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Geneseo Air Show


William and I spent the afternoon at the Greatest Show on Turf: The Geneseo Airshow. It was unbearably hot outside, over 90 degrees with one million percent humidity, so we could only muster one lap around the show before both of our faces were literally melting off. We were hoping to go on Saturday and stay for the dance, but we had a wedding to attend instead so Sunday was our day to go. Wil got some great shots of the planes that I wanted to share.




Everyone was taking cover underneath the parked planes trying to keep out of the sun! Not a bad way to watch the show actually, but even in the shade, the temperature was just too hot to ignore.


The planes were a welcome distraction to the face melting weather, and it’s easy to forget about pretty much everything when watching these amazing machines fly. We got to see Whiskey Seven in action which was a real treat. The last time I encountered this plane she was just parked, so to see her up in the air put a wide smile on my face 🙂



I appropriately wore my 40’s home front overalls, which I decided to cut into shorts (because, again, pants in 90 degree heat equals insanity), complete with a WWII sweetheart pin that I recently found at a local antique store. I was hoping the long sleeves would help keep the sun off me, but I’m pretty sure I would have fried no matter what I wore. …did I mention it was really hot out?!








All of the planes were really neat, but watching Quick Silver fly really made you stop dead in your tracks and just stare. I wish I got a video of the 16 point turn, which is basically a barrel roll with a pause at every point in the rotation …it’s still blowing my mind hours later. Also, the noise they make it incredible! Regardless of the heat, the day was amazing and worth every penny it cost for the ticket, even though we couldn’t stay long. I’m really looking forward to next year!

Have you ever been to an air show? What did you think?





  • I love air shows! My dad started taking me to them as a kid, and we love them. Even dressed in a vintage WAC suit once and it was a blast! You look amazing. I think a pair of those overalls is in my future. Great post, beautiful planes, beautiful you!

  • First, you looked A-MAZ-ING I loved what you wore and making then shorts, what a great idea. I love the air show photos, I haven’t been to one for yrs but they are always such fun to go to and everyone that attends these events are really nice as well. Obviously being in the UK we got all the UK versions of plain spit fires and bombers (those things are huge) and we had the red arrows do a fly over as well. I think we were in Morecambe (NW UK) it was a few yrs ago we went to Dewent Valley to see where the dam busters practices we go regular it’s a lovely place) luckyly though we went on a day when there was a anniversary and the same planes flew over I was in awe of the size & power of these beauties. See how your beautiful photos have brought memories flooding back to me. Thanks for sharing your lovely day Dxx

  • I just love the outfit you wore (those sunnies!) and I can totally see why you turns the overalls to shorts. It looks like a neat event, being able to be that close to the planes (and well, using their shade under them too, lol). I think it’s still impressive even when you have a dinky flight and go out on the tarmac and walk right up to the plane. And those are just ol’ normal planes. 🙂

  • Pat

    When I lived in SC they had the May Flyover Show. It was great. When I lived in CA I got to see an Air Force air show at a base that was awesome.

  • Love this fun, summery outfit – you’ve got me wishing I had a red and white gingham top to pair with my beige a-line skirt (I have a skirt and a dress each in that classic pattern, but no shirts at the moment).

    ♥ Jessica

  • You look super cute. It is mostly hot, and hotter here in Queensland. So I am always on the look out for ideas on what I can sew/wear. Off now to look at your old post to see what other outfits you can inspire me with.

  • Wow! What great photos and a great day! We have a warplane museum near me and it has the second of 2 remaining Lancaster Bombers! When it flies, the entire house shakes! LOL!

  • What a fun day!!! You look fantastic, and thanks for the glimpse of all those planes! I’m sure they were breathtaking in action!

  • How fun! My grandpa was a retired USAF Colonel and WWIi fighter pilot and o went to many airshows and WWII reunions with him. They always seem to be on the hottest days! We also have an air museum close by that has mostly all WWII planes that are all flyable in case the military ever needs them. I’ve spent my life walking around there and admiring the nose art. Someday I will have to get dressed in a 40s outfit and take some photos out there. But it will have to wait until it’s not 100 degrees outside!

  • I have been to a few airshows in several states and I love them. Right now I live close to Oshkosh,WI which hosts the EAA Air Venture every year. We can see the practice/trial runs and even some of the show right over where we live!! And your cutoff overalls are the cutest!!

  • I have been to a couple of air shows in Dallas and it is always hot, hot, hot! The Cavanaugh Flight Museum has a number of WWII planes that you can visit in their hangers. If you ever come to Dallas, that museum is worth a visit!

  • It’s been years since I’ve been to an air show. They no longer put on the one that had been nearby. My favorite visit to one was with my dad. He was an aviation electrician in the Navy during WWII. Sadly, he is no longer living.

  • Michelle

    Great post! My husband is a Marine aviation ordnanceman, so we go to air shows almost every year. Right now we’re stationed in Japan, so our “Friendship Day” hosts a lot of Japanese aircrafts as well as the American planes. Plus, since we’re lucky enough to live on base, we get our own private mini-air shows from the FA-18’s almost every day. It’s pretty awesome!

  • I went to the Wanaka Airshow in NZ once, it was brilliant. They hold it near a cliff face and they have reenactment dogfights and the planes use the cliff to disappear behind so with pyrotechnics it looks like they have hit the ground, very clever. It is held over Easter every two years.
    PS – your overalls are super cute cut off into shorts!