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Vermont Country Store


Yesterday William and I took a trip down to the Vermont Country Store just to check it out. I had heard wonderful things about it through my reenacting group because they’re the only store in the country to carry Tangee lipstick, and other hard to find vintage brands. Let me tell you, it was so worth the drive!


This Old Time-y general store consists of multiple buildings and is jam packed with amazing antiques and memorabilia from past decades. They sell modern things like clothes, kitchen utensils, bedding, bath items, toys, etc… but the atmosphere is truly unique and makes me want to live there! (I mean, they have everything I would need to survive including enough penny candy to sustain me until next winter. I don’t see why I can’t just stay. Lucille and I don’t take up much room!)





They even have a mini museum of scales inside the store! How cool is that?! Sadly, none of the vintage items are actually for sale.





By the time we got lost in the store, found, then lost, then found again, we had missed Mildred’s Dairy Bar and Restaurant by 8 minutes! We really should have planned that one better. Oh well. It gives us an excuse to drive down again in the summer and take full advantage of all the dairy we can stomach while hiking with Lucille on the little picnic area foot path. Sounds like a plan!


I easily could have bought one of everything in the store, but managed to restrain myself and walk out with just my Tangee Lipstick and some old fashioned ginger candies in a fancy little tin. I LOVE ginger candy!


Before anyone flips out, no I did not cut my hair. The beauty of wearing wigs is I can have short hair in 30 seconds any day I feel like having it 😉

I think everything I’m wearing is vintage (besides my boots and socks) including a cotton slip that’s barely peeking out. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would need or want a cotton slip until I put it on with this rayon dress and discovered it doesn’t stick or cling. Duh, me! I’m so used to wearing cotton on the outside and a slippery slip under it so it felt strange to wear the opposite!


Boots and socks have been my go-to footwear of choice lately. They’re just so easy! And practical I might add.

So, yeah! Two thumbs up for The Vermont Country Store!!!

How was your weekend?

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  • i adore the VT country store. ruggy & i worked at a theater in vermont awhile back, and i used to spend the lunch hour in the candy section! it’s wild to see you there in these pics!

    • I didn’t know that! That’s so cool!! Working for a theater must have been so fun.

  • Cute outfit! And I love the lipstick!

  • the Garment Farmer

    Darling outfit!! I’m curious about the Tangee lipstick too! Do you like it??

    • It’s definitely a novelty lipstick but it’s really fun and I do actually love the color it turns on me. I’m going to review it here soon so you’ll be able to see 🙂

  • Oh what fun! I’ve purchased from them before. (Unfortunately some vintage-repro hair thing that smelled super creepy plasticy and they were awesome about refunding me. lol) What a neat store to visit, the outside is awesome too. Love your outfit, too. Now I’m curious about that lipstick! I remember having a color-changing one when I was about 12 or so but I suspect this is nowhere near like that one. 😉

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    I LOVE that lipstick color!!! And the boots are perfect! Functional and fashionable! 🙂

    • Thank you! The lipstick is Besame’s signature red and it’s amazing. Not to mention it’s all natural, not tested on animals, and it smells good!! Seriously, I have their mascara too and it makes all other makeup smell like poison haha

  • sallieforrer

    Your whole look is absolutely perfect here! I’m really in love with that sweet rayon dress + rain boots combo. Also, Hello penny candy…. Yeah… I could live there.

    • Aww thank you! Yeah I can’t help it, I WILL wear a pair of muck boots with a dress any day of the week 😉 Penny candy with be the death of me. My poor teeth lol

  • Carlee McTavish

    Looks like fun! I agree: I love the short hair wig, it really flatters you! And that vintage dress is so pretty!

  • Charlotte Boyer

    Your cardigan is simply splendid, as is the rest of your outfit!

    Lucky you living close enough to visit that haven of vintage products! My sisters and I oogle over the catalog every time we get one. Must be twice as good in person 😉

    • Thanks! And yes, the store is overwhelmingly amazing in person. And bustling I might add! It’s awesome to know a little ol’ family business like this is still going strong. I can’t wait to visit again.

  • Brigid

    Oooohhh! Jealous! 😉
    Going to the Vermont Country Store is now on my bucket list of things to do. And I love your outfit! I never would’ve thought boots could look so cute with a vintage dress!

    • Here in Vermont we get “mud season” instead of Spring, so you’d be surprised how many pairs of boots I can make work with a dress 😉 😉 You should definitely try to make it to the Vermont Country store some day! You’d love it!

  • Rebecca Wagner

    Your hair looks super cute with the wigsy;)