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Organic Cotton Plus – what cotton sateen dreams are made of

Last month I was contacted by Organic Cotton Plus who asked if I was interested in writing a review for them in exchange for some fabric. After visiting their site, learning more about their company mission, and browsing their beautiful fabrics, I said YES PLEASE!


I picked an organic cotton sateen from their Harmony Arts collection called Fields of Honey. I’m really drawn to big, bold prints so when I saw this one I just couldn’t resist! Organic Cotton Plus kindly sent me 2 yards of it to work with, which I’ve shown above fresh out of the dryer. Now, before you look at the price of this fabric and wince at what two yards might cost you, let me show you what two yards of this 110″ wide print actually looks like…


It flows over my couch!! When you consider just how large two yards of this fabric actually is, the cost is seriously a bargain!

This fabric is every quilter’s/home dec sewer’s dream. That’s easily one whole quilt back in a single piece. Not to mention this is the type of fiber that swanky hotel duvet covers are made out of: gorgeous eco friendly organic cotton twill with that ever so slight satin-y finish that’s just the perfect blend of crisp and soft. I really didn’t think about how big of a piece I was getting in the mail, so after the initial shock of “wow that’s a lot of fabric!!” my immediate thought was “I really should have asked for a solid color so I could make some curtains!” If there’s anything I NEED to be sewing for my home right now, it’s curtains…

But, I picked the fancy party dress fabric so a fancy party dress I made!


I used a pattern that I had made once before but wasn’t happy with the fit initially so I wanted a re-match.


This fabric is an absolute dream to sew with. It has all the benefits of a cotton (which is my favorite material to sew and wear) but with the added little special something of sateen to make it so much more than just a cotton. I love how the satin finish catches the light ever so slightly.

Now, there is a design flaw in the pattern I picked with this particular fabric since there’s a seam in the front of the skirt which cuts off the print a bit awkwardly. If I had thought about that first, I would have cut a seamless full circle for the skirt instead. Next time (because oh yes there will be a next time!) I sew with this fabric I’ll try a seamless skirt version instead. Maybe in a baby blue color with some of their organic cotton lace trim?? Hmmmm…




I added lots of solid black details, including a black crinoline skirt underneath, to off set the large print and I really love the way it turned out! Here you can really see the weave of the twill. It’s the perfect mid weight: sturdy, but still has a nice drape.


We’ve been having some terrible weather in Vermont lately which has made it near impossible for me to venture out and try to get some decent photos of this dress out of the house. So you will definitely see this dress gracing the blog again!

I truly cannot say enough good things about this fabric. I will most certainly be ordering from Organic Cotton Plus in the future, and the only criticism I have for them has nothing to do with their fabric, but with their online photos. They truly don’t do their products justice! That, and I couldn’t find any information on how to wash and care for the fabric (though admittedly I didn’t search very hard so I may have missed it). I washed this fabric in cool water and tumble dried it on low and it turned out just fine, but it’s nice to know how to properly care for quality fabrics. For example, some fabrics that are printed with low impact eco dyes need to be washed in sulfate free detergents, which I use anyway, but you get the idea. I like details!

With that said, I truly and honestly recommend Organic Cotton Plus, and I wish there was a local fabric shop here in Vermont that carried it! The shipping was very fast though so I definitely will be ordering from their website in the future.

Have you sewn with cotton sateen before? Do you love it as much as I do??

Happy Friday, All! Have a great weekend.

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  • satay31

    Oh My I love this dress I am going to buy this fabric and make one for myself!! LOL !

  • How cute are you?! Love this!

  • Shelly

    LOVE it!!!! This is such a pretty dress and I love that you trimmed it with the black. Shame we couldn’t see a full length photo of you wearing it. Perfect party dress.

  • Sarah

    What a dream dress! I love all the black details and the print is fantastic!!

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Wonderfully pretty fabric and dress! You look cuter than any button could ever dream of being. This frock is positively bursting with cute retro springtime flare, and would be perfect to wear on Easter, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Kat Sultanie

    Love love love this!!!! Gorgeous fabric and I love the black accents. It looks gorgeous.

  • Oh my God- that dress is perfect! I want it. Okay, I’ll settle for buying some fabric to make one myself. Or is that too stalker-y? A different colour? I hope they ship to the UK.

    • They will ship internationally! And I think the only colorway of this particular print that’s in stock is the pink. So you’ll just have to make the stalker version 😉 😉

  • The perfect pink party dress!! Was it hard to work with 110 in wide fabric? I have a hard enough time finding a spot to cut the standard with 2 yards on. Thank goodness for my kitchen island!

    • Thanks! It was a bit overwhelming to figure out what to do with SO MUCH FABRIC! I definitely recommend this size for home dec projects, but it’s obviously do-able for garments. I laid out the fabric on the floor and cut out a much smaller chunk that would fit all the pattern pieces. Then I put that smaller bit up on my table and cut it all out. So once I broke it down like that it wasn’t any harder to work with 🙂

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    You look like such a model in that beautiful dress!

  • Kelly

    Hi Rochelle, I’ve been reading for some time and want to say hi 🙂 What a neat company! This ultra wide fabric could be used for so many things, definitely going to save the site. Your dress is so sweet, it looks perfect in that fabric. Thank you for writing a great blog. Any blog that features such an adorable dog is a winner in my book!

    • Hi Kelly, Thank you for taking the time to say hello! I’ll tell Lucille you’re a fan 😉 xo

  • the Garment Farmer

    Yay! Great review 🙂 and 110″ fabric is a dream come true! Definitely quilt and curtain potential here. Thanks for sharing about this company.

    • Thanks! Yeah I’ve wanted to make a duvet cover and matching curtains for SO LONG but was always really put off by the patterns that have you make the bedding in like 4 strips. This would be so much easier and nicer looking!

  • WHOA! 110 inches wide!?! I’ve never even heard of that. The dress you made is beautiful, especially the details you added! The trim around the neckline and the skirt are completely lovely.

    • Thanks, Michelle! I know, 110 inches is crazy! But awesome 🙂

  • LOVE it!! Oh, this is just adorable and is making me long for spring! The shape is great and I love the little punches of black trim and the buttons. The fabric sounds fantastic. I am with you, I am a cotton girl but I’ve never tried sateen before, I’m really tempted now!

    • Oooo Tasha you’ve got to sew with some cotton sateen! I like to call it “fancy cotton” haha. A lot of garment sewers make me feel weird for never wanting to sew with “real” garment fabrics. So cotton sateen is a big “Ha! Take that!!” kind of fabric in my mind lol

  • HarmonyArt

    I am in love with this dress!!! Thank you for bringing the fabric to life so beautifully. As far as how to care for the fabrics. I can only speak for the Harmony Art organic fabrics but for those: We recommend that all of our fabrics be washed in
    cold water using an eco-friendly detergent. For environmental reasons
    we suggest hanging dry. The fabrics may also be dried in a regular

    • Thank you for the kind words, and for the washing tips! I would love to be able to line dry this fabric in the summer sun, but alas, there is 4 feet of snow in my back yard right now so the dryer will have to suffice for the next few months 😉

  • ozzyblackbeard

    Your dress is gorgeous, I love the double waist darts and the black edging. I shall look forward to seeing it in all it’s glory! I haven’t sewn with cotton sateen for the simple reason that I can’t seem to get my hands on it here in the UK.

    • Thank you! I also love the double waist darts, they’re a big reason why the patter appealed to me. Organic Cotton Plus will ship internationally if you’d really like to get your hands on some 😉

  • How lovely!! I just got some fabric last night. 4 yards. It’s a splurge, but I know it’s worth it!

  • CowRoad

    Wow, your dress is just so gorgeous! I haven’t sewn any clothing since x-mas and after seeing you and your dress I feel all inspired again! 🙂

  • sallieforrer

    I love how you described the feel as a “swanky hotel duvet”! Haha! As soon as I read that I clicked right on over to see what they had! Also, those widths are incredible!! Seriously good to know if this whole “quilt” project of mine pans out…

    And the dress looks so sweet! Such a fun party dress. I can’t wait to see it in all its glory (with a black crinoline!! Oh my!!)

    • I’ve always wanted to know how to wear a swanky hotel duvet with out a.) stealing one, and b.) being a general creeper. Now I know lol. And not to try and sell this any harder here, but these fabrics would in fact make you hate your quilt life a little less 😉 😉

  • Lauren

    I totally lurked on this fabric when I was picking my piece out… ahaha, I’m glad you got it, though, because the print/color is SO you! I love your fancy party dress, so perf!

  • Rebecca Wagner

    Love it, I have sewn one dress with cotton sateen and it feels lovely on the skin 🙂
    I wonder how much shipping would be hrmmm

  • Carlee McTavish

    I have not sewn with it before, but it looks lovely! And the dress is beautiful! Sometimes I get so caught up in all my projects that it’s hard to see end results, and then I see something like this and swoon. I think I need to get back on track! Thanks Rochelle!

    • Thank you and I’m happy to set you back on track 😉