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Completed: Taffy

The latest Sew Colette garment is the Taffy Blouse, and here’s mine! I had every intention of using actual blouse fabric, but then decided to shop my own stash instead. I originally bought this fabric to make circle scarves, but didn’t realize until after I got home that it’s licensed for personal use only. Oops! So here I am wearing more quilting cotton as per usual. One of these days I’ll branch out, I promise! (maybe.) Cotton IS the fabric of my life.

I made a ton of polka dot bias tape to go around the collar and sleeves, but when I got it on the collar it looked terrible. The dots were spread too far apart so you couldn’t even see them on some parts. It looked crooked and weird. So I decided to turn the bias tape on the collar under one more time so it’s more of a bias facing instead of binding. As for the sleeves, I used a fancy stitch on my fancy pants sewing machine and then cut out around all the little scallops. Which took me no less than forever to accomplish. But I think it was worth it, no?

The rest of these pictures are totally just for my own amusement 😉 Thank you Darling for amusing me as per usual. You’re getting much better at taking photos <3

Lucille loves the giant Flamenco dancer sleeves! She’s so freaking cute.

No I did not make my skirt, though one of my goals is to make a high waisted pencil skirt very similar to it. Add that to my summer sewing list! I did make my little matching hair bow though. If you couldn’t tell 😉

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend! I should have my laptop’s life cord back Tuesday so I won’t have to randomly commandeer other computers, and I can get back to more frequent blog posts.




  • Oh I love this! It was definitely a good choice to use your fancy schmancy stitch around the sleeve hem, even if it took forever. It is details like those that say you care for your garments. Oh and the bow is definitely fabulous. I wore a bow and a bun today and looked like a four year old but I didn’t care!

  • You are so pretty, and I love all of your clothes. Especially your underwear. WHAT?

  • Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to say hello 🙂 I’m checking out your blog now…

  • Well done! I love the scalloped edging on the sleeves. Right now I’m cursing going with a slippery poly fabric over cotton. 

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m sure your blouse will turn out beautifully, cursed or not! 

  • Ya know, oddly enough, I’m really digging the quilting cotton Taffy’s!  I have a soft spot for bright colors-really loving this one.  AND the cute stitching on the sleeves might be cropping up in some of my own sewing soon, thanks for the inspiration!

    • You should definitely use the scalloped stitching if your sewing machine has that function! It’s a little time consuming but I think it’s worth it 🙂 

  • Alice Grillet

     Oh!!! This blouse with this fabric was made for you!!! Awww such a great match! Love the whole outfit! 

  • This is so pretty!  I really like it (and this pattern isn’t one of my favorites)!  Super cute!

    • Thanks 🙂 I almost skipped this pattern because I thought I wouldn’t be a fan. Silly me! 

  • Amanda Russell

    So cute! Love the scalloped sleeves – totally worth the time spent 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I really do love that stitch. I think I need to stop being lazy and use it more often.

  • Lavender

    Gorgeous, lady! Your Taffy and teacup were made for each other. I think you’ll need to carry around that prop whenever the blouse is worn 😉 Love the scalloped edge, too.

    • Why thank you my dear! Yeah I agree I need that tea cup in my life all the time. I should start hiding it in all future posts like a Where’s Waldo thing haha!

  • Zara

    Wowee! Love it Rochelle, you totally rock that outfit.  I love the color and the cute little bow that matches! 🙂

  • CUTE! The tiny little scallop on the sleeves is my favorite part 😀

  • sallieforrer

    This may be my favorite Taffy I’ve seen yet! The scallop stitch is indeed ingenious. And you always make quilting cotton look SO GOOD!! Why stop now? Cotton seriously has the best prints – its time to step it up, rest-of-the-fabric-fibers! 

    • SOMEONE has to make old lady quilting fabrics look good haha! 😉 There are some voile cottons I really like, but Lucille lives on my lap when I’m home pretty much, so I like to wear things that she can’t rip lol

  • shanni77

    That is absolutely adorable!!  The print is awesome and the flamenco dancer sleeves…getta outta here!
    New follower and loving your blog!

  • Julia

    Totally amazing blouse. Love it to the max! I think this is now my favourite blouse!

  • Scruffybadger

    Adorable! I love it in cotton, esp this cerise print! And what you’ve done with Scallop stitch is genius, maybe those sleeves just take a long time whatever the finish….

    • Thanks!
      You’re right, the bias binding would have probably taken just as long. I’m glad I went with the genius stitch instead 😉

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    I know I already told you on Instagram, but I love the fabric! The sleeves look so good the way you did them, I never would have thought of that! 🙂

    Do you usually sew with quilters cotton? I lean that way, but I am trying to branch out a bit. You can’t go wrong with cotton though!!

    • I do usually sew with quilting cotton, or some variation of cotton. I just really love cotton! lol Plus it’s very washable/wearable/affordable. I have to consider all of those things with Lucille on me all the time 😉 

  • Lovely blouse that! I think I want the book now so I can nab that pattern. The colour is great and the print even better. Awesome 😀

    • Well thank you! The bias drape is totally lost on the stiffness of quilting cotton but whatever. I can’t get away with wearing fancy fabrics due to my velcro dog lol. If I had more fabric I planned to turn this pattern into a dress! I think it would be waaay cute as a sun dress. The handbook is a great resource for sure. Totally worth the money!

  • Neeno from

    U look hot! I love Lucille!

  • AHAHAHA reading to Lucille!!! 

    • Yeah she’s totally into it. Can you tell? Bahah

  • It’s lovely! The sleeves are so sweet.

    • Thanks 🙂 They would be more sweet if I used a more fluttery fabric. But whatever. I’m happy with the way it turned out.