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Red, White, and Blue


Happy Independence Day, America! Lucille and I are feeling awfully patriotic today and decided to flash some red, white, and blue on our walk around town.


We chose a quiet little spot far, far away from any crazy festivities and stopped to take a few photos and sniff around.Β Lucille even humored me by wearing a matching vintage scarf. She puts up with so much lol πŸ˜‰


The dress I’m wearing is my most recent sewing project that I finished up on Monday night. It’s made from an amazing organic cotton sateen (sent to me by the kind folks at Organic Cotton Plus)Β and I can’t wait to share a full review of it. Spoiler alert: this fabric is easily the most amazing stuff I’ve ever laid hands on. Seriously, it’s that good. I love the versatility of this dress because it has the potential to be quite formal (you’ll see!), but just as easily works for a casual walk around town.






Living in a rural college town is awesome because it becomes a ghost town in the summer. You could literally lay down in the middle of the street and not be bothered. That’s my kind of living!


It’s been so hot and muggy for the majority of the summer thus far, leaving us with little interest in staying outdoors for very long, even when there are neat things to explore.Β Lucille and I don’t tolerate the heat well. We need a good rain so badly, though I don’t suppose tonight would be the most welcome night for it on account of the fireworks and all. Aren’t fireworks the best?!

Recently I found out I’m a Daughter of The American Revolution, on both maternal and paternal sides of my family, so I’m pretty much as American as they come. My country isn’t perfect but we certainly have a lot of things to be proud of and thankful for, and I’m happy to call the good ol’ U.S. of A. my home. Small Town, U.S.A. actually …very small.


Happy 4th of July!

Rochelle and Lucille


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  • You two are so cute! Whenever you show pieces of your life with Lucille I can hardly bear not having a dog of my own yet.

  • So happy to see your pretty hair, I’ve been curious to see what you’ve been hiding under your scarves lately. :o) I used to work on a campus and LOVED the summer when I felt like I had it all to myself.

  • Beautiful photos! And yes… college towns in the summer are THE. BEST. EVER! You inspire me to get out and get snappy with the camera while things are calmer ’round these parts. πŸ˜‰

  • How terrifically sweet, fun, and festive! I can’t wait until Annie’s puppyhood energy has come down a few notches and she’s more willing to take Lucille’s lead and pose with me for some shoots, too. You two are the cutest – seeing you together always makes me so happy. πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Jessica

  • Gorgeous photos and such a pretty dress πŸ™‚ I love soft blues like this one! And is there such a thing as a perfect country? We’ve all got our lovable aspects and quirks πŸ˜‰ I hope you have a fabulous 4th of July! x

  • So totally adorable! Lucille is such a sport!

  • Happy (belated) 4th July – you both look gorgeous. That dress. I love it! I can’t wait to read the full fabric review too.

  • I too am a DAR and I agree we’re an imperfect nation, but through all our highs and lows we have become one of the most unique countries. My Grama traced back our history back before the Revolution and so has my Mom on her side. So I’m very happy to say my ancestors were patriots!

  • Kim Campbell

    Love the photos! Our Daisy has some pit in her too. She’s the most gentle soul ever. I am a member of DAR! If you have family members already in DAR, the paperwork is so much easier. Just a lot of getting marriage & birth certificates. Totally worth it!

  • You two are so cute together! Lucille is the best– her faces are just so sweet! Small town life sounds really amazing to me after 7 years in NYC and 5 in LA! Maybe someday I’ll get to make a change. πŸ™‚

  • Such a cute outfit, I can’t wait to see more of the dress too. I can totally see how you could dress it up, especially with that little sheen it has! And I’m seriously going to smack you and Lucille for your adorable matching scarves. πŸ™‚

    I love fireworks but yesterday it meant sleeping in earplugs to drown out the noise of everyone in the neighborhood’s illegal fireworks since I had to work at 7am today. lol!

  • Happy 4th Rochelle and Lucille!! You two look quite the patriotic pair here in your matching kerchiefs! Can’t wait to hear more about that dress – and I LOVE living in small towns!! Right now mine is at the height of tourist season, so I’m on an opposite schedule than you – but once September rolls around – it’s back to laying in the streets for me!

  • Love your dress, can’t wait for the full review. Your hair’s looking great too! I have to add, Lucille is one of the cutest, loveliest dogs I’ve ever seen, especially in that headscarf! x

  • MarieBayArea

    I’m in love with Lucille. Happy 4th lovely ladies!

  • Your town looks amazing and so peaceful. I am looking forward to seeing details of your dress, it is super cute!

  • The dress is fantastic! Can’t wait for a review. Happy 4th of July to all of you!!

  • Both of you are very cute!
    Can not wait to see the details of your pretty dress. Happy 4th of July!

  • You are both too cute. My poor little doggie is cowering in the bathroom behind the door for the nights activities. Hopefully she deals well with the July 4th celebrations.

  • Your hair looks great here! And I love the dress :). I got to wear my capris today… For about an hour, before I was back to demolishing rooms to make way for new floors πŸ˜‰
    So, will you join the DARs? :). Could be interesting!

    • Thank you! (Yay for capris!) And yes I will definitely apply to become an official DAR, though I hear the paper work is quite extensive. We’ll see πŸ™‚

  • How awesome are dresses that can be dressed up or down?! It’s like 2 for the price of 1 πŸ™‚ Bonus!

    Happy holiday! And lovely pics by the way πŸ™‚

  • Oh, you two are the sweetest! I love your dress, Rochelle! Simple garments can sometimes be the best garments, in my opinion πŸ˜‰
    Boo! No fireworks here in the bit of Ohio that we live in πŸ™ Me and my sisters were even going to sing the National Anthem before they went off, but the rain caused the event to be canceled! Oh, well…. Enjoy your fireworks πŸ˜€


  • I hope that someday I will be visiting the USA, that is a little dream of mine πŸ™‚
    You and Lucille are both looking very cute and I’m really looking forward to your review of this fabric.

    Have a Happy 4th of July!

  • Aw you guys are so cute. I just love lucille. She seems like the sweetest dog. Happy 4th of July πŸ™‚