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Sentimental Journey WWII Luncheon


Last week I had the pleasure and the privilege of sitting among eighteen WWII Veterans, their families, and many other men who served, at the National Warplane Museum “Sentimental Journey” Luncheon. Aside from the delicious 40’s themed buffet and a performance by The Manhattan Dolls, the true purpose of this luncheon was to rally support for a really special cause.


This plane, also known as Whisky Seven, flew troops in during the D-Day invasion in 1944 and IT’S STILL FLYING. That’s right. This plane still flies. In fact, it is the wish of The National Warplane Museum to get this plane in the air for another very important mission: The 2014 D-Day Reunion in Normandy, France. Paratroopers will actually reenact the original D-Day jump! If you’d like to learn more about this reunion, there’s a great video all about it. I got to watch it on a big screen before the Luncheon and, for me, it was very moving. I definitely choked up at bit at the end when all of the WWII veterans who attended were asked to stand up and be recognized. Not to get all door-to-door salesmen on you here, but if you have an interest in historical preservation, or have a family member who served that you’d like to honor, please consider donating to Return to Normandy and help make this memorable mission become a reality.


How ’bout some more photos from the day? It was fun! I got to climb inside Whiskey Seven and check it out, which was really incredible. Only slightly more incredible than the food. It was really good.


There was also a neat display of some original WWII uniforms and memorabilia. I was excited to see so many women’s service uniforms!









I posted more photos on my Flickr page, but I’m sure you can tell just by these few that it was a really great day. How cute are The Manhattan Dolls?! I don’t think their YouTube videos really do them justice. Their live show was very good. I’m sure none of the elderly gentlemen in attendance needed any morale boosting after seeing them 😉 Sadly, William didn’t get to go with me. He would have loved photographing all the planes!

Have you ever gone to an event like this? What did you think?


Happy belated Memorial Day! Thank you, Troops.




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  • I spent Memorial Day on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien in San Francisco. It’s one of two surviving functional Liberty ships made by women working in the shipyards during the WW2. Not only did the O’Brien make it to Normandy for D day, but it also sailed back for the 50th anniversary with a small flotilla of other surviving ships, and was welcomed by the gracious French community. Many of us dressed in period clothing for the event, to the evident appreciation of the veterans on board!

    • Rochelle

      That’s fascinating! My great grandfather was in the Navy and sailed aboard the SS Oklahoma in WWII. Sadly, the ship was sold for scrap parts in the 50’s. I wish it was still around, I would have loved to spend a day on its deck. I’d like to go to San Francisco and see some of those surviving ships. Very neat.

  • Terry

    Love your pictures, and what a wonderful day. I’ve been to several Memorial Day events through the years, and it never fails to choke me up a bit. My dad was a SeaBee in the Pacific theatre and I always think of him this time of year.

    I particularly love the garrison caps (one of the things those hats are called). I keep looking for a good pattern – they’d be adorable in lots of different fabrics, I think – but such patterns are VERY rare to find even on the internet. You wouldn’t know where to find one, would you? My sewing skills are still Beginner, but I’d be delighted to try a garrison cap.

    Thanks for sharing such a special day! And I love your blog (just found it today)!

  • Seems like such a fun day out. The manhattan dolls look so cute!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    Wow, Rochelle! What a fun event to attend. I’ll have to look up the Manhattan Dolls, I’ve never heard of them!

  • Very cool! I would love to go to something like this. My Grandpa served in WWII. I’m dying to go to the Military Museum here in town to see the Nazi flag he donated. Love hearing his stories.

  • Dominique

    As a French, I will never say enough “Thank you” to the Veterans.
    I appreciate your blog and your creativity.

  • What a wonderful event! Fingers crossed they raise the money for it – What a wonderful thing it would be to see it in the air back on duty!

    Love the uniform pics, and the Manhattan Dolls look just the part – off to check them out now 🙂

  • Beautiful photos of this terrific event, honey. I’ve never been to an event like this (they’re exceedingly rare in Canada – we have air shows, and I’ve been to a couple of those when I was a little girl, but they weren’t vintage themed at all), but would truly love to – especially because I adore spending time with seniors who were alive during the mid-twentieth century and hearing their firsthand account of those years so tremendously much.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Looks like such a fabulous day! I love the turquoise dress you are wearing too – Did you make it?

  • I love this…I love the ladies all dressed in their 40’s gear, because I think of how wonderful it must have been for the men to get a look back in their past. I keep thinking how I still feel (and think I am) 22….somehow, I don’t think that changes much through the years. Those men probably feel like this era was not that long ago…

  • Linda

    I am so jealous. I love anything to do with WWII. I also got to attend a VE day years ago abd I escorted British women vets. I was so honored. As a retired AF vet. I miss the service a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  • This looks like such a great event, for a lovely cause! I’d love to attend something similar, I really get a kick out of this type of thing. My dad and grandpa are Navy veterans & my grandpa currently works at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. It was so fun visiting him there and hearing all of the cool stories! Oh, I can’t forget…you and the Manhattan Dolls looked totally adorable!