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Happy Birthday, my heart and soul!

Exactly three years ago today, I rescued the love of my life. Since I don’t know her real birthday, I’ve always counted her adoption day as her birthday instead. She is estimated to be 6 years old now. I originally wanted to write a HUGE post about her entire life story, how she ended up in the shelter, along with a ton of pictures… but honestly, it’s late (Tuesday night) as I write this, and I just want to snuggle with that lovable face and fall asleep.

Her adoption story is one that I most definitely want to get down on paper so to speak, so I will always have a place to look back on it and remember. She’s been through so much in her life, and I can’t even think about my life with out her. I find my self getting teary eyed when I let my mind wander in that way. It is not likely/or practical for me to ever have children of my own, so this dog is my child. That sounds silly to people who don’t get it… but seriously, the love I have for this dog is as strong as the love my mother has for me. This dog is my soul.

Happy Birthday Lucille! I wish I could have 100 more to spend with you…


  • Happy belated, Lucille!!! It kills me when people think my love for my dog is just an excuse, some pre-baby/lack of baby transference. Um, no. I just love my dog. I love her soul.

    • Wow, THANK YOU for pointing that out! I’m not “delusional”, I am fully aware of that fact that my dog is a dog, and not a human child. But that doesn’t mean she needs to be treated like a “dog”. She IS my baby. She eats before I eat. She wears a coat when it’s too cold. She wears a seat belt in the car. We share the same blanket and pillow at night… I don’t think those things are obsessive. I think that’s what she deserves!

      I’m so glad there are others out there who feel the exact same way! 


  • Aww, gosh, happy birthday/anniversary, Lucille and Rochelle!  I’m so happy you guys have each other! 
    She is too sweet!

  • No, no! Love in an honest way never sound silly! That it given to a child, a man, a girl, or a dog! I consider animals, and especially the companion ones as an entire person in a part of a family.  I’m now living away from my family home and i always (if not more) ask about how the cat and the dog are. And because of special circumstances i had a particular connexion with my dog, when I’m disappointed and almost about to cry, he comes with his embarrassed face to sit close and stuck to me. And i know no one as close it can be to me could ever comfort and show me more carefulness than this little white furry old dog. And each time it did this it melt and warm my heart and it still surprise me.
    I miss him and the old cat, and i wish more pet owner was more devoted to their companion as if he was their equals and not as a loneliness substitute or a “gift” for the children, or worse, taking a pet like some people jump on buying new technology, to follow a trend.
    So don’t ever feel stupid or embarrassed to give love to a dog, because it’s totally honest and maybe some can’t even give it properly to their children. Love with pride whatever you really care.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Alice! Thank you for sharing such sweet words 🙂

  • Zara Edwards

    Aw what a sweet and tear jerking post, Happy Birthday Lucille! She’s certainly lucky to have such a  caring, devoted owner, I wish more pet owners were like you.

  • That is so amazingly sweet! Lucille looks like the most adorable, loving, and happy dog in that photo. I’m glad you two found each other 🙂

    • She is indeed all of those thing! I am happy I have her  🙂 

  • Izznit

    Happy Birthday Lucille! What a cutie!!!

    • She is pretty cute 😉 She says thank you for the birthday wishes! 

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    Lucille is very lucky to have you!!! xo

    • I am lucky to have HER! But thank you, I try to be the very best dog mom I can be! <3

  • Pits have the best smiles!  Happy Birthday!!

    • Don’t they?! Lucille says thanks for the birthday wishes 😉

  • aww how sweet! happy birthday! a friend of mine calls the adoption anniversary the “gotcha date” i thought that was cute. 

  • sallie forrer

    Aw! Happy birthday puppy! My dog’s name is Lucille too!

    • Aww that’s so neat! I’m sure she’s just as sweet as my Lucille 😉

  • Happy Birthday, Miss Lucille! She is SO CUTE!!

  • Aww, happy (adoption) birthday, Lucille! She’s one lucky pup. 🙂