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Unmentionables and Fast Friends

*Pre blog post disclaimer: This is a post that was originally supposed to be a vlog, but due to craft fair preparation madness/lack of time, I decided not to embarrass myself with a vlog just yet! This post is about a friend I recently made and how much she is awesome. I want it to be known that I’ve made A LOT of new blogger friends lately, and you ALL are awesome. Truly! I’m choosing to showcase this particular friendship because it’s non-conventional, and actually quite hilarious. Spoiler alert: this blog post involves harmless girl chatter regarding undergarments, and may be TMI for some viewers.*

One of my goals for 2012 was to branch out and genuinely try to make more blog friends. I was pretty internet shy until a few months ago, but after making an effort to comment on other blogs, subscribe to more blogs, and tweet to people etc, it’s been going really well!

Sometimes you meet someone online who just kind of “gets it”. It’s never awkward or weird. There’s no wondering if they took your comment the right way, or trying to figure out exactly how they meant theirs. They get all of your 30 Rock and Star Wars references. …you just sort of become insta-friends!

Well the phenomenon that is insta-friends happened to me recently, and in the strangest but yet most normal way. Strange and normal because Caitlin “gets it”.

To make a long story a little less long lot longer, Caitlin and I had a “moment” because of underpants. That’s not as creepy as it sounds, honest! She posted a pretty typical girl tweet about the spoils of a recent shopping victory. The loot happened to be a great pair of seamless panties. Just the kind of unmentionables that I’ve been missing from my wardrobe from quite some time, and the lack of said unmentionables has prevented me from wearing a certain fabulous dress.

In order for you to better appreciate how this conversation turned into a friendship, allow me to present that twitter conversation for you.

Exhibit A:

And that was it! Sometimes you just have to reach out and offer to send a girl some undies in the mail. So, a cross continental care package swap was schemed and executed. We gave ourselves a budget of about $30, and ended up sending and receiving each other’s packages on almost the same day. I knew Caitlin’s Hubby was dying for some real Vermont Maple syrup, and Caitlin knew I needed some seamless undertrousers. The rest was to be a mystery! Here are the contents of my super awesome care package…

1.) Prickly Pear Jelly. I remember watching the Jungle Book as a kid and listening to Baloo sing about the bare necessities and prickly pears, and thinking …those can’t possibly be a real fruit. Prickly pear?!? Well guess what. Prickly pears are fricken delicious. I opened the little jar straight away, dove a knife into it, and ate a big scoop. Which was kinda risky since I’d never had it before. …but it taste like fruit gummy snacks. YUM!

2.) Virgin of Guadalupe Candle. I’ve always loved the imagery associated with the Virgin of Guadalupe. She’s a very beautiful religious relic of sorts. Plus she smells amazing. The candle simply says perfume scented. Someone find me some Virgin of Guadalupe perfume because I would like to smell just like her please.

3.) THE unmentionables! There were actually two packs of these, but the first pack has been expended already haha! They’re awesome!

4.) Sante Fe BBQ Sauce. I love that Caitlin included Sante Fe stuff. I’ve never been to the Western side of the country, so it’s awesome to get a little taste of it. …and I did taste the sauce. It’s delicious! Just a tad spicy for me, but I kept sneaking little bits anyways! The hubby, who is a big fan of spicy things, was very pleased 🙂

5.) Last in the care package were some all natural – made in the US – beef jerky snacks for Lucille. Lucille is a fan!! And she’s a notoriously picky eater.

THANK YOU CAITLIN!! I love all of it 🙂
I found all of the things right? …there was an awful lot of newspaper in there haha!


Sooooo long story short, it’s amazing the kinds of things can bud a friendship. You never know what connection you might have until you take a chance! Maybe I was just on twitter in the right place at the right time, but I like to think we were destined by fate. …and underpants.

Check out Caitlin’s blog post today to see the goodies I sent to her!



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  • That’s so cool you made a new online buddy! And the care packages rock 😀 It’s hard sometimes to break that barrier between blog comments and emails. 

  • Amanda Russell

    That is so totally awesome – isn’t it amazing how we can just connect like that over such distance? The internet sure makes us realize what a small world it really is 🙂 

  • Amazing!! I am thankful for my lovely blogging friends, too.  Miss  Friday calls them my computer pen pals 😀

    • Exactly like computer pen pals! I love the internet 🙂 

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    I am so thankful for my internet friends, like you! They are some of the coolest people ever 🙂

  • What a great tale between you two. Your twitter conversation cracked me up. And I totally hear you on reaching out to find other bloggers. Until this year, I never received any comments and because of that, no one comments on my site. Since January, I have made “met” so many friends and learned so much from each and everyone of them. It really is a great feeling 🙂

    • It’s an awesome feeling!! I’ve been really lucky to have found such a happy and positive group of ladies. No haters or negative commenters. (knock on wood!)

  • Suzy Marie

    This is so fun! Myself and a blog friend had also planned to do this recently (sans underpants unfortunately) so it’s funny that these two package blog posts appeared. It’s made me super excited now to do my package! Hope you enjoy your goodies, the bbq sauce looks awesome. 

    • I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lovely goodies. Caitlin was so awesome to initiate this whole thing. Even if it was totally unconventional lol

  • Aww, how fun!  Caitlin sounds awesome!  Hooray for fun care packages!

    • Yeah Caitlin’s blog is a really fun read 🙂 She’s very honest and witty. 

      • D’aww, you guys are sweet! Hi Ginger! 

  • I want some of those undies too Caitlin. No Targets here either you lucky bastard. 

    • If you really do I’ll totally send you a package with fun things AND underwear.

      • Caitlin is going to make this her “thing”. “Oh yeah? Caitlin? Isn’t she the girl who sends underpants to people?” Bahahah yeah I know her 😉

        •  hahahahaha it could be worse? And I would like that underwear please, but I think I owe Caitlin something first.

          • Yep, just call me the Underwear Gal.*

            *I’ll come up with a better name later.

            Consider it planned! I’ll start bringing a package together. I have a few I need to send out anyway.

  • hey! i’m visiting from caitlin’s blog. just wanted to let you know that apron you made her was amazing. 🙂 

  • YAYYY Yes, you got everything and sorry about all the newspaper, I didn’t want the virgin to hurt herself! And I love that you posted the tweets, that is hilarious.

    I’m so glad we became friends! <3

    • Haha it’s totally fine. But it makes me feel like an asshole for cramming all that stuff in a box, and putting ONE paper shopping bag in there with it bahah! Who does that? But yeah. You’re awesome and we’re awesome. 🙂

  • Heather Lou

    I love making blogging friends. I have a few women that I want to fly to hang out with so we can fabric shop and braid each other’s hair. Maybe have a pillow fight? But those Hanes are not a joke. I got addicted to their boy briefs. They really are the best undies in the uni. I basically threw out all my thongs because floss goes in your mouth, not your butt.

    • Oh yes hair braiding and pillow fights are a must. Hahahah floss goes in your mouth lol. I like you. You’re funny 🙂 

  • 1. I have total blog crushes on both of you.

    2. Do they work? The pants, that is. I saw them in a shop here recently and they sounded too good to be true!

    • Yes the pants are a hit! Super comfy and utterly seamless. I was going to post a photo of my butt in the dress as proof, but I figured I better ease into this whole underpants talk thing haha! I don’t want to scare people away just yet 😉