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I love my job!

I’m so lucky to work at the cutest little fabric & yarn boutique in town! Possibly the cutest in all of New England, or all of America, but I may have a biased opinion 😉

It’s such an inspiring space, and I feel so lucky to be a part of the nido team! Even when our new point of sale system crashes and I have to frantically call tech support. Scary! We were back on track in no time though. No biggie.

It’s a dream job, but also a potential hazard for sew-ers! I definitely spent my entire first pay check on fabric haha! Oops!

The weekend is fast approaching and the weather is BEAUTIFUL lately! I’m so excited to finish up some projects, and start some new ones. I’ll also be dragging the Mr. along to some photograph worthy location in order to document his new Negroni shirt!


  • Phiona

    you are too sweet! we are SO lucky to have you rochelle. xo

  • Nido looks so amazingly quaint. I’m jealous of your day job 🙂

  • Yay!  Congrats on finding a job that you love!  It looks like such a fun shop!  I’m definitely jealous!  

    • Thank you! It feels great to love your job, I must say. I’m very fortunate 🙂

  • Lucky girl to work here!   🙂  And I hope you find your wedding small big band!  You have good taste  😉  

  • Awwwww sometimes i dream about making the same job!!
    Lucky you! I’m sure you know how you are! But in the same time i’m sure it would make my brain boil  from too much, cute things and inspiration coming to me!! So i wouldn’t be very productive!
    Haha i’m glad i found your blog a week ago! Lovely things everywhere! =)

    • Well thanks for saying hello! I love to meet new readers! And yes I totally agree, sometimes I’m way overwhelmed (in a good way!) at work 🙂 

  • sallie forrer

    It looks amazing. Its so hard to find cozy lovely local fabric stores in  most of the country, you’re very lucky!

  • Heaven!

  • Angela Bailey

    Oooh!!! I am majorly jealous. My dream jobs: working from home as an artist, working around literature, working around craft supply goods or working around animals. 😉 That’s just so awesome and such a cozy, dreamy, inspiring looking place to work in! 

    • I think being a librarian would be a cool job. And I was working in an animal shelter but it was too depressing for me 🙁 I’m very happy at the fabric shop now.