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Today William (AKA Liam) and I took a little trip to the smallest capital city in all of the US. Montpelier. I’m a phonetic reader and also a newbie to the great state of Vermont, so every other time I try to pronounce my new capital’s name I totally butcher it. I’m pretty sure the locals say it “Mont-peel-yer”.

I slept in and took my sweet time getting ready this morning. I got new hair in the mail the other day, but I’m not sure if I dig it yet. It’s growing on me. (not literally lol)

That’s a new skirt too! After I took a million unnecessary pictures of myself, (I can’t help it my new camera is awesome!!1) we were off to find food and adventure!

We had a later lunch at this great little restaurant called Kismet. I had the pork hash, and Liam got the breakfast burrito. The food was SO GOOD and reasonably priced, especially for the quality of ingredients. Plus my hash had beets in it! I LOVE beets!! So good!

The capital building is soooo pretty! The dome is covered in real gold leaf! I kind froze my butt off taking these pics but my giant winter coat was totally crampin’ my style. Everyone who drove by had to rubber neck the crazy girl with giant glasses jumping in front of a government building. Ya. Don’t care!

After that we stopped at a few vintage/thrift stores. I saw some okay stuff, but alas, nothing fit me 🙁

Liam took this picture of himself on our way to seek out chocolate. He thinks he’s so funny.

Chocolate we did find! Apparently this little chocolate shop only makes these tasty treats one time a year, so the woman gave us 3 for 2 since today was the last day they could be sold. They were amazing! Don’t they look it?!

We always take the long way home when we can and explore new back roads and side streets. But we didn’t go too far out of our way since I can’t bear to be away from this one for too long…

Guh she’s so cute. This dog is my soul.

Tomorrow Liam and I plan to get some snowboarding in before hunkering down and getting ready for the upcoming week. I need to do laundry desperately. What else is new.

I also need to work on my Pastille dress for the sew-a-long! The end of the month is creepin up fast!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!



  • Julia Diamente

    You look so fabulous with your get up and your hair it makes my stomach hurt! Stop it!
    Julia Bobbin

  • Love your gorgeous getup you little doll. And Soul. Precious.

  • Yup, Mont-peel-yer. Just forget the French 🙂 So there’s actually snow? I owe my parents a visit… maybe kill two birds, one stone & hit the slopes!

    • I didn’t know you had family in Vermont! That’s awesome. This is snow here, though I hear this is the most mild winter they’ve had in years! Figures. I moved here for more snow!

  • sallie forrer

    I love your blog! So cute. And I’m fascinated by your new hair!
    Looks like a fun day. Can’t wait to see your Pastille – plus puppy love <3

  • Yay!  Looks like a fun little trip!  Looking forward to seeing your Pastille!

    • Thanks! Hopefully my Pastille works out alright. I’m not really a fan of the sleeves. They’re super cute on the model, but look like foot ball shoulder pads on me! Hmmm….

  • What a fun day! I love your pics jumping in front of the Capitol building. 🙂  Miss Lucille is SOOOOOO cute! I wanna hug her! 

    I am so looking forward to seeing your Pastille.  Your Meringue was incredible!

    • Aww thank you! Yeah I’m hoping my Pastille turns out since I plan to wear it to a wedding in March! Lucille would most definitely give you a hug if she could. She loves hugs 🙂 

  • I had the opposite thing happen when I moved to Victoria. There’s a neighborhood called ‘View Royal’. In middle school and high school I took probably 5 or 6 years of French, and the grammar is stuck in my subconscious. So when I see the adjective come after the noun I instantly think it’s French. Anyway, I was pronouncing it ‘view royale’ for years until Ryan was like um…it’s royal, like the queen. I was so embarrassed.

    • That’s funny! I took at least that many years of French as well so I kept trying to say it Mon-pell-lee-aye at first. Then Mont-pih-leer. Both of those aren’t right apparently. I just call it the capital. That’s pretty safe. I pretty much can’t pronounce any city in California either. La Jolla? Yeeeaahhh not phonetic lol.