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Although I’m not 100% happy with the fit, I love how my dress turned out! One of my good friends is getting married on St. Patrick’s day and wants everyone to wear green, so I was really hoping this dress would turn out so I could wear it! I have a matching Negroni in the works for Liam to wear 😉

I really didn’t do a whole lot of tweaking to this dress besides taking out the cap sleeves and, once again, sewing the facing to the outside! I went to sew it in as instructed, but had a last minute “Hey wait a minute!” moment as I was pinning. Forget the interfacing, this dress needs a collar!

I was super excited to finally unpack my fancy bias tape maker (they’re a steal when Joann’s has a sale!!) and bind my lack of sleeves using Colette’s method.

I should have stopped my zipper right at the white bias tape. I think it looks a little funny stopping where it does, but that’s okay. I kinda forgot about the hook and eye closure too. Oops!

I was too excited to take pictures and therefore my sash isn’t technically finished. It’s not hemmed. Whatever. I also wanted to do the cute pin tuck detail at the bottom, but it totally got lost in the stripe so I decided against the effort.

You can’t really tell in the picture, but I burned my elbow pretty badly on my iron. I think immediately running it under cold water was the only thing that kept it from blistering. I managed to burn my elbow, resulting in me bumping the iron off my board, then miraculously catching the not burny part of the super hot iron as it was falling, all while NOT dropping my camera that I was holding in the other hand! Definitely almost gave myself a heart attack in the process. Who tries to catch a hot falling iron!? I’m so lucky I still have a hand.

The fit is still a tad big baggy, so the sash is pretty necessary. However, I’d much rather be able to sit down without bustin’ a seam!

See, no busting of the seams here!!

Once again, this Sew-along with Erin and Sarah has been beyond awesome* and I’m really excited to start Project 3!

Have a fantastic rest of your week!!

*Yeah, I know, I said that last time. Just prepare to read a similar statement after every project 😉

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  • Hi Rochelle, your dress is darling!  I love how you used the facings as a collar–that is brilliant, and a technique I’d like to borrow sometime!!  and the bias tape maker–that thing is wicked cool.  Thanks for sharing!  Happy sewing.

    • You should definitely give it a try, it’s a SUPER easy way to add a collar! Thanks for your appreciation 🙂

  • Sara Upshaw

    I really like what that facing on the outside does for this dress.  I’ve been too bored with it to make it up to this point.  I am also really glad that you didn’t say, “I drafted this awesome collar myself.” because then I would be sad.

    • Honestly I’m not that great at drafting! I’m glad you appreciate the collar 🙂

  • Andrea Brown

    Amazing! I don’t really adore the Pastille pattern as it is, but I LOVE your changes with the collar and buttons. So cute, well done.

    • Thank you! Yeah I wasn’t impressed with the intended cap sleeves, but almost kept them just to stay true to the pattern for the Sew-along. However, why make a dress that I won’t want to wear? So maybe it’s not a TRUE Pastille, but I like it 🙂 

  • So pretty! I love your alterations, this looks great! I hope you have a lovely time at the wedding. 

  • This is so cute!  I love the color and it really looks great sleeveless!  I’ve tried to catch a falling iron, too, and somehow grabbed it by the handle!  It’s such a weird impulse!  I’m so sorry you got burned.  🙁

    • Thank you 🙂  And yeah, I’m lucky I wasn’t burned more seriously! I’m so stupid haha

      •  Oh, and, hold the phone– that bias tape maker!  How do you like it?  I hate the tedium of ironing and ironing and ironing when I make my own…

        • I love it! You still have to go through the trouble of sewing the pieces together, though I think there’s a machine that does that automatically now too. But, once the pieces are sewn together and wound up, it’s SO nice to just press a button and voila! 

          •  That sounds AMAZING!  Thanks for the input!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rochelle, I’m so happy to have found your blog via the Colette Sewalong. You have such great style. I love, love the collar you added to the dress, and the green stripe is perfect with your red hair. Great job! Someday I might attempt this dress, for now I’m working with some of the easier patterns. 🙂

    • Well thanks for taking the time to say hello! And thank you for your sweet remarks 🙂 I did not find the actual construction of the pastille to be very difficult, but getting the fit right was definitely a challenge for me! I’m not sure what your skill level is, but I think the sorbetto top (if you haven’t tried  it already) is a great introductory to sewing darts and using bias tape, which is useful to apply to Colette’s other patterns. At least it was for me.

      • Anonymous

        Fitting is my main challenge. I haven’t tried the Sorbetto yet (I plan to) but have done the Beignet and Ginger skirts and am working on a muslin for the Peony Dress. I’m really enjoying watching the sew-along progress!

        • Well the Sorbetto will be a very easy project for you then, but it’s still a fun one. I find myself making 2 or 3 muslins sometimes before committing to a project, but it’s usually worth it. The Peony is my list of dresses to try! I’m sure yours will turn out beautifully 🙂 I have a tendency to accidentally abandon sewing projects, so the sew along has really helped me focus and see each project through to the end! 

  • Verenezara2011

    Rochelle, I abosolutely love the bottom picture of you and Lucille!  The bow around your waist really adds to the dress, I love that you did it in white….for some reason I thought you were going to do the bow green, I’m glad you didn’t. Very cool. 🙂

    • The original plan was to do the bow in green, but after making the collar with white trim I knew the bow needed to be white too! 

  • Ummmm I love everything you make.

    And I hear you about not wanting to bust a seam! I’d much rather have a dress that is loose fitting and comfy.

    • Why thank you! And I totally agree. That’s why I dress like an old lady more days than not haha

  • I love your burny pouty face! I’ve totally done that. Along with taking a skillet or pan out of the OVEN, setting it on the range to plate food, then grabbing hold of the handle as if it had only been on the burner the entire time.

    Again, your dress is so super cute! You have to post photos from the wedding.

    • Yikes! Yeah that would hurt! 
      I will definitely post pics of the wedding 🙂

  • Lauren

    My left arm has definitely been victim of the iron burn too… it looks soo bad haha (and I’m pretty sure the scars are staying forever!) You’d think I would have figured out by now that I need to be careful with a hot iron, but nope – I’ve burned myself multiple times. I can’t believe you managed to catch the iron without burning yourself more – that takes some serious skill! 🙂

    • It was sheer luck that I caught the iron by the handle. I’m so stupid! Someone needs to remind me never to attempt that again haha!

  • You dress is gorgeous!! The facing-turned-collar is a brilliant idea and one I think I may have to copy (if you don’t mind….I hate facings, too!)  I love all the extra details you’ve added to make the dress your own.  I know what you mean about wanting to change the skirt to a big poofy one, but it’s good for us big skirt lovers to have one fitted one in out closet – LOL!  Well done, Rochelle!!

    I can see your burn – ow!!! Iron burns really hurt and I hope you feel better soon. 🙂  I love the last pic of you and Miss Lucille – adorable!

    • Thank you, and of course I don’t mind! The world needs less interfacing and more collars lol! My arm burn is all scabby (yuck!) but it’s healing, and it doesn’t hurt any more, so that’s good. I appreciate your concern 😉