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Broken cameras, blonde hair, and an amazing undocumented weekend.


I had the most amazing weekend at the WWII Gathering of Warbirds Airshow in Reading, PA. However, as you can see from the above photo, I didn’t get to take any decent pictures of the event. Thankfully the responsible party (who is a family member so I’m not overly upset about the situation) agreed to replace the lens so I should be back in the blogging business soon!


Oh yeah, I have new hair!! This is the first time my real hair has ever made an appearance on this blog and I’m super excited about it. Most of you know I’ve been a long time wig wearer up until this point, so it feels great to have my hair back. Blonde isn’t my natural hair color, but I did have blonde hair as a toddler so I thought why not have it again? I really like it! It’s been super fun to try out 1940’s styles for short hair. I’ll post all about my authentic wartime “Shingle Plus” haircut and styling techniques later.


This was my first time at the Reading Airshow and all I can say is WOW! This must be the Disney World equivalent of WWII events on the East Coast. It’s HUGE. Quite overwhelming actually if you’re going for the first time, especially as a reenactor.



For the majority of the weekend I hung out in the little mock French village with some fellow Paper Dolls. I always do some variation of a homefront farm girl for my WWII impressions since, as a country girl in real life, that’s what I identify as the most. I think I fit in well in France 😉


It was pretty awesome to be indirectly IN the French village skirmish action! On Sunday you might have seen me sitting outside the cafe with some other pretty ladies just before the battle broke out. After the shots were fired we ran inside and watched the rest of the fighting from the window. It was incredibly loud.


These guys do an amazing job and I’m sure the public thoroughly loved it. I know I did!

Here are some other random and completely lack luster iPhone photos from the weekend…




Aside from the reenactor camps, there was a flea market set up with some awesome vintage stuff (I definitely indulged a little bit). I’ll share more on my war spoils later, too.

Have you ever been to this event? Would you go in the future? I think everyone should see this show if you can, it’s truly an amazing experience! I can’t wait for next year 🙂




  • I love re-enactments, it must’ve been amazing to be that close to it all! Sounds like a great weekend – although sorry to hear about your camera lens, that would devastate me!

    I’ve gotten so used to seeing you with dark hair that I really did not expect blonde to look so good on you … oh dear, that sounds terribly rude and I don’t mean it that way! As someone with dark hair myself, blonde looks awful on me but you look amazing as a blonde! Can’t wait to see more of your new hair!

  • I was planning on going this year but my favorite niece had her big 5 year old b-day party and what aunt could miss that!?! Hahaha! A bunch of my friends went this year and said I did miss out. Hoping to go next year since I live kinda close. If I do go I’ll try and spot you!

  • Woohoo for Reading PA!! As I said, this is my hometown!! I grew up just minutes from the airfield and remember watching all those WWII era planes swooping over the house during the airshow – but I never knew it was SUCH a big event!! I never knew there was reenactors! Now I’ll have to try to coordinate a visit home to see the fam at the same time as this is going on!!

    Also, Your hair looks adorable peeking out in those little vintage curls! I always love your reenacting ensembles, and this time is no different!

  • Oh honey, I’m so sorry that your lens met with such a tragic end. I can just imagine what a gut wrenching feeling it must have been when that happened. I’m happy that your relative will be replacing it for you through.

    My goodness, does your hair look darling and so, so pretty! Ever since I saw your Instagram snaps of it, I’ve been yearning something fierce for my real hair again, too, but alas it hasn’t yet shown signs that’s coming in (who knows if it ever will) to a point that I’d be comfortable growing it out again. I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I am for you that you’re able to sport your own hair again after so many years!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  • Rochelle, your hair looks great! The photo of you next to the speed limit sign looks like it could be authentic!

  • Your hair looks great! Your reenacting always looks so interesting.

  • I love this event, I was there with my boyfriend, we go there every year and always have a blast. The flea market is always a great place to find deals.

  • Your hair looks so cute! I love it! So sorry to hear about your camera. 🙁 Hope you can get your new lense quickly. Sounds like a fun weekend, aside from the camera incident. Can’t wait to see your flea market finds.

  • Sorry about your camera – ugh! I cannot wait to see your cute new hair!

  • Your hair looks great! Sorry to hear about your camera – hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get a replacement. Looks like a fun WWII event 🙂

  • Oh! That broken camera lense breaks my heart! I would die if that ever happened to me :0 so sorry Rochelle!!
    How fun, all of this reenacting! You look so fabulous 🙂
    I can hardly wait to see your flea market finds!! It’s funny how I like to look at things that other people buy…. Lol


  • I had no idea you were a wig wearer! Anyway your blonde curls are awesome.

  • What a neat event! Looks like fun. Love all your outfits (and your sunglasses!), you look wonderful. I’m loving the blonde curls. Sorry about your camera though, ouch. :/

    And now I want orange pop after seeing those neat bottles in the last pic. lol

  • Amanda

    Oh, I am so excited to see some hair ideas for short ’40s hair! I have a bob cut because it works best for me on a day to day basis, but would love some ideas for making it suit the ’40s styles, because I always feel a bit anachronistic sporting a bob with my dance clothes!

  • You’re hair is so cute!! I like short hair myself.

  • You look good as a blonde!

  • Love the hair and outfit– you look so cute!