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Sew It Yourself: Lace Trench Coat


As soon as the latest Sewaholic pattern was released, I bought it. A nice trench coat is such a wardrobe staple that no closet is complete without one, so therefore, I needed the Robson in my possession immediately. I love the look of military inspired outerwear with feminine details and Tasia really answered all my sewing prayers with this one! Also tending lately are trench coats embellished with lace which, in my opinion, is the ultimate feminine/military look. Rather than spending upwards of $250 dollars on trench coats like this one from Burberry, or this more affordable example, I’d like to make one myself.

I’m thinking of a heavier twill fabric in true military O.D. Green with ivory lace, or maybe Khaki with white or pink? Cotton canvas or cotton sateen? I have lots to think about still, but all of the ideas are in order and the schemes are scheming so I’m headed in the right direction to having a super incredible trench coat. I still have to finish my Sew For Victory dress and then my dress for Julia’s Mad Men challenge, but after those projects are done this is first on my list!

What are your sewing plans for Spring?


  • Carlee McTavish

    After the mad men dress challenge, I have a tetris quilt to make for a stag and doe. After that, I am making a squirrel dress, but only after I figure out how to sew in sleeves. Oi.

  • I love the lace idea, and the green coat with the lace collar is especially pretty. Can’t wait to see what you do, I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  • Oooh, this is going to be CUTE! I’m dying for a jazzy bright trench, but it’s a low priority at the moment as I already have one trench coat and I have a to-make list as long as my arm! Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  • This is such amazing inspiration! I love trench coats and I love lace! I am currently working on a trench with contrast binding but I think you have just added a lace one to my list! 🙂

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Such a romantically beautiful spin on a tried-and-true classic. The world needs more practical garments like like festooned with lace, if you ask me. Can’t wait to see your finished trench, I just know it’s going to be sublime!

    ♥ Jessica

  • Charlotte Boyer

    Can’t wait to see ALL of your finished projects 😀
    Right now I am working on my 3rd dress for this past year; which is a late 30s, sleeveless, tennis-esque cotton dress; perfect for the hot weather we get here in Ohio in the summer.

  • Oh! I really like that. I may have to get this pattern myself! After the Mad Men Challenge and Sew For Victory I really want to make Gertie’s new shelf bust dress and a copy cat Gwen Stefani dress. I also have about 10 other patterns waiting in line!! I wish there was more time in a day 😉

  • Colleen

    I just ordered Tasia’s pattern today. I’m NOT a pear shaped woman but her patterns are fine for me because my shoulders are small enough. I’m really having a problem figuring out the fabric to use, though. I love her example which is a cotton and nylon mix but I just don’t know!

  • I haven’t bought Tasia’s pattern yet but I’ll definitely be getting to it at some point. Just have to through my already huge project list! I love using juxtaposition in clothing too. It makes for much more interesting designs. Looking forward to seeing this one 🙂

  • I actually have plans of making a mint green trenchcoat, though I’ll be using a Simplicity pattern, rather than the Sewaholic one. I am too hourglass-shaped and busty for Tasia’s patterns that have anything on the top part of my body in a woven, but there’s a lovely Simplicity pattern (and they’re on sale at Hancock’s right now) that has exactly what I want in a trench. I have some leftover lace that matches my coat fabric perfectly (because I used it to trim a circle skirt made with the exact same fabric), so perhaps it will find it’s way onto that trench when I get around to making it. I’m not sure where, though… I have about a yard left. Maybe I’ll use it to trim the storm flap (I’m only doing the traditional single flap, rather than two since the second one serves no functional purpose other than creating symmetry).

  • I couldn’t agree more! Everyone needs a perfect trench coat in his/her wardrobe! I’m excited to order this pattern. Even more, I’m excited to see your lace adorned version!