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I was hoping to take photos of my flamingo shirt today but it was a bit too cold for short sleeves so I had to re-think my original outfit. When raiding my closet for an alternative I found this dirndl skirt that I made months ago and never blogged about! William and I found a quaint wildflower field, when driving home from a rather lack luster classic car show (lack luster as in: I saw a 1993 Dodge Stealth nestled amongst the actual classics *facepalm*), and decided it was the perfect place to take a few photos.





I made the skirt by simply omitting the top and adding a waistband to this 1940’s dress pattern. It has a lapped zipper closure and one button at the waist. No pockets. Pinked seams. Nothing fancy.




The chilly weather may have prevented me from wearing my flamingo shirt, but it was the perfect excuse to wear my 1950’s cardigan that I found at an Op Shop in Vermont. It’s in beautiful condition aside from the faux pearl buttons, which desperately need to be repainted.


(skirt: handmade by me, sweater: vintage, belt and shoes: thrift store, glasses: warby parker)

The weather is supposed to be much warmer next week so I’m sure I’ll be able to share my finished silly shirt soon! I also need to get crackin’ on my Fall For Cotton projects! I’ve got a week left. No pressure, right?

How was your weekend?



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  • A 1993 Dodge Stealth?!?! LOL! That’s amazing…

    Love this skirt and outfit– it’s way cute! Yellow looks great on you, and it will look as awesome in the spring as it does in the fall!

  • Beautiful photos, and a beautiful skirt! It’s so simple, but sometimes the simple garments in the right fabric have a bit of magic to them. The cardigan matches perfectly!

  • Such gorgeous photos, and such a lovely outfit! Looking wonderful πŸ™‚

  • Oh the skirt is just lovely. And the outfit is divine. You’re just so darn pretty!


  • So cute and a perfect shoot for it too!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    You and Wil are such a great team!

  • My favorite part of your skirt, other than how adorable it is in that field, is the colored zipper : ) I’m also loving your red hair!

  • Ooh I don’t think I’ve seen those glasses yet, I love them on you! The outfit is just perfect for fall. That skirt is perfect in its simplicity… sometimes that’s best, anyway! I have a somewhat similar vintage cardigan (but with a collar), and I swear it gets more wear than the majority of my closet. And p.s. I think that hair color looks great on you, but I think you have a great face to pull off almost any color. πŸ˜‰

  • This is a gorgeous outfit for a chilly fall day!! I love the print of the skirt – those sort of colors/patterns just make my heart melt!! And 100% cashmere?!? What a find!

  • I adore this outfit! Makes me want to give dirndl skirts another go (I always worry about the frump factor, but clearly, I am mistaken, after seeing this post!!) Wonderful.

  • Such a lovely autumnal make AND shoot! And what is up with sneaking a contemporary car into a classics show? Not cool!

  • What a lovely outfit – love the skirts and cardy combo – very elegant!

  • Your lipstick ALWAYS looks so, soo, luscious. Wish I could achieve that against my black skin.

  • Beautiful outfit! Love the skirt, the colours are lovely. xx

  • OMG! You’re just so adorable! I love the outfit and your hair! I think red suits you perfectly! πŸ™‚ I love the skirt. I think I should try a lapped zipper too.

  • Your hair is looking great! Also I love your loafers

  • Cadi

    Perfect early fall outfit, love the dirndlI skirt! need to finish my Fall For Cotton dress, my sewing machine up and died last week, so it out me back a few days. Must get my shoulder back to the load, luckily I’m almost done!

  • Your outfit is super cute! The weather here has been wonky of late. It was actually cold today and Friday, but I’m sure tomorrow it’ll be back to the summer-like conditions it was.
    I am about…. 85% finished with my blouse, and 90% finished with my trousers. I should finish both tonight, and I’ll hopefully photograph and blog em tomorrow! So excited to see your outfits =D

  • Lovely outfit! I know how you feel about that sweater. I have a thrifted navy blue light wool sweater that I love to death. I have my fall for cotton dress done, but I haven’t taken the pics yet. I’m waiting for the weather to brighten up a bit.