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Butterick Fashion News – April 1943

Free Download - 16 page PDF and eBook - Butterick Fashion News April 1943

Another free download for you! This issue of Butterick Fashion News contains sixteen pages of beautiful illustrations of the latest sewing patterns available in April 1943. There are some seriously gorgeous styles in this one!

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Please feel free to link to this page, pin this page, or send your friends here. Please do not redistribute, re-post, or sell these downloads (in whole or part) anywhere else. I have made it available FREE for you here on Lucky Lucille!


If you appreciate these little peeks into Fashion/Sewing history as much as I do, buy me a cuppa’ coffee to say thanks! Only if you want to, of course πŸ˜‰



To open the eBook you must click the download button from an iPad or iPhone, in Safari browser, with iBooks installed. A new browser window will open and will appear blank for several seconds. It’s a pretty large file so the screen will look as if nothing is happening as the file loads, but soon you will be prompted to open the eBook in iBooks or a similar application, from that browser window.


The PDF should open on any computer, tablet, and/or browser, but may take a little while to load. Again, the images are large. When the browser window opens, click the icon in the top toolbar (second icon in from the far right) to download and save the PDF.

Happy Reading!

  • Deb Spharler

    Outstanding! You have just given me inspiration to make something from the patterns I inherited from my Great Aunt Anna. I was thinking of selling them but now I have the whole box out and am trying to decide what to make first!! I have Simplicity, Hollywood Patterns, The New McCall Patterns, Woman’s Home Companion Patterns, Pictorial Preview Patterns, duBarry Patterns, and much more. Fun to see than they sold for 10 cents or a quarter. And the really great thing is that they are all in my size! Thank-you for sharing this and for your blog! — Deb

  • This is so great! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love drooling over the pages of a fab 40s mag.

  • Thank you for posting this! Very inspiring but I just wish I could click my fingers and they jumped off the page and into my wardrobe. One day maybe I’ll be good enough at sewing to make that nearly a reality.
    Rowena x

  • Great inspiration, thank you!

  • Lovely, thank you! Excellent inspiration for Sew for Victory, although I do find it hard to picture how the clothes would look on me, unfortunately I don’t have a skinny 40s figure!

    • Rochelle

      The skinny 40s figure has everything to do with the corseted undergarments that were popular at the time! πŸ˜‰

  • Hayley

    Thank you so much, I now want to make all of those gorgeous dresses and blouses though!

  • Thank you so much, those booklets really help me date clothing!

  • Katherine

    Thank you for yet another gorgeous vintage magazine. Hopefully, I have sent you enough for two cups of coffee! Enjoy x x x

    • Rochelle

      Thank you so much, Katherine! You are most generous πŸ™‚

  • You are so generous and kind, sweet Rochelle. Thank you very much for this awesome gift!

    β™₯ Jessica