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Ruby Star Vinyl Skirt


I finished my latest “me” project made from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Vinyl fabric collection. It’s technically the bottom half of a Hazel dress that I added pleats and a waistband to. Soooo, it’s a Ruby Star Haznyl?

The waistband ended up being way too big so I have to belt it, which made the top all ruffly looking. I guess I don’t mind though. I need to stop measuring myself after eating a huge lunch or something because lately I can’t draft a proper fitting waistband to save my life! *sigh* I did do a pretty bang up job matching the side seams though so I’m happy with that. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

Yeah I was totally freezing but my hair looked cute so who cares, right? I saw Tasha’s tutorial on how to do a vintage style backroll and I really wanted to try it out. There’s a way more complicated tutorial for the same look in this vintage hairstyle book I have and I could never get it right. Thank you Tasha for making sense of it for me! It works perfectly with one of my hair scarves, don’t you think?

It’s a hairstyle that looks especially magical with snow flurries mixed in ;) I’m hoping to head to The Vermont Country Store at some point this weekend (weather permitting) to pick up some supplies for a WWII reenactment that I’m participating in soon. SO excited!

What are you up to this weekend?




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