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Sew For Victory Giveaways CONTEST CLOSED


These giveaways are for Sew For Victory participants only (you deserve a reward for all your hard work)! I’ve been paying attention to who’s signed up for the Sew For Victory Flickr group, participated in the discussions, appreciated the resources shared, made new friends, and/or made a general effort to contribute to the sew along in some way. I want to thank you for making this sew along such a success for me and for your peers! Well done, everyone 🙂

This giveaway opens at 12:00am EST on Monday, March 25th and will close at 12:00am EST on Sunday, March 31st. All eligible comments will be printed, cut out, and put in a hat type thing (probably a popcorn bucket lol). One winner will be randomly drawn, along with one prize pack, for a total of four winners. Does that make sense? I’ll draw a name and then draw a prize number from a separate container. Winners will be announced during the Sew For Victory project parade wrap-up! Okay, let’s take a look at the awesome prizes!!



Prize number one consists of four yards of a light weight polyester blend suiting fabric in a beautiful eggplant purple with a cream colored plaid print, paired with Vogue pattern V8728. The pattern is a 1946 reproduction dress that is available in both the BB and FF sizes! (The winner gets to pick the size of their choice)



Prize number two consists of two awesome prizes courtesy of The Vermont Country Store! One lucky winner will get both the Tangee lipstick and blush! (Read all about my review of  Tangee lipstick here. I love it!) Tangee is a decades old cosmetics brand made famous for their products that change color to best suit your skin tone! It’s so cool.



Prize number three includes a 13″ by 19″ reprint of the original WWII Sew For Victory poster, a reprint of the original Make Do and Mend book, and two cute little reproduction pin back buttons from WWII Soldier. Keep ’em flying!



Prize number four is a digital e-download of Debbie Sessions’ 1940’s Style Guide courtesy of The Vintage Dancer! Hop on over to the website to read all about this amazing resource including what topics are covered in the book as well as a digital preview! I will forward the winner’s email to Debbie so she can send you a link to download the e-book.


1.) As explained above, you must be a Sew For Victory participant to enter this giveaway.

2.) To enter: Leave ONE comment with your first name and your Flickr user name. Also tell me one thing you love about the Sew For Victory Challenge! Please use a valid email address when leaving your comment.

3.) You have until 12:00am (midnight) EST on Sunday, March 31st to enter your comment.

4.) This giveaway is open to ALL Sew For Victory participants, no matter where you are in the world!


Remember, you have until April 1st to submit your completed Sew For Victory project photos to the Flickr Pool! I can’t wait to see, and share, everyone’s projects!

Happy Monday!

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  • My name is Becca (Flickr user Creative Notions). I have
    really enjoyed the Sew for Victory Challenge, even though I decided to join last
    minute. Sewing with ‘40s patterns is a fun challenge, and I tried something new
    thanks to this challenge (belt-making). It has been fun to catch up on the
    posts about history and fashion of the ‘40s. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what
    everyone else in the sewing blog community has come up with. Thanks for the

  • My name is Lauren, and I’m Thedressmaker on Flickr. I loved Sew for Victory! It was a great incentive to sew a 40’s dress. I’m so grateful that you hosted it!


  • Kelly

    My name is Kelly (Seam Racer on Flickr), and I have greatly enjoyed the Sew For Victory – thank you Rochelle!

    As a history buff, this is an excellent opportunity for me to share a bit of what I do and enjoy. Also, it’s great to learn from others who recreate history as well, and show those new to vintage how “wearing” the 40’s (while learning about it) can be fun!
    Another benefit of the Sew For Victory is how it has introduced me to the posts and blogs of many wonderfully creative ladies. I have bookmarked many of their pages and love to see what they create.
    🙂 P.S. It would make me the luckiest girl ever if I happened to win prize #3 or #4!

  • kinfauns and owls

    Hi this is Sarah! I had so much fun being a part of this challenge. I love to sew so it was a way for me to get more involved with others while designing and constructing. I would have to say that my favorite part was seeing everyone’s looks grow from the pattern or sketch to the finished garment with a 40’s inspired outfit!!! So much inspiration all in one area. Thank you so much for creating this challenge!

  • laceduplady

    I’m Ginny from, my Flickr name is laceduplady. I’ve really enjoyed this sewalong, seeing everyone’s progress and the beautiful things people have made from one of my favourite eras of fashion. I’ve also loved the resources everyone has been sharing that can be hard to find. It’s also made me rethink my sewing plans and include a few more ’40s pieces thanks to new inspiration.

  • Christi Polk

    Hi its Christi. Flickr is here
    And I loved this sewalong because the 1940s is my favorite style decade! Loved seeing everyone’s different interpretations.
    My email is: Christi.adell -at-

  • Hi, I’m Kat (Flickr name: macskakat) and I blog over at (I nearly forgot to add myself to the Flickr stream – I’ve been following people’s blogs to see their creations instead. Whoops!)

    I’ve loved seeing all the 1940’s style pop up around the blog-o-sphere. The 1940’s is probably my favourite decade of style, so it’s been fabulous and super-inspiring seeing what everyone has been making for this challenge!

    (My email is: macska at gmail dot com)

  • I hope I’m not too late! What fabulous prizes. I wasn’t sure if I’d finish in time because I’m going on holiday today but I did it! The evidence is here- and I’m just off to figure out how to put a photo in the Flickr group. Thank you so much for organising this.

  • I’m Relynn from My entries (I made two things!) are at: On Flickr I’m RelynnDare. This challenge allowed me to use some vintage patterns I’d been hoarding, I mean collecting. I also spent a lot of my sewing time during the challenge remembering my grandmother. It has been a sentimental experience. Thank you so much for hosting this sew along. I’ve loved participating! My email is

  • I’m Amy from and my entry for the Sew For Victory Challenge is here: My Flickr username is amynxdx. I love that this challenge really pushed me to try something new and “scary” (non-printed vintage pattern) and in the end I think I did pretty well! Thanks so much for having this great sew along and bringing the sewing community even closer <3 email is:

  • Meghann

    Such a fun challenge! I hope you host more as well! It was a lot of fun to use items that I already had and make them into something else. I’m pleased to report that the total cost of my project was $2.50 for the zipper and the belt buckle! My flickr name is vodkacranlime.


  • Great prizes!!! My flikr name is BforBecky. I was super excited about this sewallong because it gave me the motivation to start and actually FINISH a sewing project! I have a habit of starting projects and never finishing them!! Thanks for the motivation!

    Here is my finished project!


  • Thanks for having this giveaway, I would love to participate. My flickr name is AntheaRV. What I like about this sewalong is the great amount of freedom you have, it was one of the reasons I participated. Since I’m such a slow sewer it’s good to work with a deadline every now and then.

    I love to see what every one has made so far!

  • thequirkypeach

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Sally from thequirkypeach blog – same flickr user name

    Post w/ completed dress:

    Thanks so much for hosting this sew-along / challenge 🙂

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  • Elisabeth Rose

    Hi, I’m Elisabeth Rose and I blog at:
    On flickr, I am the Bee Girl.
    I made 2 entries: a pink smocked bonnet and a boy’s turquoise shortall. I loved the Sew for Victory challenge because I like to collect and sew vintage patterns anyway, so this gave me an excuse to sew more with them. I didn’t have directions with the boy’s suit, just unprinted tissue, but it went together perfectly, so I have gotten better at de-coding old patterns! It’s always fun to find a group where you “fit in”- in this case with other girls who love vintage sewing! And that ties in with why I am “the Bee Girl” on flickr. Because my hubby and I like the song “No Rain” by Blind Melon and in the video a girl in a bee costume dances around not fitting in anywhere. She finally finds a field of others dressed in bee costumes and is so happy to fit in. That’s how I feel about the internet helping me meet others who like fine sewing and don’t think a boy wearing a button-on suit or romper is weird! Thanks for a fun time!!

  • SabineC

    I’m really hoping to finish the dress in time! First name: Sabine, Flickr user name: Sushi & Peaches.
    What I like most about the Sew for Victory challenge… actually occurred to me a few days ago. I was tampering with the pattern, after having made a muslin, and as I was re-reading the brittle, colored instruction sheet, it suddenly dawned upon me just how old this pattern is… It was constructed and printed about 65 years ago, I do not even know whether this particular pattern was ever made into a dress, and now, all those decades later, it was taken out of its envelope and made into a dress… Somehow, that’s an awesome feeling. So, what I like most is bringing a kiss of life to a relic of the past.

    Another intriguing aspect is to put it next to the pictures of my grandmother, in the forties. My link with her becomes a little more real, somehow, when I look at the clothes she was wearing then, and how young and vibrant she looked. Naturally, I never knew her like that. But sewing for history is bringing history a little closer, both my personal/family history as well as fashion history. It’s a learning experience for sure.

    And finally, sewing up a vintage pattern was a New Year’s resolution, so SFH helped me to plunge in!

  • I’m Rebekah from . My flickr name is artandneedlework. I really enjoyed participating in this sew-along! It pushed me to take on some “me” sewing that I would never have done without this type of initiative. I also really enjoyed looking through everyone’s pinterest boards. I’ve had an awesome time. Thanks so much being such a terrific host! artandneedlework at gmail dot com.

  • Liz Alexandre

    Thank you so much for hosting the sew along, it has motivated me to try to use some of the patterns I have been hoarding, hopefully I will finish in time for 1 April! My Flickr name is busylizzieinbrizzy

  • Emily Stringham

    I’m Emily from My flickr name is My Vintage Visions, the same as my blog. I think the thing I’ve liked best about the Sew for Victory Challenge is discovering new blogs and people with similar interests. I really enjoy seeing what other people are working on and the chance to share resources and inspiration. 🙂

    BTY, I’m loving prizes 3 and 4! The WWII pins would be great to use at a living history event.

  • Alice Wang

    Hello, I am Alice from, and my Flicker username is Sallie Moonbeam. One of the things that I love about Sew for Victory is its flexibility, as we are not restricted to a particular pattern, and the timing was quite generous too (had it not been this generous, I would not have been able to enter!)

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • docksjo

    This is a wonderful calling, it got me sew that under dress that I have been needing for quite some time and it wasit as had when I satdown and got started.

    This is my blog post:

    My Flickr: docksjö

  • Hi, I’m Stephanie from, my flickr name is mabelmakes. These prizes are great. Very generous!

    I’ve really enjoyed this challenge. My blog is pretty new and this is the first sewalong I’ve joined since creating it. It’s been great following everyone’s progress and getting to know people in the sewing community. Plus the 1940s was such a great era AND I got to use up some fabric from my stash and a pattern I already owned for a long time 🙂 Thanks for hosting Rochelle!

  • Harriet Wheelock

    I’m Harriet (HazWool on flick), I’ve really enjoyed Sew for Victory, its made my push my sewing boundaries and I’ve meet lots of lovely new sewing ladies 🙂

  • I’m Lorelai aka Lloralye on flickr. I am loving this challenge though my dress has been semi butchered (I’ll explain more when I post on Fri). It’s amazing how you through together this many people in love with the 40s. I see a lot of love for the 50s and 60s thanks to mad men but 40s definitely represent my personal style more. It’s great to find this many people with the same loves and I will certainly be borrowing inspiration from you all in my future projects 🙂

    PS. These prize packs are super cute.

  • Hannah

    My name is Hannah, my Flikr name is doeeyeddame. This was my first sew along and it was really nice to be accepted into a group of such experienced sewers, who were so willing to offer help whenever needed. It’s really nice to find a community of nice people that have similar interests. I also LOVE seeing everyone’s photos of their garments! So exciting! Almost done mine and it will be up there soon! Thanks Rochelle for organizing such a fun and friendly event!

  • michelle

    michelle, vanginney It was a really great learning experience and completed my first item of clothing ever! I appreciated the effort that went into being such a good host – Thx again.

  • Rachael-Lynn

    My name is Rachael-Lynn and my Flickr name is CraftyRetroRN. I love anything vintage, especially WWII era clothing! I also loved that I was able to step away from all of my creating for other people to make something adorable to wear, for myself!! And I learned a few new sewing techniques in the process!

  • Wow! I didn’t expect to possibly win something for this challenge! Yay!

    I’m Tanya and my flickr name is: tanya maile

    I love sewing vintage and seeing what others with the same interests are making! This is my first challenge and I’ve had a wonderful time being a part of it. 🙂

  • Ladyd

    i’m sarah my flickr username is LadyDeTemps
    so hard to choose one but I would say:
    Sharing tips and knowledge with all the other participants and seeing all the reserch that has gone into making the outfits 1940’s. A lot of it has inspired me to purchase more patterns.

  • Wow Rochelle…. FOUR giveaways??? You are amazing, to be sure 🙂

    Can I break the rules and tell you TWO things I’ve loved about this sewalong? :p

    1. I’ve loved ogling all the amazing patterns that everyone has unearthed. The styles are all so diverse and feature so many cute details! I wish modern patterns (Big 4…. lookin at you) were as inspired as these.

    2. I’ve also loved seeing everyone make their 1940s masterpieces wearable… some people sport the vintage 1940s look with grace and style while others incorporate their new garments into a more modern wardrobe. It’s just amazing how versatile these designs are.

    Anyway, thanks again Rochelle- have kind of been watching from the sidelines but have enjoyed the ride!!

    oh and my flickr ID is rennous-oh-glennus

  • Debi_myhappysewingplace

    Awwww Rochelle, you are so AMAZING! I just loved this sewalong…the resources, the photos, the projects…it has all been so WONDERFUL! Definitely count me in for the giveaway (especially packs 2 & 3)! My flickr name is: Ms.1940McCall (ps. this sewalong got me back on flickr!!)

  • Yvonne Boots-Faubert

    Hi Lucille, This is my very first sew-along. I’ve quite enjoyed looking at other’s awe-inspiring projects, so much work and creativity has gone into them! I’m hoping to be done in time. My favorite part is seeing how many other people have similar interests, makes me feel less closet vintage-o-phelia 🙂 Thanks for being a most gracious hostess! My flickr name is dollygirl3116

  • Stephanie

    Thank you Lucille for hosting this sewing challenge. Sadly, my dress is still a work in progress, but I love that this gave me motivation to dig into sewing again, especially tackling a vintage pattern I’ve had in my collection for a while. And of course the best inspiration was checking out everyone else’s pics & progress. My flickr name is: Vogue Vigilante.

  • Christina Bowles

    I loved seeing everyone else’s work! I get so inspired by what other seamstresses do. flickr: fernfrisbie,

  • Loran
    It’s been so much fun getting to dig further into a period of history that I find fascinating. That and seeing everyone else’s creations has been so inspiring! I actually did a couple small “extra” projects of the era, “I NEED to make that 40’s shirt!”. I got to do traditional makeup as well as play with hair, things I’ll incorporate more into my daily life so thank you : ) Oh, and the prize packages? Amazing!

  • oakley seal

    ..I don’t have a flickr.. (;

    I am so excited to finish my dress! The prizes are so cool. Fingers crossed!!

  • Qui (Jacqui)
    QuiPardue on flickr

    I’ve enjoyed learning more about the 40’s and trying new (old) techniques with my dress pattern. First hand picked zipper–check. Pinked seams–check. Without this sewalong, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to tackle my 1940’s pattern, and I probably wouldn’t have bothered with hand picking a zipper or pinking shears. SO glad I did though!!

  • Mary

    I love how much I’ve learned about 1940’s fashion and sewing! The resources from this sewalong have proven themselves invaluable for the costuming that I’m now doing for a production of South Pacific. Perfect timing!

  • Rachel Proffitt

    OOh, lots of goodies! Thanks for hosting this fun sewalong Rochelle! I’ve managed to squeeze in a few things I have wanted to make for a while 😉 One thing I love- that would be the fact I can read so many other posts about sewing vintage 😉 Gotta love that!
    ~Rachel~ (Spinneretta on Flickr)

  • Jane, Handmade by Jane on Flickr
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway and for hosting an AWESOME sewalong Rochelle! I liked the background/information posts you did on 40’s fabric, 40’s make-up etc. I felt that I really learnt a lot. Can’t wait to see everybody’s finished projects! x

  • Erin
    I love that this challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone. I never would have made the pants I made without this challenge! 🙂

  • Shannon , Shanni Loves on Flickr.

    These are some great prizes! I’ve really enjoyed this sew along as it has taught me a lot about the 1940’s. I’ve enjoyed all your posts and all the resources. I’m really hoping it gets a little warmer out in the next couple days so I can get some pictures outside of my outfit. There is snow on the ground right now! Ugh!

  • WOW, these are great prize packs!! You know me and on Flickr I’m also By gum, by golly. This has been so awesome, there are already so many great FOs in the Flickr group and I know there will be a lot more to see this week as they come rolling in!

    Thanks so much for hosting, it’s been fabulous!! xo

  • Stephanie (GirlwiththeStarspangledHeart on flickr) I’m so close to finishing this project! Thank goodness for a few days off of school for Easter break this week! Super excited about everyone’s finished projects!

  • Brigid

    Oh, These are Awesome!!! Thank you again SO much, Rochelle, for hosting the Sew for Victory challenge! It has been awesome! My flickr name is Boyer Family Singers. Can’t wait to see the project parade!

  • Kat Sultanie

    Kat – Petticoats & Peplums. I have loved the sew for victory sewalong as it gave me a push to try a decade if sewing I don’t usually sew. Also I have loved seeing everyone’s creations. There is so much inspiration!

  • Rebecca Wagner

    Ohh no, I should have attempted a sew for victory dress to snag the tangee 😉