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Memorial Day

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Memorial Day! William and I took a stroll through the cemetery to pay our respects and take some photos. Both my grandfather, and Wil’s father served in Korea, but didn’t see much, if any action. My grandfather worked State side as a Cryptographer just before the war ended, and later worked as a journalist for the Pentagon. Wil’s dad actually went overseas, but from the stories he tells, I have a feeling he had more fun than anything. I’m trying to gather photos and more information on my ancestors who have served so I can post more about them. I know I have family members who were once in the U.S., British, and Canadian armies. (I keep forgetting Canada has a military. I suppose that’s a good thing!) WWII and the Korean wars are of special interest to me because they happened during my favorite era (I think I’ve watched every documentary Netflix has on these two subjects), but I have a great admiration and respect for all men and women who have served, or still serve, their country.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend!

  • Love your photos! My grandfather was a doctor in WWII, Robbie’s whole family has served and he has as well.  So great that we have days to remember them all! Happy Memorial Day!

  • What lovely photos! My grandfather served in the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Formidable during WWII.  My great-uncle was Navy, as was my cousin.  He worked at the Pentagon for years and no one had a clue as to what he did! 

    Mr. Friday’s grandfather served in the Canadian Army during WWII and his sister (Mr. Friday’s great-aunt) was a WAAF – Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.  His great-uncle was a Canadian Army doctor and another was in the Canadian Air Force – he retired a Lt. Colonel.  

    • That’s fantastic!! So many impressive soldiers in your family! Anything related to Women and WWII just absolutely fascinates me. Especially women in the air force.