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Macaron Fabric Inspiration

Macaron Inspiration
Macaron Inspiration via Polyvore

As far fabric for Macaron, I keep picturing mine in some kind of wool or wool blend for fall! The pink and tweed dress on the far right really inspires me to make my macaron with a solid wool bottom and cotton upper in a bright bold print! I mean, it just wouldn’t be “me” if I didn’t throw some quilting cotton in there somewhere, right? 😉
If a fall/winter weight Macaron sounds good to you, then consider fabrics such as wool and wool blends, heavier suiting fabrics, velveteen, and corduroy!
Speaking of corduroy, how cute is this macaron-esque dress?!

Don’t forget! Hart’s Fabric is offering 10% off Macaron supplies with the code sewcolette10!

Isn’t that wonderful?

What fabric are you thinking about for your Macaron?


  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    LOVE the one on the right!!!

  • I’ve picked a navy blue corduroy and the top is a vintage fabric I bought off etsy. It has little white, red and orange cat silhouettes all over it! I’m really liking that second one from the right. Perfect for the office!

  • Sarah

    Ooh, so pretty! I was planning on making a knit Macaron, but am being heavily swayed by velveteen!

  • Agoodwardrobe

    I tried to buy my fabric today from Hart’s but the code is expired. Perhaps there’s something in my stash that will work.

  • punkmik

    I am undecided! I would love a black slinky ish version with a lace top, but now that I have made my thurlow shorts in wool suiting I want a dress out of it, similar to what you said about throwing in quilting cotton around the top! Argh! 😛

  • Lizzy

    Lovin’ that check second from the right. I’d feel like the naughty girl in the office!