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So far, November has been the month where Lucky Lucille actually feels like my full time job and not just a creative outlet. It’s been a slightly stressful transition, but obviously I’m so thankful for that stress.


This month I’m happy to be partnering up with Judy, at Vintage4me2, again for a big birthday giveaway in the coming weeks! To kick off the giveaway, I’ll be sharing my version of Du Barry 5777 from 1943. I think it’s the “Perfect Pattern” for my birthday dress (ha ha!). Judy also sent me A TON of 40’s pattern catalogs to convert to digital downloads for you! Judy is seriously the best.


I’m also insanely excited (emphasis on insanely excited) to be partnering up with Victory Optical! I can’t wait to tell you all about their frames, and the story of their company.


To showcase my latest Spoonflower fabric design, I’m working on a few sewing project tutorials! (And yes, that headband pattern is still in the works. Turns out I have a lot to learn with Illustrator. Ack!!) I was hoping Spoonflower would have worked out their new, more vibrant printing process at this point (I’m not 100% happy with the tone of the red right now) but both colorways are officially up for sale. This Victory design is closely based on an actual wartime 40’s propaganda print that I saw in a book. I have a whole back story to share about the origin of the fabric when I share my version of the original skirt!


In other exciting news, I’m appearing in the November/December issue of Generation Q magazine! The feature is all about vintage sewing and I’ll be giving away a copy to two lucky readers!

Have you seen Tasha’s debut knitting pattern yet? It’s absolutely gorgeous and I am so honored to be modeling it. I can’t wait to share more photos from the shoot! I bought the pattern so when I finally step up my knitting game I can make one for myself.


For those who are new to colorwork projects, Tasha will be doing a step-by-step post series for you during the Knit For Victory knit-along. I’m still pondering what I’m going to knit for the challenge.

Outside of the blogging world, I’m taking a pattern drafting class at my local college and I love it!! But it’s definitely not easy to build flat patterns from scratch. I mean, I knew it wasn’t easy, but wow. It’s. Not. Easy. I have my first attempt at a sloper sewn together so now I just need to perfect it before I can use it towards my final project design.

What are you working on right now?


  • These are all so exciting! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see more!

  • Lady, do you get any time for sleep?!!! You are amazing with all your projects and are totally getting famous! So excited for you right now πŸ™‚

  • Nadine

    Thanks again for this lovely fabric πŸ™‚
    I guess I am ready to order in a week or two <3

  • I’ve got the pattern and will knit as part of the Knit along but hope to do a sweater too.

  • chevy49girl

    Another November baby here! I am so surprised Victory Optical is not here in Austin! πŸ™

  • oooh Victory Optical!!! I’m looking for some new glasses too and I love their designs. So November is your birthday month? Yippeee!!!

  • Yay! So many wonderful things happening! So happy for you! Enjoy it all and congrats!! xox

  • So many wonderfully exciting things in the works! I can’t wait to hear more about those frames. As a fellow spectacle wearing vintage lass, it’s always great to know where to turn for old school inspired glasses.

    Tons of hugs & happy Friday wishes,
    β™₯ Jessica

  • Busy, busy lady! πŸ™‚

  • You have been a busy lady! Great looking knit beret! Congrats on the magazine article! ~Laurie

  • I actually bought, and just received, some of your fabric : ) Because of their “printing issues” I got a coupon for a free yard so I may have to get the blue! I can’t WAIT to make something out of it and when I had it out on the kitchen table Jim looked at it and said “Oh that’s fun, they put the morse code version of a V in the V design.” I looked at him and he started humming the 1812 overture, “That’s how I always remembered what the V was, it’s the first part of the 1812 overture.” Ahhh….(see lightbulb come on over head). I think I’m going to have to design something knit-wear-like to go with your Victory fabric design which should be interesting for a newbie knitter. What the heck, if sewalongs and knitalongs can’t push you to try new stuff then what will??!

  • I cannot believe a size 12 was a 30 inch bust. Wow! I love your blog and designs. I missed the 40s by six months. I shared your blog about the train museum on FB with my family. Thanks. I will be looking for Generation Q Magazine. Shari

  • What a blessing to be so busy with things that you love! I can’t wait to see your birthday dress, and I seriously need to learn to knit. But I’m most excited to see what you’re working on with Victory Optical. As someone who has worn glasses since I was in elementary school, I love adding cute frames to my wardrobe. And I love the new spoonflower prints as well. Hope you all are staying warm up there!

  • Am also in the game of teaching myself illustrator. It’s really hard! Well I should say that there are certain things that are not hard but I don’t need to do any if those things. I really want to be able to take a dress pattern that I made and digitize it but I’m beginning to wonder if I should just look into a professional grader. I love flat patterning and pattern drafting and I think that drafting in illustrator would be easier than trying to digitize an existing pattern. Plus among all of this I’m trying to teach myself grading. It’s very frustrating, but exciting, but frustrating. Then there’s the whole full time job thing and second job on top of that but whatever. Details right?

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  • I love your life! Seriously! You have so many exciting projects coming up and I can’t wait to read more about them πŸ™‚

    And I like my new banner, thank you! xoxox

  • Holy crow you are one busy lady! Can’t wait to see those digital downloads- and your spoonflower design looks fabulous!

    – Laurie