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Sew Smart in 1948

(Watch on YouTube)
This video by Simplicity is a wonderful (and slightly hilarious) look at sewing in the 1940’s. It’s worth watching all the way through! I feel so lazy when I sew after watching this video! Does anyone actually do a tissue fit and then baste your entire garment before sewing it? Crazy! I also don’t know what I’d do if I had to iron with a sponge.

Don’t forget those shoulder pads, Ladies 😉

(Thanks to Brigid for sharing this link!)

  • I love this video, very funny, and I love all those old patterns

  • Ellen

    I was a Family & Consumer Science teacher (Home Ec) and found this a real treat to watch. It reminded me of the garment requirements we had when I was in college in the 70’s. Things were quite different in the classroom, however, where male & female students expanded their creativity in garment/craft sewing and embellishment techniques. We had a lot of fun…too bad today’s students aren’t offered these opportunities to learn these skills 🙁

  • BrittneyK

    I was playing this in the costume shop for my sewing students while they sewed and when it got to the part where they told Betty to correct her posture, the whole shop straightened up right away. Hilarious clip, thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica Cangiano

    This was all kinds of delightful! What a cool find, thank you very much for sharing, dear gal.

    Have a stellar weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  • sallieforrer

    Thank GOD Betty took that Home Economics class!! Hahaha!! Thank you so much for sharing, I got quite a few laughs from this. And, yes, I think if I had to press with a sponge I might die!

  • Kate-Em

    Thanks for this, I really enjoyed watching it. I will remember to have correct posture when at the machine!

  • Carlee McTavish

    It seems Snow White left Prince Charming for a future architect in a bulky white cable knit named Johnny!

    I dare everyone who watches this to go into the fabric store with a mirror and put fabric up to her face like that! Too funny, thanks Rochelle!

  • My grandma came from a “Tailor’s” family. They had a dressmaking business. She used to tell me all these things. About the “proper” way to sew. Wish i had listened back then. I wasn’t interested. Now i am. At least i have one of the original designs to look at. (The black dress i am wearing on my profile.)

    GREAT video. Any way, i’m off to sew. Will have the iron at the ready!


  • Joey

    Ha ha, what a classic that is :o) I shall try to remember good posture at my machine like Betty!

  • Oh my, how times have changed! What a great video. If only we all had time to tissue fit, baste, and hand stitch. Yeh freaking right!

    • LadyD

      I tissue fit and hand sew…but skip the basting so it is possible 😉

  • LLBB

    Haha, I totally thought he was going to suggest that the fundraiser be for new sewing machines, not basketballs 🙂

  • christine haynes


  • I have seen this movie already, so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Sometimes I baste things together before sewing. If I don’t feel like making a muslin but I’m not sure about the pattern to fit me properly I will baste the pieces together. It might like it takes a lot of time, but I really hate ripping the seams out or a bad fit.

  • CowRoad

    What a fabulous video. I thoroughly enjoyed it! “Do you have the know-how look?” 😉
    And indeed, what’s up with the tissue fitting???

  • Gail

    That was awesome, Rochelle! Thanks for sharing!

  • Brigid

    Oooooohhhh! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I love this video. 🙂


    The (grateful) Middle Sister and Singer

    of The Boyer Family Singers

  • Nessa

    ooooo I just loved watching that!! Thanks so much Brigid and Rochelle! It was so sweet. I definitely don’t baste so methodically but would’ve loved to be in her Home Economics class just for a day!

  • Mrs. Wendy S.

    Hey Rochelle! I OWN that sewing machine! And I adore it- it was an anniversary gift from my DH a few years ago…a Singer Featherweight. Sews a straight stitch like a dream…one of my 2 go-to machines for quilting. Love your blog!

  • Sarah

    Iron with a sponge?! I’d lose my mind! LOL!