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SPC – Dress One

Hello Darlings!

If you haven’t jumped on board for the Spring/Summer Palette Challenge, it’s not too late! Speaking of Palette Challenge, if you checked out the Colette blog today, you may have noticed a familiar image. (Spoiler alert, it’s my mood board! I’m so honored!)

Anywho, here is a quick peek of the first dress that I’ve completed for the challenge.

It’s Simplicity Pattern #0345 for Project Runway, (this is the old packaging of the same pattern) with another custom belt by me. I sense a belt tutorial coming up soon! 😉

I took all of the photos for the belt tutorial earlier today, but I still need to piece them all together with the instructions, so hang tight! Sooooon!



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  • Mimoo

    Such a pretty dress. Such a pretty girl! You ARE amazing!

  • Lavender

    LOVE. A LOT.

  • I’m awfully behind on my blogs, I love the dress! And your shoes… tell me more about your shoes, please!! (I should have been signed in as Stacie Chadwick. UGH TOO MANY TWITTER ACCOUNTS!!)

  • Alice

    Ohhhh that’s so cute!! I vote for a belt tutorial!!  I really like this idea!

  • Super cute!  I love this!  

  • Rhonda

    adore this … the fabric … the style … but especially the ric rac hem .. and the belt! look forward to the tutorial

  • Sassy T

    Love it.

  • Woweeeeeeeee!  What an awesome dress – it is totally fab & I love the use of rick rack (I would say that wouldn’t I?!)
    Thanks for leaving me a comment, it is so lovely to visit your blog, I’m really enjoying your styling 🙂

  • The belt definitely makes the dress. It is so wide but so amazingly awesome!

  • Could you be any more talented or lovely?! I think not! 

  • So cute! And love the belt. I’m excited for the tutorial!

  • so cute! Your version is a million times better than the ones on the packaging!

  • Amanda Russell

    WOW that was fast!! Congrats on having your palette chosen to be featured! And I love that belt too – you truly are the Belt Master 😀

    • Thank you! I do love this belt, but the back side of it is SO messy! I used crazy thick interfacing and therefore couldn’t sew it inside out and flip it to the right side. You’ll see. But I almost want to make another one cuz I’m kinda embarrassed of this one haha. It was definitely a learning experience with the interfacing. You better hold off on the belt master title 😉

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    SO cute! You are so quick, already completing projects for the challenge!

    • I’m totally stalling on craft fair sewing which is soooo bad of me. But I can’t help it! All I want to do is make dresses!! Haha 🙂 

  • CUTE! I love navy & red so much.

    • Thanks! I do feel it’s a pretty classy combo 🙂 

  • pincushiontreats

    Adorable! I love pairing navy with red. I so need this pattern. Every dress I’ve seen in this pattern looks completely different from the other. 

    • Thanks 🙂 
      Yeah there are a TON of options for this dress! Sleeves, no sleeves, collar, no collar, or sleeves AND the collar etc. It’s a great pattern.

  • Zara

    Love it! You are a natural. =)

  • Eee! This is so perfect for summer. The color combination makes it seem like you should be frolicking around on a sailboat or doing something equally summer-y and glamourous. I love your palette and can’t wait to see more SPC-garments!

    • I would love to be frolicking around on a sailboat! …I need to make some friends with sailboats 🙂 I’d love to have a whole closet full of handmade dresses by the end of summer. We’ll see! 

  • So, this is going to be included in your care package to me, right? 😉

    • Once I’m done with this craft fair, I would love to start making dresses for people! It would be hard to ensure a perfect fit if you couldn’t be here to try it on, but it was a really simple dress to make AND it has pockets! Score. 

      • Hehe I was totally kidding! I just loved it so much 🙂 but it looks so perfect on you, it’s amazing!