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Sew It Yourself


You know you’re a fabric nerd when you’re window shopping online and immediately recognize the fabric of a cute dress! I’m mildly obsessed with Alexander Henry, so when I stumbled upon the Bygone Days Dress at Modcloth, I knew right away that the “skeleton toile” fabric used was from hisΒ Midnight Pastoral collection. I also knew right away that $165 is a little steep for me to spend on a dress. Especially one I could make myself πŸ˜‰

Certainly it wouldn’t be too hard to come up with a pattern to replicate this dress, and sure enough I found NEWLOOK 6776 within a few minutes. The V neck and little bust pleats of this pattern are pretty darn close to the original style. Exchange the sash with one of Sunni’s belt kits and you’ve pretty much got yourself the exact same dress!

Lets talk numbers now, shall we?

S.I.Y. Version:
Pattern – $4.29 Simplicity Online
Fabric – $10.00 a yard at fabricworm (will need about 3 yards for dress and belt)
Belt Kit – $9.50 at A Fashionable Stitch
(plus the miscellaneous notions, of course)

Total Cost: around $45.00
(that would save you $120!!)

This is exactly why the ability to sew your own clothing is so empowering! Sometimes sewing can be more costly than shopping ready-made styles, especially when you’re investing in expensive fabrics (not to mention using your free time!) but in this case I really don’t think you have anything to lose! …you’re definitely not losing money.


  • rory

    Did you see the version on Just darling as well. I can’t wait to see your version!

  • You make an excellent point regarding spending local/on Etsy. Amazing pattern/fabric matching too!

  • Amber

    I love that fabric, but it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore at fabricworm-
    but I found 2 others there that helped me get over it πŸ˜‰
    Modcloth is pretty much the reason I started sewing. I realized most of the dresses I liked there were fairly simple in design and there’s a whole world of fabric out there, so there’s no reason at all to limit myself to what they offer.

  • Miss Prickly

    I would love to see more posts like this. You have a great sense of pattern and style. I’d like to see more features on your fabric choices.

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    Oooh are you going to make this one? It would be super cute!

  • You are right!!! Since I’ve started sewing I have become much more conscious of buying local and diy. The quality is there versus the quantity you find in the mall. That dress is gonna be a dead ringer!! And no one will have one like it!

  • crystalpleats

    I love posts like this. You’ve made pretty much an exact match-up.

  • Kokori

    Such a great reason to sew – I’ve made a leopard print jeans inspired by a designer piece from Alice Temperley, and despite my having to order the fabric from far, far away, which made it a bit more costly than my fabric usually is, it’s still knocked off ~Β£160 of the price o/ . So cool!

  • Amber from Berlinswhimsy

    That’s one of the main reasons I sew, too— also, I can’t often find the style or fabric or quality of craftmanship that I want!

  • Ally D

    This is genius! The pattern you found is PERFECT! WOW! I won’t lie I really admire that about your blog (no big names)!!

  • Great idea! I was just on mod cloth today looking to steal inspiration for design details, ha! Now that I make my own clothes I have a hard time buying clothes anyway, but I feel like I’ve also read a lot of reviews on modcloth that make it sound like their garments are shoddily made. In fact I would be surprised if they make that dress with fabric of actual same weight/quality of an Alexander Henry fabric. Plus whatcha gonna do if it doesn’t fit quite right?!?

    • I agree with you about Modcloth – most of their clothes are mass produced in China. This dress is different though – that *is* Alexander Henry fabric! They don’t say it on Modcloth but this dress is by Limb, whose dresses are handmade in the UK (I own a few myself) – it’s definitely still cheaper and better to make your own, but these ones are handmade and really great quality. I don’t have anything to do with Limb, but I have two of their dresses and they’re very well made.

      • I should say though, that the Limb dresses I own weren’t bought from Modcloth but from small businesses, and I agree about shopping locally where at all possible. Or making yourself!

  • Sarah

    I love that dress! I am sewing my own version of Bernie Dexter’s Christmas Dress currently on ModCloth for $155- eeek!