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Walks at Dusk

Lucille, William, and I like to go for walks at dusk when it’s nice and cool. And peaceful.

We like to take our time, and Lucille likes to smell the flowers.

I’m wearing a new skirt that I made last week out of some fabric that had been in my stash for a few years now. It’s a super sheer light weight cotton of some sort. Not a lawn, and not quite a gauze. …maybe it’s a gauze. I can’t remember. It has an amazing drape though, I know that much! It’s too sheer to wear alone, so I have a little muslin dress that I’m wearing underneath it. I used the skirt piece from this pattern for the panels. I think there are 6 panels in all, brought together with elastic at the natural waist.

Sunsets are serious business.


But there are some bad things about walking at night. Wil and I learned that the hard way on Monday night when we took Lucille out a little later than usual. We were coming out of our apartment at the same time that our neighbor and his two dogs were coming out of their house, a few apartments down. We both turned the corner at the same time and the two off leash dogs charged us full speed from 3 car lengths away. The impact immediately erupted in a furry fury of growling and fighting. I always walk Lucille on a leash and harness, so luckily I had a tight hold on her. I tried to pull her out of the fight, and I thought I had for a second, but then the dogs were on her again. I screamed at this point and Wil was trying his best to shove them off of her. The owner was still 20 ft back, yelling to call his dogs off but they didn’t listen. Finally Wil shoved them far enough back that they kinda snapped out of it and ran back to their owner. Lucille was cowering underneath me at this point. We were both so scared. I can’t believe Wil and I were not bit as we both had our hands in the fight trying to break it up. I realized soon after the other dogs moved on that Lucille was limping.

When we got back to the house I could see right away she was bleeding, so we immediately took her to the emergency clinic. (this is also the point where I started balling my eyes out! my baby was attacked!!)

She has bite marks all up and down both front legs, and a few near her armpits. I’m so thankful the bites weren’t very deep.

Poor girl was so well behaved at the Vet as always. After a quick cleaning of her wounds, some pain killers and some antibiotics, we were on our way home. Even though the wounds were minor, they could have been prevented if those dogs were on a leash. Both of whom, by the way, left the fight without a single scratch on them. Yes that’s right. My “big scary dangerous Pit Bull” got her butt kicked by 2 female black labs. She’s a trooper though, and is doing just fine.

We have since talked to the owners and are settling the matter. They have been apologetic and cooperative so I am happy for that. I don’t want any harm to come to their dogs, I just want people in our unit to obey the leash laws so this doesn’t happen again.

Β Lu and I have been chilling out watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy extended edition, and reading Game of Thrones. (Almost done with book 5 now!) She’s not limping any more at this point, but we’re still taking it easy. I want to thank everyone who left kind words for us on twitter and instagram earlier this week. It really means a lot to me. My whole family has been super supportive too even from states away. It’s so awesome to know this dog is so loved. She deserves it πŸ™‚Β 

On a lighter note, have you seen theΒ new Simplicity sewing patterns?! Pretty cute stuff!!

Take care,







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  • jill

    Oh the poor thing! I hope she’s feeling better!

  • Oh no!!! Poor little Lucille. πŸ™ Glad to hear that it wasn’t too serious and that the other dog-parents are being cooperative. Poor puppy….. πŸ™

  • Punkmik

    poor Lucille! My boyfriend’s family has a Staffordshire bull terrier (I think him and Lucille would make a great pair πŸ˜› ) and generally the public is scared of that breed and there is a lot of prejudice but he was attacked by a black Labrador when he was puppy in the park and not a staffy or pit pull. I hope she feels better soon and that the wounds heal emotionally for her as well!

  • Helen Bennett

    Great photos. But I hope Lucille is ok! Some dog owners really need to learn to keep their dogs under control.

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    It breaks my heart to think about those dogs attacking her πŸ™

  • Poor girl! I’m so glad she’s okay!

    And I love these photographs – so soft and pretty.

  • I adore all the photos of you guys, and as I’ve said a few times, so sorry to hear about Lucille’s scuffle πŸ™ Cypress got into a fight once when an off-leash golden retriever ran at her while she was on leash. Very scary sight!

    • Thanks! And yeah, off leash dogs are scary since you can never truly know how they’re going to react, or what their intent is when they run up on you. Most dogs mean no harm, but it still makes me super nervous. Sorry Cypress had to go through that too πŸ™

  • jessicaweese

    I am so sorry you and Lucille had to go through that! Hope she is resting up nicely1

    • Thanks, Jessica! Lucille is healing up well and is no longer limping. She’s on antibiotics but I’m still worried about infection. Dog bites are yucky business!

  • Oh, honey! I am late on finding this out! I am so sorry for wee Lucille and for you! Poor Lucille! I am glad she is better and what a big, brave girl πŸ™‚ Poor Mama – it’s so hard seeing your baby hurt. Hugs to all of you x

    • Thanks, Sarah!! She (and I!) are doing much better now πŸ™‚

  • Feel better Lucille! Cyber pets from Brooklyn for you!

  • Maddie964

    I’m so sorry to hear about Lucille. Seriously, that is not cool that the owner of those two labradors did not put his dogs on a leash! I’m glad Lucille is okay now πŸ™‚

    • It just sucks that so many people don’t obey they leash laws around here. Keeping your dog on a leash is just the safe/respectful thing to do! Lucille is healing up well, thank you πŸ™‚

  • poor sweetie! pitties are so misunderstood… i hope your neighbors are doing the right thing monetarily as well.

    • They are terribly misunderstood πŸ™ My neighbors my have made a mistake about the lack of leashes, but they are doing the right thing by compensating us for Lucille’s expenses. I’m not concerned about the money, I’m just glad my baby is okay, but the gesture certainly does help put the incident behind us all.

      • my parents have been the joyful owners of four, although they’d probably call them family:)))
        i know what you mean about the money, but i’m glad they did it. it was really the right thing to do!

        • They really are the most amazing family members πŸ™‚ Lucille is spoiled rotten, but the little pup deserves it!

  • Aww, man, I hate this story so much. I freak out when I see people with dogs off-leash, and I’m always terrified that one of them will hurt my dogs. It’s safer for ALL dogs if every dog is leashed at all times (not to mention that here in the city, it’s against the law to have a dog off-leash). I’m so, so sorry about poor Lucille, but I hope she heals quickly, doesn’t suffer any ill effects socially or behaviorally, and that you guys are able to walk her without feeling scared soon.

    • She is healing up very well so far, thank you. I’m really concerned about her mental wounds more so than anything. We’re taking it slow with meeting other dogs again to see how she does. Poor thing. I don’t know if I could forgive and forget so easily!

  • lynn_jkls

    How traumatic! I’m glad Lucille is going to be okay. Dogs off leash is a ‘pet’ peeve of mine! It completely changes the power dynamic when my dog is on leash and someone else’s isn’t. I don’t care how well behaved people think their dog is. I walk my dog on leash, always!

    • It totally makes a power play out of every dog meeting! Not cool. The worst is when I see people walking down the sidewalk with an off leash dog. Like they have something to prove about how obedient their dog is? What happens when that dog steps into the road and gets hit?! It’s not worth the risk!

  • Poor girl! I would of totally flipped. I’m so glad she’s ok. I just hope she’s not terrified of other dogs now. Glad you can be peaceful with the owners.

    • My biggest fear is that she won’t be okay with with dogs now. She’s a rescue and we had worked so hard to get her socialized well with other dogs. We’re keeping her away from dogs until she’s healed so she doesn’t feel vulnerable, and then reintroducing her slowly to her dog friends in the office. Hopefully she’s not scarred for life!

  • MarrieB

    How traumatic for Lucille and you! Glad to hear that she is doing okay. Hope your neighbors have learned their lesson.

  • I certainly hope the other owner is covering your vet bill…it’s the least they can do! I hope Lucille doesn’t get skittery about something she enjoyed so much! Hugs to you all…

    • They said they would pay her bill but we’ll see if they actually do. It’s not worth taking them to court if they don’t so I’m hoping they’ll be true to their word. I just want the incident to be behind us, and I’m just glad Lucille isn’t seriously hurt.

  • oh my GOD your poor baby!! i’d be so effing pissed at those owners. at least they are being nice about it but man, i’d be enraged!

    • I’ve never seen my boyfriend so pissed before! He was livid. I was too scared. Now that we know she’s okay we’re not mad. But it very easily could have been prevented. If the owners weren’t so remorseful it might be a different story, but I’ll forgive them this time.

  • Lauren

    Poor Lucille! I can’t imagine how scary that much have been for all of y’all πŸ™ Leash laws are there for a reason – and EVERYONE has to comply with them! Ugh! Glad the neighbors are at least willing to cooperate with you guys.

    • I know! I’m just glad it wasn’t any worse. I’m still worried the bites might get infected but she’s on antibiotics so we’ll see. The neighbors seem to be legitimately sorry, and even said they’d pay our bill so I’m not mad. I just don’t want this crap to happen ever again.