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Stress Sewing


This weekend has been pretty stressful. Wil and I tried updating the look of my blog with my new branding elements, but things are not going as planned. The images look obnoxiously large in some screen resolutions, and too small in others. Then when we try to make changes, something breaks. I’m looking for a new web template that’s responsive so everyone will see the same thing when they visit, but there aren’t many that have everything I want.

All of that web crap is completely trivial though considering my mom was hospitalized this weekend due to an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. She’s so lucky she was within 10 minutes of a hospital when it happened, and her boyfriend knew to take her to the ER when she complained of tongue swelling and tightness in her chest. No one knew my mom was allergic to bees. Luckily she made it to the hospital in time and she’s okay, but she has to carry an EpiPen with her now where ever she goes. Not good.

Today I’m forcing myself to work on my Fall For Cotton muslin to keep my mind of stuff. Yesterday was the official day to start sewing, but obviously I had other things to worry about.


I really just want to skip the boring pants for today and sew something super fun with some bright happy prints, but I can’t think of anything to sew. I suppose that’s a good thing since I should be focusing on what I need to be sewing, and not what I want to be sewing. Plus, having to trace out another pattern definitely doesn’t appeal to me right now, so I’m glad my trouser pattern was already pre-cut and set to go.


Of course, there’s always the option of dropping everything and snuggling with my furry kids instead.


Yeah that sounds pretty nice right about now.


What do you do when  you’re stressed?



  • Oh dear I had no idea that happened to your mom, how scary! I’m so glad she’s okay and at least she found out so she can be prepared in the future. Thank goodness it all worked out!!

    I admit when I’m really stressed I can’t sew — I knit. I work on something really mindless and relaxing, like an easy pair of stockinette socks (with self-striping yarn so at least it’s fun to look at). It’s like getting any pent-up anger or nervousness out on the teensy little stitches. 🙂

  • The website looks amazing, so you must have sorted everything out! And I’m so glad to hear that your mom is OK– how scary! To be honest, I haven’t gotten any sewing done this week because I’ve been kind of stressed and sad (nothing major, just started a new job that’s kinda lame) so I’ve been spending my time at home cuddling my dogs!

  • So sorry things are going rough for you and terribly sorry to hear about your mum. Glad she’s okay… and don’t worry about your site too much’ I’m sure everything will work out in the end.

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  • I had major dental work done today so I’m spazzy because of the epinephrin they put in the Novocain to make it more effective. I’ve taken a nap but no furry kids would sleep with me, so now I’m mopping as many floors as I can before I hopefully drop into a restful sleep. I would LOVE to sew but can’t concentrate so much. One good cry, a decent nights sleep and my first muslin will be done : )

  • So sorry you’ve had so much stress recently. Sending positive thoughts your way. When I’m feeling too stressed out to sew well, I usually knit instead. It’s more meditative for me and less likely to cause major frustrations or freakouts.

  • I drop everything and snuggle 🙂 Or read blogs…

    Sorry to hear about your mom, but I’m glad she was nearby, and at least she knows what to do in the future!

  • Oh, Rochelle, I’m sorry about your mom, but I’m glad she’s OK! I always find getting out and taking a walk helps me. Oxford, my pup, loves it so much that it usually cheers me up too. Plus, walking is good for stimulating your creativity, which is good for sewing mojo.

    I’m loving the new design elements I’m seeing today on your site! I especially like your new bio picture on the right. I hope the weekend improved!

  • I get super tempted to drop everything and snuggle with the fur babies too! Yesterday I gave in and snuggled with the dog and husband.. BUT i tried to hand stitch something so I felt productive LOL.. Btw, glad your mom is okay!

  • I hope your mom is OK now. Cuddling with your furry friends (and may be not so furry too ;-)) will definitely help. Also, I’m absolutely in love with that flamingo fabric!! I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with it.

  • Wow, I’m so glad your mom is okay!! I have to admit, I can’t usually sew when I’m super stressed. I tend to make huge mistakes and get even more stressed and frustrated and it usually ends in tears! So I say snuggle with the furry ones and take care of yourself! Also, the new blog design looks LOVELY.

  • EEK. lucky mom! you could cross stitch a colorful little bee warning for her instead of working on boring pants.

    your site is looking absolutely glorious.

  • I’m sorry to hear of all the stress, but thankfully your mother got to the ER and now has a solution to carry with her. Your blog looks lovely on my computer as well. As for stress relief, I confess to watching something I’ve taped or can stream. There’s something to getting lost in a story for a while that relaxes me. And there’s a little dog who sits with me that’s pretty comforting, too! Hope all your stress melts away very soon.

  • msawesomegirl

    Glad your mom is ok. Best of luck!

  • I’m sorry to hear about your mum! Take care!

  • Rochelle, I’m so sorry about your mum. I’m glad that she’s fine but becoming suddenly allergic can be very stressful (been there). At least she will always carry her EpiPen with her.

    Don’t worry too much about the site design. You’re too stressed out now, but you’ll see that after the storm you’ll see things more clearly and everything will fall in place.

    When I’m stressed I knit ad infinitum while watching a TV show I enjoy (Dr. Who, Firefly, Castle, Gilmore girls, Desperate Housewives, … ). I started knitting years ago to relieve my stress at work and my new stress after developing some food allergies. I have to say that it helped me a lot.

    Take care, darling. I hope you can relax and be in nice shape soon. X

  • Dear Rochelle, I am so tremendously sorry that your mom had to endure such a horrendous experience. I almost lost in my life in 2010 due to an anaphylactic response to the contrast dye used for a CT scan, and know firsthand how frightening it is. I hope with all my heart that she never has to experience that again.

    Healing wishes to your sweet mother,
    ♥ Jessica

  • Pat

    My stress relievers follow the hurricane categories. A CAT 3 stressor would require a cup of tea and some reading time. A CAT 4 requires flour and yeast. Nothing like kneading bread dough to wipe out stress. A CAT 5 is a vigorous detailed cleaning of the house. My daughter is allergic to fire ants. She has to carry an Epi pen too. I’m grateful there is something to save her life and look at the Epi pen as a very good thing.

  • Dog snuggles or hikes! Or icewine….. Glad to hear your mom is okay!

  • your blog is looking gorgeous on my screen!! 🙂 I’m glad your mommy is ok–how scary! I wouldn’t say I’m stressed right now, maybe the opposite? Cause I’m unmotivated and feeling lousy. So… I laid in bed with the dog and watched anime. Gonna go for a run later and hope to have a more productive evening… I try not to force sewing on myself. Sew when it’s fun, and rest when your body is telling you it needs a break. Sometimes getting some sun and exercise is a great stress buster for me. Anywho, hope you find respite from the stressful week.

  • I like your new blog-look, but I do miss Lucille’s picture!

  • I love the new blog design! 🙂

  • I have to say, your new blog design looks lovely! I am so sorry you are having so much trouble with it. One saying that I think could help you right now is one that my sister has used a few times with me. It goes something like: “Everything will turn out right in the end. If it’s not right, then it’s not the end.”
    Hmmm… What do I do when I’m stressed… Well, thankfully I have two sisters to talk to, and that’s pretty much what I do when I am stressed out, TALK TALK TALK!!! I basically unload it all. Probably not so nice to the recipients of what I’m saying, but I just have to share with someone who can help me get over the stress by pointing out that it isn’t as bad as I see it.
    You’ll get through it. And everything will be right in the end. 🙂

  • Wow, how how totally scary and incredibly lucky for you all!

  • When I’m really, really stressed you can find me scrubbing the shower! Nothing like hard water build up to take my frustration out on.

    I WAS planning on making up a muslin of my Fall for Cotton today, but I think I’m going to put that off until tomorrow. Sewing my boys some Star Trek and Super Hero Comics ties is what I think I’ll do instead.

    What a tease you are to show those delightful prints! Now I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for a project to magically appear one day featuring them. :o)

  • Glad to hear your mum was ok, though it sucks having the knowledge of such a severe allergy. My boyfriend had a sudden reaction to some mystery ingredient in our meal a few months ago- he was bright red from head to waist and struggling to breathe, and had to have an ambulance ride. We never did figure out what caused it, and the hospital never even offered to send him for allergy tests. The only thing that I’ve possibly narrowed it down to is sulphur dioxide (used as a preservative) as he also had a much milder reaction after eating raisin bread (dried fruit often has sulphur dioxide added) on an empty stomach. I’m now constantly nervous when he eats anything new in case it triggers a reaction.

    My main stress reaction is to clean. Very odd as I have such an aversion to it normally lol. I find the brisk physical activity helps work out some of the stress. I don’t trust myself to sew when I’m distracted like that, but a good book usually helps. I do miss having dogs around the place. Long walks with the fur babies are amazing therapy, but we’re not allowed them in our current house.

  • Oh, I hope you can fix the problem. It looks fine on my computer. (granted I don’t know the resolution size)
    When I’m stressed I usually read a book, and listen to instrumental music. If I’m fretting about something, I’l bust out a simple, non taxing craft to take my mind off of it.
    Or, I’ll pet my dog for a while.

  • Oh man, I feel ya! I posted today about dealing with stress, and yes, the answer is sew fun things! Hence making a whole fall wardobe in one week – that was some serious stress-management there! I think think you should make a cutsy cotton print gathered skirt, like the lovely yellow flower one you were wearing when we met. Mindless, failproof, and fun! You deserve a mental break, and I don’t think powering through sewalong sewing will do it! 🙂

  • I am also stress sewing today due to problems with my Mom. Sewing was the only thing I wanted to do today, although I did spend some quality time this morning with a book and my kitty. If the pattern hadn’t already been cut out, that may have been too stressful to deal with. I guess maybe we should always have a pattern cut out, huh? That, or something fun to sew.

  • So sorry to hear about your mom. I will be praying for you all. I am a respiratory therapist, and you can develop allergies, new ones, at any point in your life. My uncle went years not being allergic to bee stings and he had a similar thing happen a few years ago. Of course he lives in Vermont, so maybe it’s the bees there 😉 Praying for your peace of mind.

  • Terry

    Snuggling with my furry kids is ALWAYS my first option. lol. Sorry for your stressors, hope you recover soon. Love that fabric, btw! I have a bunch of vintage prints that I love, but every time I think of making something, I quail; cut into it? What if I ruin it?? So I admire it as fabric and wait until a brilliant irresistible idea for it comes along.