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Hey McDonalds!

I’m not okay with this ad of yours… Since when are dogs more risky than heart disease?!

Here’s Lucille’s response…
Bad move McDonalds. But Lucille forgives you for your ignorance. That’s what dogs do!!

Rochelle and Lucille

  • i think they should have said petting any stray dog. not just pit bulls! i’ve seen some scary little chihuahuas lol

    • Yeah I know some “land sharks” too haha! But how bout trying to pet a rabid raccoon! That’s actually risky. And way more funny sounding than what McDonalds aired. 

  • You tell ’em, ladies!  Stupid McDonald’s! 

  • Oh, no!  Poor Lucille– hope her feelings aren’t hurt! 

    • Sadly she’s used to it. She believes in the quality over quantity rule when it comes to friends. The people who love her, love her unconditionally. Those who don’t, just make room for more people who might! She loves EVERYONE. It’s okay that not everyone loves her back. 

      •  It’s so sad, though.  If people took the time to get to know dogs, they’d probably be surprised at what they’d learn (and there wouldn’t be so many dogs in shelters). 

        That Lucille is too cute for words.  Haters don’t know what they’re missing!

        • I agree 100%!! Thanks so much for your support! Lucille would give you a big ol’ kiss if she could 🙂 

  • Grrrrr

  • I have no clue what to say to that since there are so many thought and emotions running through me right now, but the thought that is shouting the loudest is please tell me that isn’t real. Please tell me that is a joke. Tell me some pretty little lies if you must but please don’t let that be real.

    • Unfortunately it is real. Luckily it was just a local radio ad, and McDonalds has already removed it based on the MASSIVE response from responsible Pit lovers across the US. Shame on them though for being so blatantly ignorant! I’m hoping they make up for it in a big way!