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Completed: Hazel


My Hazel dress is done! What’s that you say? You thought I was making a red gingham Hazel?? Yeah, I thought I was too. Turns out the fabric I bought was total crap and not worth using, or taking the time to underline it.

How did I not notice it was this sheer when it was on the bolt?! Curse you Joann Fabrics! Anyways. I went with plan B which was a color block ombre sort of effect in various aqua colors. I got wise and bought some quality Kona solids from my place of employment. Not so sheer anymore!

The bodice detail didn’t turn out well in the photo, but I did some top stitching on the seams to make it look a little more structured.

I left the straps a little longer this time which helped with where the waist line falls. It was much higher on my muslin. I also used pleats instead of gathers to attach the skirt, and turned the facing to the outside of the bodice. Oh, and I used a standard zipper instead of an invisible one.

On a side note, I usually think my boring brown eyes are lame and boring. …but that was before I realized they changed color in bright sun light! I’ll take my brown/sometimes honey colored eyes. Pretty neat-o. I’m also digging long hair over short hair. But I’ll probably change my mind about that next week. …good thing I can do that with zero regret!

Other Outfit Details
shoes: Urban Outfitters
glasses: Vintage Optical Shop
hair: Slique

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  • Sky Turtle

    I love this dress! I must say hazel is nice but I wasn’t sure if I would ever try making one or not before seeing yours. Super cool.

  • louise tracey

    love your dress, but had to laugh at your eye colour change, i normally feel the same about my eyes (also brown) but one year I went on a snow holiday and I swear they turned green!!! (obviously not permanently ;-))

  • Kari Nodeland

    Beautiful! I love the colorblocking so i think it was a good thing that you needed a solution for the sheerness. It’s a perfect summer dress!

  • Caitlin A.

    Eeee! I love it! Can you come live with me and make me dresses, and I’ll…I don’t know, make you food and gluten-free pancakes?!

  • Amanda Russell

    I LOOOVE your structured Hazel!!!!! Why didn’t I think of that?? LOL! I love the pleats instead of gathers, and the inside out facing – it’s almost like Lily and Hazel combined now! Love eeet… and you look so great in the greeny colours ^__^

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    It turned out so good!!!!

  • Suzy Marie

    What amazes me more than all these fantastic dresses is that, despite the colour of your dress, you ALWAYS have shoes that go perfectly. Also, brown eyes are the best! I wish I had them!

    • Rochelle New

      That’s so funny you say that because I feel like I have NO shoes! I live in the woods, so I don’t get to wear cute shoes that often since they’re not practical. I guess I just know how to match the shoes I have ;) I’ve always thought brown eyes were so boring! But, we want what we don’t have I suppose. Your eyes are beautiful!

  • sallieforrer

    I really love the ombre effect – its very pretty. And I like the addition of topstitching in the bodice. It does make it seem more structured.

    • Rochelle New

      Thank you! I was trying to make it look a little more tailored. Quilting cotton isn’t exactly the chic-est fabric there is out there lol

  • Shannon Jordan

    Super cute! Loving the ombre effect.

  • Jessica Cooper

    The ombre colorblocking is beautiful, but honestly, I love every dress you make!

  • anna

    Your Hazel looks amazing! I wasn’t really that excited with the original pattern but now seeing so many people making awesome versions (also Sarai’s embroidered and the blue flower hazel), I’ve gotten excited about this. I try to get my sewing going so, that I could participate the macaron sewalong, but it might be too tight schedule for me (especially since I’m moving to Paris in September, yey!).

    • Rochelle New

      Wow, you’re moving to Paris? How exciting! I hope you can join us for sewing Macaron, and I definitely think you should give the Hazel dress a try :)

  • paunnet

    I LOVE this technique of turning the facing outside. Great idea. Oh, and lovely dress, the colour is beautiful!

  • Sue

    I love the aqua! what a great idea :)

  • Gillian

    Totally adorable, as always! :)

  • MarrieB

    Great dress! I love the pleats and your top stitching looks perfect. And are those new glasses? I’m totally digging them.

    • Rochelle New

      Thank you! They are new-ish glasses. They’re vintage and very special to me so I don’t wear them often, but I love them.

  • Ginger

    Really, really cute! I love that you came up with a new and super-cute idea when the gingham didn’t work out… way to be resourceful and not let cheap-o fabric defeat you!

    • Rochelle New

      Thanks! I’m definitely going to use the gingham in another project. Maybe as a ruffly under layer of a skirt or something.

  • Sarah Gilbert

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love all the shades of aqua. They suit you so well. :)

  • theperfectnose

    Beautiful. Those colours really suit you. Perhaps you can use the crappy gingham to line a skirt or a bag?

  • Rachel Booth

    I love this…especially in the ombre style!!! Might have to copy!!! :)

    • Rochelle New

      Thanks! You should give it a try! I was thinking warm oranges and rust tones for fall would be a neat color scheme too.

  • Izabelle

    Cute! And hot damn your top stitching is straight.

  • pincushiontreats

    Another lovely dress! The topstitching details is a great addition. It definitely makes it look more polished.

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