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I’m a Lumber Jill and I’m Okay


Oh hey, back so soon? Yes, well, I finished up my latest sewing project and just couldn’t wait to share it. Since I had been away from my sewing machine for nearly three weeks, I decided I better re-make my last most successful garment to get back in the swing of things.


That last most successful garment I made happened to be a skirt version of the Sewaholic Cambie pattern. I had second thoughts as I started putting this pattern together since I don’t even wear denim skirts. “Why am I making a denim skirt?? …I don’t want a denim skirt. I could be sewing so many other things right now” said me to myself. Half way through construction I seriously considered ditching it all together and moving on to my Great Gatsby project. But, I figured I better start practicing a little discipline since I just applied for school and there are certainly going to be things I don’t want to finish (*cough* small business mathematics *cough*).



Now that it’s all finished though I’m really happy with it! I guess I DO wear denim skirts after all.


I left the bottom pocket seams raw on accident, and didn’t realize it until after the seam binding was already on the sides. They look kinda cute left raw though so whatever. It’s on the inside anyways!


I did a button tab waistband and lapped zipper again. I can’t help it, I just really like the way it looks. This is pretty much how I finish anything and everything meant to go on the bottom half of your body. (Speaking of which, I hope it’s obvious that I took the above two photos after the initial photoshoot and was in fact wearing pants while doing so. Yeah?)

I used a cheap stretch denim from Jo-Ann Fabrics paired with some regular quilting weight cotton for the pockets and inner waistband. I like having a stash of fabric and notions at home because it allows you to sew things like this on a whim. Yay for whimsical sewing!




I stole this checkered shirt from my mum while visiting and have pretty much been wearing it every day since. No shame. It’s super cute and equally comfy!



This location is actually a wedding venue that just happens to be right down the road from me. It must be nice to afford a wedding at this place! Pretty fancy! I wanted to sneak some photos here before it starts getting booked up for wedding season. Mission accomplished 😉




This is probably my new favorite photo of myself since it sums up my nerdiness perfectly. All I do is push my glasses up on my face. Even when I’m not wearing them I still catch myself trying to push them up haha! Yeah. SUPER NERD.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering where Miss Lucille is at, she’s here. She was just in dire need of a bath and I didn’t want her to look scrubby on camera. I feel like a bad mom when she looks scrubby lol. I’m sure I’m not the only kid who had to stay home from school once or twice because I was faking my baths all week and when my mom found out how gross I was she refused to let me go. …please say I’m not the only kid who did that.

You can breathe easier now knowing that Lucille and I have both had baths this evening and are no longer scrubs 😉 I’ll make sure she gets lots of spotlight in the next post!






  • dandeliondrift

    Nice skirt! I love the polka dot pockets and the floral waistband!

  • Wow, such a gorgeous location for a finished garment photo shoot!! I adore the insides of your skirt – those kinda photos are my favourite 😉

  • This is lovely! Those pockets are adorable 🙂

  • Such a lovely skirt! The polka dot pockets are my favorite part! Love all of the photos, especially the one of the bluets with your shoes in the background. You’re too cute! When I’m wearing my glasses, I do the same thing, but I’m pretty sure I actually look nerdy while doing it. You just look cuter. 🙂

  • This looks so cute on you! I love the little peep of polka dots! Adorable!

  • I really love these cambie skirts you’ve made – so cute! Definitely going to have to get my own cambie pattern out and make myself a skirt version!

  • I let Harley go all grubby all the time. I am letting him enjoy his own “doggy smell”. He doesn’t seem to mind one bit. So just consider it let her be more true to her “dog-self”. hehe.

    In other news, awesome skirt! It makes me want to sew a denim skirt (what?!).

  • So cute!! I love this look on you!!

    Also, I have at least 5 denim skirts in rotation! So, I support the addition of them to any wardrobe wholeheartedly.

  • Those pockets are AMAZING! You rock this look.

  • I was always trying to get out of bath time too!, my mum had many a night trying to wrestle me in the tub 😀 haha! as regarding doggy bath time my poor pooch hasn’t been very well over the winter months (old age catching up with her) but we finally gave in and now she’s squeaky clean and feels as soft a silk 🙂
    The denim suits you and the skirt looks really cute too, great idea to add the polka dots to the pockets 🙂

  • What a winner!! And your mum’s shirt is the most absolutely perfect partner I could imagine 🙂 I love the versatility of denim. I find myself sewing with it more and more because I always know that I’ll end up getting heaps of wear out of whatever I’ve made

  • I’ve been thinking about making a denim skirt too. I am also unsure of much I would wear it, but I really love others’ versions, like yours!

  • I work all night and I sleep all day! LOL! Love your new skirt. I am big fan of denim skirts and the polka dot pockets are so cute!

  • haha, I laugh at myself every time I push my glasses up when I’m not actually wearing them. 🙂
    I really want to make a cambie skirt! I almost never wear dresses but love a-line skirts.

  • Such a cute skirt! I love the little polka dot detail on the pockets. I bet you’ll get great wear out of it even though you thought you didn’t wear denim skirts 🙂

  • Gorgeous skirt! I love the polka dot pockets. I need to build my stash. I never have enough fabric to just sew things on a whim. I always buy fabric with a specific project in mind.

  • misscrayolacreepy

    I think that is the definition of a perfect denim skirt! I don’t own a denim skirt, but you are making me reconsider…

  • Your skirt is lovely, the polka dots at the pockets look fab.

  • Splendidly lovely denim skirt! I just adore that shade of denim as well as the classic cut. This has long term wardrobe staple written all over it. How exciting that you’ve applied for school – that’s awesome, honey! Hope everything goes swimmingly for you on that front.

    ♥ Jessica

  • I had a phase where my mum would have to wrestle me into the bath! We all do it. I love your skirt. I’m really going to have to make a skirt with my copy of that pattern. I also have a muddy dog sat under my desk right now,

  • You know, I thought the same thing when I first made a denim skirt – “when the heck am I ever going to wear this?!!” But i realized later that since it’s sooo different from your typical denim skirt (the kind that basically look like a pair of jeans that has been turned into a skirt… nothing wrong with them, but not really my every day style!), it’s more like… well, jeans turned into a skirt. Goes with everything, and makes fancy tops look more casual. I wear mine all the timeeee, definitely one of the most utilized pieces in my closet! And yeah, yours is super cute – love those polka dots and LOVE the tied up gingham blouse! God you’re so cute 🙂

  • Love the skirt! I want to make a denim skirt as well even though I don’t know how much wear it will get. Not sure if I can get away with wearing denim to work. I guess the worse that could happen is they send me home..boohoo! I never faked my baths but I always faked brushing my teeth. I don’t know if that would be considered better or worse?? It’s pretty dang gross but I’m happy to say I never suffered any repercussions like cavities by doing so …still cavity free. lol..knocking on wood now…

  • I love that skirt!! I don’t really wear denim skirts either but I would totally wear that one! The polka dots are perfect to make it a little something special. I’ve been toying with the idea of using contrasting fabric just like that but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet since I wasn’t sure it would actually look cute, but I’m thrilled to see it looks awesome. 🙂 I love how you’ve used a lapped zipper at the center back, it solves some inseam pocket issues so I may give that a whirl soon!

    The whole outfit is adorable– I super love the photo of you with the fence posts in the foreground, perfection! And I’m a nerd too and whenever I’ve had contacts, I have always caught myself pushing up my glasses too. 😉

  • What a cute make!! Sometimes those whimsical sewing projects end up being the ones we wear the most! Like, I didn’t even know I NEEDED a denim skirt until I made it! Also, lol to skipping baths!! I think I was big on fake teeth brushing… I don’t know why I hated it so much… but there ya go!

  • irenedadler

    I went through a phase where I went to bed every night fully dressed for school the next day so I could spend more time sleeping rather than getting dressed. Amazingly, my parents let me do that for a while. I always blush a little when I think back to my lack of hygiene habits when I was little.

  • I think that’s a great outfit, you do wear denim skirts. Also wanting a pink gingham shirt now, Doh!

  • bagqueen

    It took me ages to stop looking for my glasses and pushing them up my nose, after I had laser eye surgery and had stopped wearing glasses!!

  • I love the pockets! I really like the lapped zipper and button-tab finish too. Normally I just follow the directions (I’m lazy), but that puts ideas in my head. 🙂 Gorgeous photos too!

  • Oh, you’re definitely not the only one. I used to just put my hair under the tap so it looked wet enough to be plausible.

    The skirt looks great! I love denim skirts. (And should really make one since I threw away my old one which has been worn to threads)

  • Cute skirt! Lapped zippers are the best!

  • Another cambie skirt that looks super stylish and a real wardrobe winner. I love the polka pockets;-) and it almost looks like it could be denim, it’s such a good match. Lovely photos as always too

  • ah ah Rochelle, I know what you meant! I push my glasses up too when I wear contact lens 🙂 the skirt is beautiful, I love the check fabric of the pockets and the binding. I think you can modeling anything with grace and elegance, well done!

  • vanginmi

    I really like the polka dots in the pockets. Great idea. Will look up this pattern. 🙂

  • I love the polka dot pocket detail! I love the way the Sewaholic pockets work (that’s the only place I’ve encountered those pockets, anyway) and that’s a really cute way to make them unique!

  • Aaaw, you look soo sweet 🙂

  • spinneretta

    LOL I do remember trying to forgo the bath a time or two… but usually I couldn’t be pulled out of it 😉
    I love the skirt though- so fun! I’ve been waiting for the same denim to go OFF sale so I can use my 50% or 40% off coupon LOL I’m dying to make some capris (Gertie’s pattern)

    • spinneretta

      Oh and I am now singing the lumberjack song. Thanks!

  • Cute skirt! I am also making a denim skirt, wondering if I will ever actually wear it – yours has inspired me though 🙂 And I DIED laughing about the baths – I definitely remember faking hygienic protocol as a kid, although the time it took to fake it was usually greater than or equal to the time it would have taken to really do it in the first place – lol 🙂