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Sew Red for Heart Health


Today I’d like to share a book review of Sew Red, sent to me courtesy of Jimmy Beans Wool. Sew Red is an amazing book featuring some great sewing and quilting projects for a very worthy cause: Women’s Heart Health. This book gets my full endorsement not only for the slew of adorable sewing projects included, but because a portion of the proceeds from Sew Red will be donated to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health in support of  The Heart Truth. Supporting causes like this is very important to me and I’m honored to help spread the word about the Stitch Red series. Heart conditions of various sorts run in my family and Lucille has actually developed early stages of Degenerative Valve Disease that we keep a close eye on. Bringing sewing and health education together is a brilliant idea and one that I am 100% on board with.

Getting this review posted took me much longer than I planned because I seriously couldn’t decide on which project to share (I wanted to make everything)! I knew immediately after receiving the book that I needed to sew something from it. The photos are all so beautifully done and the quilts caught my attention especially.


Both the Paper Hearts quilt by Tula Pink and the Hop Skip Jump quilt by Denyse Schmidt (two of my favorite designers) really tempted me but, in truth, I am not a quilter. I knew these projects were a bit too advanced for me so I flipped through the book some more until I found this cute little patchwork pillow.



The Asian Modern Pillow by Linda Lee is a simple project and so fun to sew! The Asian modern aesthetic isn’t exactly my style but the awesome thing about this project is it has the potential to be so many different styles AND it’s a great stash buster! Plus, it gave me the opportunity to branch out a little more into home dec sewing.



I think my pillow has more of a Scandinavian vibe with the fabrics I picked. I love it! Can you tell blue and red are my favorite colors?

There are so many other projects in the book that I’d love to make, as well as some delicious heart healthy recipes to try!





This book isn’t just pretty projects and photos, it includes valuable tips and facts about heart health. I love that all of the designers also shared their favorite heart healthy exercises and foods along with their projects. Did you know Amy Butler’s favorite exercise, IntenSati, combines cardio with positive affirmations? Now that sounds like something I could get into!

I’m sure it’s obvious that my favorite exercise is hiking and walking with Lucille but maybe you didn’t know that I also enjoy isometric planks, and one of my favorite heart healthy snacks is pistachios! …and pistachio ice cream 😉 😉



If you’re looking for a sewing book with a multitude of different projects, and would like to help out a worthy cause in the process, then Sew Red is for you! (Don’t worry, if sewing isn’t your thing there’s a Knit Red as well!) Having a book like this really just makes me feel good every time I open it because I know disease awareness is half the battle of finding a cure. Sew for the greater good!


Happy Wednesday, All. What steps are you taking to keep your heart healthy?




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  • Daisey Jayne

    Love the pillow and the pistachios!

  • Wow, that heart quilt is so beautiful!

  • Love the pillow. I really like that Scandi look so naturally I adore it.

    Also: your favourite colours (in the shade you like) were our wedding colours! We went with the colours of Trev’s kilt and luckily his kilt colours weren’t ugly. Everyone was like, “Red and aqua blue?! That’s weird.” but it looks so bright and cheery together:

    We hike to keep healthy and we cook everything from scratch. That way we know what goes into our food. It can be time consuming, but it is worth it. Plus, it is good for me and my food allergy, we are able to control what goes into our food. Have you read any Michael Pollan Rochelle?

  • Oh my gosh!! You used the red fawn fabric so splendidly!

  • Love the pillow! This seems like such a great book!

  • Sharon Dzilvelis

    I love your pillow & I’ll definitely be getting the book! Thanks!

  • Rachel Proffitt

    Looks like a lovely book 🙂 I love the skirt above!
    No female heart problems here, BUT my husband has some- we’re very heart health conscious as a result!

  • I love your pillow. I’ve been wanting to make something for the house for a while now and a pillow is a nice small project to try. I’m with you on the quilting. I’d love to make one in my lifetime but I think that’s all I’d do. I had seen the Knit Red book before but didn’t realise there was a Sew Red version as well. It’s a great idea and cause 🙂

  • Jessica Cangiano

    What a beautiful looking book and truly wonderful cause. I’ve lost some female relatives (mainly on my paternal side) to heart disease/heart attacks over the years, and have tried for many years now to try to keep my ticker healthy as best I can (I don’t ever drink or smoke, I eat super healthy most of the time, I try to get in as much exercise as my medical conditions will permit, I’ve tried to up my intake of heart healthy foods, etc). Stress plays a roll in heart disease too though, and that’s one thing I think I’ll always battle to keep under control in my life (they say pets help in this regard, which is yet another reason why Annie is awesome for my health!).

    ♥ Jessica

  • Errrm, I like red wine, does that count? 😉 And actually I love pistachios, I didn’t know they were good for heart health!

    I love your version of the pillow as I would probably have looked right past the original since it’s not my taste, either. And since blue and red are my favorite colors too (although it doesn’t show up really in our house so I should concentrate on my wardrobe) the palette and the fabrics you chose are perfect! I love the piping on it too. Thanks for sharing your great review, it looks like a really nice book and such a worthy cause!

    (p.s. I see that skirt with the two fabric panels and it’s blowing my mind as I’ve been plotting something similar all week for some summer dresses! ;D)

  • Cathy Bundy

    You cushion with the Nordic vibe is lovely. That piping running down the side, amazing! I love a bit of home dec and getting more tempted to make home dec lately than clothes at the moment being pregnant!!

    Lots of love

    Caffy Bundana