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Chiropractors Beauty Contest

April 1, 2013

Wallace Kirkland_1

This is no April Fool’s joke! These are photos from a real Chiropractors Beauty Contest held in Chicago in May, 1956. New on the medical scene, Chiropractors pulled publicity stunts like this throughout the 50’s and 60’s to win popularity with the public and their peers.

Wallace Kirkland_2

Wallace Kirkland_3

Wallace Kirkland_4

Wallace Kirkland_5

Wallace Kirkland_6

Wallace Kirkland_7

Wallace Kirkland_8

Wallace Kirkland_9

According to an account in the Chicago Tribune: Lois Conway, 18, was crowned Miss Correct Posture. Second place was awarded to Marianne Caba, 16, and third place went to Ruth Swenson, 26. I don’t think anyone could argue with those results, that is some seriously good posture!

Wallace Kirkland_10

Original photos taken by Wallace Kirkland, found via Google LIFE archives.


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  • Sarah

    This is hilarious! Very good posture though, I would get the wooden spoon!

  • Chantal Vandenberg

    This is really interesting! Lol! TFS!

  • Jessica Cangiano

    I’ve seen a few of these shots over the years, but not the whole series – they’re just wild! It’s amazing the different themed beauty pageants that took place in decades past.

    Happy start of April, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  • Hannah Cohen

    This is awesome! Man I’d be like bottom last in this contest, considering I have to force myself to sit up straight.

    • Rochelle New

      Oh I have the worst posture at a sewing machine! I have to force myself to sit up too lol

  • Maggie Smith

    This is great, thanks for sharing! I love that they are in their heels on the scales! :)

    • Rochelle New

      I know isn’t it funny? I love it!

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    So funny!!!!

    • Rochelle New

      I know, right? So good!

  • Ginger

    Hilarious! Yikes, my round shoulders would look awful in an x-ray!

    • Rochelle New

      I have a compressed disk in my lower back. I’d be disqualified hahahah

  • ShanniLoves…

    This makes me want to sit up straight!

    • Rochelle New

      Oh, me too!

  • Maddie Flanigan

    Gosh, how times have changed, right? I’m sure the doctors would be appalled at the posture of many seamstresses – we hunch over our machines for hours!

    • Rochelle New

      I definitely hunch over more than I should. After finding these photos I’ve been trying to pay attention to how I sit lol

  • Amy Plaza

    Had to send this to my brother!! He’s a chiropractor and would get a kick out of it :)

    • Rochelle New

      Haha that’s awesome! I hope he enjoyed the photos :)

  • Carlee McTavish

    That’s awesome! I’m with Tasha, those girls have ridiculously good posture. I am a hunchback by comparison.

    • Rochelle New

      I know! I feel like such a slouch at the sewing machine now lol. I’m trying to correct that…

  • Tasha @ By gum, by golly!

    I totally thought this was going to be an April Fool’s joke, lol! It’s interesting as of course chiropractors are everywhere nowadays. Those girls put my posture to shame, sheesh. And I love their outfits!

    • Rochelle New

      Haha doesn’t it seem like it?! So crazy! And awesome. And yeah, I have a compressed disk in my lower back and I think my shoulders are all sticky-outty lol. Probably not the prettiest x-ray. The outfits are super cute though!

  • Stephanie

    haha that’s crazy! I guess it was one way to get people interested.

    • Rochelle New

      It would work for me! Though I would definitely not be a winner lol