skirt, and the coordinating scallop “facing” piece for the contrast. I made my own waistband as the third piece. I noticed the back pattern piece “B” was a tad smaller than the front, so I used that to get a better fit. You can see how baggy my first muslin was here.

I recently started using chalk to trace my patterns instead of pinning, and I like it much better! On the right you can see the pattern pieces I used. I cut two of piece B and F, and one of my waist band (all on the fold).

I serged all my seams, and and still used the 5/8ths seam allowance, so that helped me get a better fit as well. In order to get the red contrasting look, I sewed the front and back facing pieces together at the sides, then pinned the piece to the inside of the skirt and flipped it to the outside.

I used red bias tape to bind the raw edge, and covered the tape seam with a little button. Then I added a button tab waist band and voila! Done!

This sew-along has been SO fun so far! Please check out the flickr group and take a look at all the other talented ladies who participated!




  • Sassy T

    I absolutely love this. Am going to try the contrast when I make the Meringue. it is so cool.

  • Julia Diamente

    Wow, this is my favourite version of this skirt I’ve seen by FAR. 
    Julia Bobbin

  • That turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing. I love the color choices and buttons. Sweet as pie.

  • This is gorgeous! What a great colour combination. 

  • Lavender Marsh

    Love your Meringue! My fav color combo, and the flipped scallop facing rocks! Also, I like how wide your waistband is. I followed the Colette instructions to make my waistband, and will definitely make it wider next time.

    • Ugh… just realized my comments are showing under a different account. Oh, internets…

    • Oh thank you! Yes I’m a huge fan of aqua and red. Those were actually my original blog colors and I’m so tempted to go back! The waist band was totally pulled out of thin air. I didn’t follow any instructions haha! I think it worked out pretty well though 🙂

  • It looks SO GOOD!!!