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Some Plans for Spring

I’m still working on the Sew For Victory wrap up parade post. It should be done before the weekend is over, but I grossly underestimated how many photos were in the Flickr pool! Um, almost five hundred. So, needless to say, it’s taking me a bit to sort through the photos and save/resize everyone’s final projects in order to put them in a slideshow type video. I think it will be pretty neat when it’s all finished though! All of the giveaway prizes have been claimed and will be mailed out this weekend. Thanks to all who watched my dorky video 😉


I recently remade a WWII propaganda print with Spoonflower and I love the way the print looks, but I’m not 100% satisfied with the colors. I used their color guide and everything but the blue looks really purple now that I see more than just a little thumbnail of it. I’ll have to do some tweaking before I put it up for sale.


I got my pattern and my fabric in the mail for Julia’s Mad Men sewing challenge so I’m all set to make my Peggy dress! I’m working on tracing all the pattern pieces and fitting a muslin this weekend.


I just bought Fashion Draping: Dressmaking Basics on Craftsy so I can learn how to make my own dress designs with my own patterns. There are a bunch of dresses in some of my 1940’s McCalls magazines that I’m dying to recreate!




I also want to turn this 1940’s hospital gown pattern into a wearable blouse. I’m working on tracing out the pattern pieces and reworking the design this week.


With Me-Made-May coming up, I realized I need to sew more separates in basic colors that I can mix and match with more things. I’m definitely going to have to make some Sewaholic Renfrew tops, and maybe try a Cambie skirt? I also took The Seamless Pledge back in February but never officially announced it on my blog because I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to stick with. But honestly with sewing and buying second hand, I really haven’t found a need or even an urge to buy “big box” mall store clothes. Not even when I was in the mall with a friend! I’m going to keep going with the pledge for a total of 6 months and then reassess my wardrobe and buying habits from there.


My aunt sent me these amazing “Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences” manuals from the 1920’s. Who needs to go to F.I.T. when you have resources like this?! 😉 I hope they’ll come in handy for Erin’s Great Gatsby sewing challenge


I’m also looking forward to being able to take longer walks with this little face! Poor Lucille isn’t a fan of the snow or cold so we’ve been going on walks for necessity and not for leisure. We’re both getting sick of the snow that’s STILL in the mountains and can’t wait for warm weather, sunshine, and all the lovely things that come with it. I don’t feel like I can dress like “me” during the harsh winter months, it’s just not practical, so all of my Spring dresses and cute shoes are taunting me in my closet. Come on, Spring! We’re really looking forward to taking a trip back to NY this month (where there’s no snow currently) to visit family. …and my cats. I miss my cats!

What are your plans for the coming months?






  • I’m thinking of participating in Me Made May too, and need to get a few basics finished up. I have an acceptable pair of black pants that only need a hem, but a couple more tops couldn’t hurt either! I’d love to hear how you like that draping class, I’ve been wanting to learn more about making patterns for a long time.

  • You are one productive lady! It’s a good thing you have little Lucille to remind you to stop and take a cuddle break once in a while. 🙂

  • I will definitely have to check out the seamless pledge. And again, you are always inspiring!

  • Sarah

    Sewing spring dresses and blouses (I need more blouses in my wardrobe) and knitting cardigans 🙂 I love it when Miss Lucille shows her cutie face in your posts!

  • Can’t wait to see your Mad Men Dress also!

    Spring is going to be a gong show for me. I am in a wedding, going to another, putting on a musical and somehow I have to find time to make a quilt for the stag and doe. I think I am finally going to make my squirrel dress too. 🙂

  • I am SO sick of winter weather and wool and all that. And that’s saying a lot coming from me as I hate really hot weather. lol But I am pining for my cute summery shoes and color and prints and dresses and such! I’m already planning in my head lots of fun things to sew. I’m hoping to do Me Made May for the first time if I can get a few more things done that aren’ wintery. Even though it’ll be a struggle to not wear the same combos over and over, I’m thrilled I feel like I’m getting to that point *finally*! It’s been my goal for 2 years. But it still may not happen until next year.

    The blue doesn’t come across as purpley across the monitor but I’m sure you have a vision of what you want, so sorry it didn’t work out the first time. But it’s an amazing print, can’t wait to see it when you’ve finalized it!

  • Jessica Cangiano

    That victory V print is seriously amazing! I love WW2 victory items (I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, I might add, to win a Victory brooch on eBay for years – my dream would be to get a Canadian one, but any genuine WW2 V would be fantastic) and modern ones that are imbued with this “Let’s win it” spirit like this fantastic pattern.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Charlotte Boyer

    I seriously wish we could have some warmer weather around here lol!

    “Sew” excited for your future sewing attempts, and the WIDAS manuals are super cool!!

  • DrapedinCloudlets

    The drawings in the 1920s magazine look so elegant!

  • This will be my first Me Made May and I’m so excited! I only started sewing last July, but I’ve made so many clothes since then and I don’t seem to be slowing down at all. I definitely need to churn out some Renfrews for myself as well, and I’m trying to pace myself on making my trenchcoat and take the time to get all good materials for it. I want this thing to last and last and it won’t if I rush myself. -_-U

  • Boo to the snow! I know how you feel. Our snow, here in Montreal just melted, but we could have another snow storm at any second. I just want to put my parka away and get out my leather jacket! And all my cute 50s summer dresses I made this winter!

    I definitely want to do this Made By Me May challenge! Sounds so fun! I am starting summer school May 1st, to finish up the last 15 credits of my degree though, and making plans to move to Toronto, so I wonder if I’ll have time.Thanks for sharing all these links to fun sewing challenges!

    • We had snow flurries in Vermont today! Not cool.
      Ah yes, I don’t miss summer classes to finish a degree haha! Been there. Good luck with school and your Me Made May endeavors 🙂

      • Eek! So not cool about the snow!
        And thank you! Yes, it’s going to be a busy summer with 5 classes, but then I will be done and free!

  • Jaime jo Tanis

    You are so very lucky to have your aunt send you those booklets! I find them facinating.

    • Yes I do feel lucky. They’re such amazing books 🙂

  • johanna@projects by me

    I’m also looking forward to Me Made May! I only took part unofficially last year.

    I’ve been invited to chaperone a school trip to Mallorca (!!!!!) in the beginning of June, so I think I have to sew some shorts and airy tops. 🙂

    • Oh wow that’s exciting! Have fun on your trip 🙂

  • Do you know where there isn’t snow? San Luis Obispo, California. Come visit 🙂

    You are busy right now! I’m working on my Mad Men dress too, I hope I finish it in time. I haven’t made anything in so long and it’s frustrating me that the fit is taking me so long to perfect.

    • I definitely need to come visit you some day! I’m going to text you right now and ask you what Mad Men dress you’re making because I don’t remember what one it is lol 😉

  • Cathy Bundy

    Hey beautiful!

    I’m making lots of little girl things; bunting, quilts, diaper (nappy) covers, dresses.. for my (unborn) Baby Bundana…

    For Mama Bundana… I’m going to make a Sewaholic Trench for post-preggersness, more Wikstens, a maternity Colette Eclair, old jeans into maternity jeans and another Megan Nielson…

    Busy Bundana!

    tee hee!

    Caffy Bundana @

    • Hey yourself, Beautiful 😉 It seems hard to make baby clothes because they’re so tiny. I can’t imagine hemming little bitty sleeve openings! I’m sure you’re making some adorable stuff 🙂 A maternity Eclair sounds SO CUTE! Can’t wait to see.

  • Wow! You have a busy spring ahead of you.

    I can’t help but call out the “Women Institute for Domestic Arts” packets that you have. I recently wrote a post on Mary Brooks Picken – the founder of the school – and I think she was a wonderful lady – bringing sewing to the masses. I’m stunned that you have these packets and a little bit jealous. May I peek inside them?

    • Aww man I must have missed that post of yours! I’ll have to go back and find it… I’ve only just flipped through the books so far, but they’re awesome. I’ll definitely have to do a review of them with some photos here in the near future. Good stuff 🙂

  • Chandra

    Oh my goodness. I was going to make a very similar Victory fabric through spoon flower to make bandannas for my 1940s civilian impression. Your version looks wonderful and I can’t wait until you are happy with the final result and I can buy some for myself!

    • Thank you! I do a WWII civilian impression too 🙂 It won’t take me long to fix the colors, but it does take a few weeks for shipping before I can review the colors again. I’ll be sure to post about it when the design is finalized and available for purchase.