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A closer look at Licorice

Ready for a bucket load of photos? I posted BIG ones so you can see the stripey detail. Please be patient if they load slowly.

Here’s more on my heavily modified Licorice Dress! Again, I used traditional blue seersucker with white bias tape and ric-rac accents. This completes 2 out of 4 dresses I planned to make for the Colette Palette Challenge.

Believe it or not, the only piece I actually modified on this dress was the sleeves. All I did was cut the piece in half, slide it up to make it shorter, then taped it back together and cut off the extra. I also ended up omitting the collar against my original plan, and all the other little tid bits are just extras! I did end up removing a half inch of fabric from each back piece before installing the zipper, and adding the little waist belt for a better fit.

Above you can see my micro hem before top stitching the lace and ribbon to it! That lace gives the dress an extra two inches or so. It would have been waaaay short without it!

Cursed hook and eye closures! …I rearranged my sewing room, found a bunch of previously lost crap, but then lost my previously found hooks and eyes. Figures! I’ve been avoiding invisible zippers for this entire sew along because I don’t have the specific foot, but I gave it a go for this dress with my standard zipper foot and it turned out great! I just ironed the bejeezes out the teeth before putting it in. The stripes make the seam look a little wonky, but to my surprise, the zipper is in fact invisible.

On a side note, I’m pretty proud of my hair do for today! It’s no easy feat to style wigs, especially synthetic ones. (Yes I wear wigs. No I’m not shy about it.)

I also made my headband! They sold like hot cakes at the craft fair 🙂

Here’s the whole look! I still think I look like I stole this dress off a porcelain doll lol. Whatever.
I can’t wait to see all the other Licorice Dresses as they slowly start leaking into the Flickr pool!

Well, that’s a wrap on the Colette Handbook Sew-along! It’s been an amazing five months in the making! On to bigger and better things 😉
Have a great week!



  • kena newly

    awwww, this is really really cute i think the headband the dress all goes together your body language and the tattoos ! it all looks really great im so excited because i think i amm going to start posting pictures on how i create my things and wear them i might need alittle bit of guidence during the way but hey practice makes perfect …. once again the outfit look amazing and i would definetly take more pictures if i were you , you look Fantastic and im just speechless! congrats you are like a barbie (not a bad thing it means you look pretty!) and thanks for sharing post more pictures of more outfits im obssessed with your work!

    • I think this is the sweetest comment I’ve ever gotten 🙂 Thank you, you really made my day!

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  • This is super cute! I love the seersucker & all the little laces/trims. It does look doll-like, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all! 🙂

  • Verenezara2011

    Rochelle you are soo creative, I’ve followed every project in your sew along and I loved every single one.  I especially love how you don’t follow directions and give the outfit your own personal touch, you are a natural!  And even though we never really hung out, when I read your blogs I feel like you are right here talking to me, I can picture you saying everything(and I frequently LOL),  it’s wierd probably to say that, but it’s totally how I feel.  Kinda wish you lived closer so we could really hang out.  You inspire me 🙂

    • Aww thank you Zara, you’re too sweet 🙂 Maybe some day we can hang out!

  • Aubry Joy

    So cute! You did such a good job with the fit. the trim!

    • Thank you, Dear 🙂 I got lucky with the fit on this one since I skipped the muslin! I was hoping I could just take a bit off the back before the zipper, and luckily it worked out. 

  • Suzy Marie

    I know I say it like a bazillion times on your blog, but you are so talented! I’d love to be able to make clothes for myself like you do, they’re fabulous. Love the little lace detail on the bottom of this dress, so cute and a little bit countrified which is my favourite thing right now. 

  • I actually feel better knowing you wear wigs – I’ve always wondered how your hair managed to be so thick and perfectly styled, when mine only looks like that when I’m wearing a wig for a special event… Suddenly it all becomes clear.

    Invisible zippers I can do, but ric-rac scares me; it’s on my to-try list.

    • Yes ma’am my hair is about as real as Barbie’s 😉 You should really try ric-rac! Just go slow, and sew a line right down the middle of it. That’s what I do anyways. 

  • Amanda Russell

    SO awesome to know how you did the sleeves – it’s a really great feature to be able to have a shorter sleeve as an option! 🙂 As always, love the little belts you do, too… such a cute feature! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks, Amanda! I also did more of a pleat on the sleeves instead of a gather, but I really liked the way they turned out 🙂 

  • really freakin’ adorable. and the fit is perfect!

    • Thank you 🙂 I did fuss with the fit a bit more on this dress than I did on the other Colette Handbook projects, and I’m happy I did! 

  • Itschloe

    Oh my god. That dress is the cutest!

  • Dawn B

    loving your version with all the great little details.  And am inspired by some of the changes you made; thank you for explaining how you changed the sleeves.  Yours are so cute and so much better than the original.  I may need to try them.

    • Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions about the sleeve alteration 🙂

  • sallieforrer

    Still loving this licorice! You look great – your hairs are impeccable!

  • YOU LOOK AMAZING!  I love your fancy  new hairdo, too! 🙂

  • MAJORLY cute!! Love all those little details and the colour combo. Think I need to get into some embellishments more after seeing your fine example!
    Question – where do you get your little tags made? Would love some for my clothes too.  😀

    • Thanks! I’m all about the embellishments. Plus it’s a great way for me to bust some of the notions I’ve been hoarding in my sewing stash lol. I had my labels made by a seller on Etsy called Custom Couture Label Co. They’re out of New Hampshire (I think) and I’ve always had a GREAT buying experience from them. Highly recommended! 

  • Love it!  It’s super cute!  And your hair looks fab, too!  😀

  • I LOVE that dress, Rochelle.  I’d totally buy it in my size! You’re a talented cat!

    • Thanks, Caitlin! I never felt like I was really good at any thing until sewing. It feels great to finally have something like that to be passionate about. …besides my dog lol. She’s pretty much my whole life, but I can’t count being a dog mom as a hobby haha 🙂