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Bark Off McDonalds!

Lucille, William, and I made it in the BAD RAP slide show to McDonalds! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Bad Rap organization, you should really check them out. They were responsible for many of the successful Michael Vick dog rehabilitations. You don’t have to be a Pit Bull lover to appreciate the work they’ve done and continue to do. If you’re skeptical about the true nature of these types of dogs, pretty please (with a cherry on top) check out their site, and at least take the time to enlighten yourself on some of the ridiculous myths that exist. Lucille and I would truly appreciate it. What one dog, or one man, or one species is capable of, does not make all of it’s entirety guilty of that same capability.

Ok sorry for the lecture!! On with the slide show! This was in response to McDonald’s poorly chosen radio add suggesting their food is less risky than petting a specific breed of dog. You’ll hear the original ad at the beginning. This ad has since been cancelled, but the damage was already done!

America’s Bark Off to McDonald’s
from on Vimeo.

Our picture is shortly after the 1:20 mark, but the whole slide show is just so sweet. These are just a fraction of the pictures that were submitted too!

If you can’t watch the show, here’s the picture we were secretly hoping would get picked. Spoiler alert: It did!
I was hoping that no one would notice, but some of my friends have pointed this out already: Yes Liam is wearing his ring and I am not haha! My joints swell horribly when it’s too hot AND too cold so I desperately need mine re-sized!  I’d wear it if it fit my stupid finger! It’s a promise ring so maybe this will be a hint for him to seal the real deal 😉

Thanks so much for everyone’s support on the previous post! We appreciate it so much! Lucille is more a child to me than a pet, so it really hurts me when people can be so ignorant. Even if they don’t mean to be, it still hurts. So THANK YOU! I have the best readers <3

Much love,
Rochelle, Liam, and Lucille



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  • Good for you! Dogs are lovely, and guiltless, it’s humans who do the most damage. I rescued my cat off the streets, and we’ve never had a non-rescue animal, dog or cat. Animal abuse just breaks my heart, and your dog is so sweet. 

    • All of my animals are rescues as well. I have kitties at my Mom’s house. I miss them terribly. Thank you for your support, Lucille and I really appreciate it! 

  • Good on you! My rescue border collie/cocker spaniel mix is my crush, but probably more skittish around strangers than Lucille. You shouldn’t stick your hand out to any unknown dog, regardless of breed.

  • Cindy

    Thanks for posting this, that was a great video! Lucille is ADORABLE!

    • Thank you! She is darn cute, but I have a pretty biased opinion 😉 

  • I love this, good for y’all! No dog breed should be targeted as being risky! Some of the “worst dog breeds” are actually some of the sweetest, when they’re in the hands of loving and caring people. Petting any animal you don’t know can be risky, especially if you’re one of those “run up and shove my hand in their face” kind of people. Sigh. I hate hearing any animal being targeted like this… Again, good for y’all and send miss Lucille lots of love from the Bailey family, k? ^_^

    • I totally agree. I know a handful of amazingly sweet Rottweilers and other “scary” breeds. And on the contrary, I’ve met some actually scary “companion” breeds lol. Land sharks we used to call them when I worked in a grooming shop. 
      Lucille and I very much appreciate all your love and support! The Bailey family rocks!  

  • haha I bet McDonalds didn’t see that one coming 😉

    • Oh I’m sure they didn’t! They published a super weak “apology” and removed the ad. But still. We certainly didn’t find it amusing. It is kind of amazing though how many people responded, and so quickly!