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Inspired: Dita Dress

I found this gorgeous dress while browsing around the interwebs yesterday, and I knew I had to some how re-create it. The dress is from Dita Von Teese’s MUSE collection and was designed by Dita herself, based on two of her favorite vintage dresses.

I am so inspired by this dress and am now on a mission to make one for myself! With a few tweaks of course…

My fellow Colette fans and I were literally counting down the minutes until the Spring/Summer 2012 patterns launch. (I may or may not have had a dream about the patterns last night. …that’s how excited I was.) So imagine my super surprise when I saw the new Lily dress! It’s almost exactly what I had in mind for this re-creation of mine. It has a very similar flattering shape, but is more casual, meaning I can wear it to work! Feminine and practical.

I want to mimic the velvet ribbon straps as closely as I can, since they’re definitely the focal point of the dress! As for the fabric, I love the big bold floral, but prefer a more durable cotton as opposed to silks. This retro inspired stretch poplin should do the trick! Not to mention it’s WAY affordable. Score! I also plan to lengthen the hem to below the knee so it more closely mimics Dita’s version. That’s my favorite hem length. …I have shy knees.

Our shop has already ordered the new patterns, I’m just waiting for them to arrive so I can take one home and make this dress mine! My own! My precious!

Now, if I could just make Dita’s face mine…

(Never mind, that’s creepy.)

What are your summer sewing plans?


  • I am kinda drooling over my keyboard here haha. So pretty! My mission is to design my first fitting dress this summer. I started a little on the process but it is taking me a long time haha. 

    • Haha you’re too funny 🙂 I think the Lily will be a great dress because it’s fitted, but not too fitted. Good luck!

  • What a great inspiration. Dita Von Teese is pretty amazing (although I like your face on you better). The floral print you have chosen is perfect and I agree with all the alterations you are making for those shy knees of yours 

  • So pretty! I’m working on my Sew Cinematic sew-along and the Colette Spring/Summer palette challenge. 

    • I’ll be doing the Palette Challenge too! 🙂

  • I DESPERATELY want the Lily dress– it’s such a gorgeous shape!  I freaked out completely when I saw the new patterns and ordered the shorts before I even knew what was happening!  I can’t really justify another dress pattern right now, but HOLYCRAPIWANTIT!!!!!  I can’t wait to see yours!!

    • I hear you! I was dreaming up some things for the Colette Palette challenge and then realized I have like, FIVE dresses still to make that I almost forgot about! Yikes! Guess those will have to make it into the challenge one way or another…

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    I was about to ask if you were going to do the Palette Challenge, but then I scrolled down and saw that you are 🙂

    The Lily dress is super cute! I kind of want to get all three patterns, but I keep telling myself that I need to start sewing more of my other patterns before I buy more.

    • I most definitely need to start making some of the dresses I have stashed up! I’m going to find away to incorporate them into the challenge 🙂

  • I was right there with you counting down the minutes until the new patterns’ release, haha.
    Also, wow, I love that floral!!

    • Me too! Hopefully it looks as nice in person as it does online. That’s the tricky part of online shopping. I wouldn’t be too bummed if I end up hating it. It’s cheap! 

  • Zara Edwards

    I’m excited to see what you create!  lol @ your “I have shy knees” comment.

  • sallieforrer

    Haha! Funny post… I can totally see this working! The velvet trim will be gorgeous! 

    I was super excited about the new Colette patterns. I sure do love sundresses…

    • The velvet will make or break the dress for sure! Hopefully I can get it right haha! 
      Who doesn’t love sun dresses?? 😉

  • That’s going to be so hot! Pretty please make a Dita mask for your post once it’s done. YOUR face is beautiful. But I love creepy. And that would be hilariously creepy.

    • Hahah!! I’ll see what I can do with the help of a stolen google image and photoshop. …that would actually be really hilarious. Maybe I’ll make one of those really bad construction paper/popsicle stick masks that elementary school kids make. 

    • Miss Crayola Creepy

      Creepy is good!!