Sew For Victory


March 15, 2014


It’s back! Sew For Victory returns for another awesome sewing challenge inspired by the 1940s.

If you’re new around here, or missed out on last year’s challenge, be sure to watch the 2013 project parade video for a general idea of what to expect. There are also a slew of fantastic photos and group discussions in the Flickr group to get you inspired!

-Sew For Victory is a non-competitive sewing challenge for anyone who’s ever wanted to try sewing a 1940s style. It doesn’t matter what your sewing skill level is, or how familiar you are with the era, you’re encouraged to join in!

-You are allowed to pick your own pattern and work at your own pace, so long as your pattern is 1940s* and your project is made specifically during Sew For Victory.

-*You can use any vintage sewing pattern, reproduction sewing pattern, or modern sewing pattern that helps you recreate your 1940s look.

-*Any WWII style or post war “New Look” style is appropriate for this challenge (some late 30s or very early 50s patterns may be used so long as the overall “feel” of the project is 40s).

-I will be posting tons of photos of appropriate fabrics and patterns for you to use so if you don’t know what a 1940s style really looks like, that’s okay!

-The Flickr group serves as our official Sew For Victory meeting place where we can all get together, introduce ourselves, and share our progress. Flickr is free to join and easy to sign up for, plus you control the privacy and rights to any photos you post there. Most importantly it’s a place to make new friends!

-All finished projects shared in the Flickr group will be featured in a final project video to wrap up the sew-along!

-Sew For Victory 2.0 kicks off today and runs through April 30th 2014. That gives you a few weeks to gather supplies and the entire month of April to sew.


This is just the official announcement to start spreading the word. I’ll be back on Monday with the first round of fabric and pattern inspiration, as well as a generous coupon code to use on patterns at Vintage4me2! In the meantime, join us in the official Flickr group and grab a button to display on your blog!

Sew For Victory Button – 300 px wide SFVbutton300

<a href="" target="_blank" alt="Sew For Victory">
<img src="">

Sew For Victory – 200 px wide SFVbutton200

<a href="" target="_blank" alt="Sew For Victory">
<img src="">

Did I mention there will be some awesome prizes given away at the end of the sew-along for those who completed their project? Yep!

I hope you’ll sew along with us!

Get your SFV patterns 20-30% off! More details: here


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    • Joan

      What is with all these spam comments? They are spam, right?

      • Rochelle

        These are called Track Backs – anyone who links to this page will have a track back show up here in the comments. It’s a way for everyone to be able to see everyone’s finished projects and accompanying blog posts about it.

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  • Quinn

    I am considering belatedly jumping in to do the Va-Voom bullet bra & Vera Venus french knickers. Your trouser thoughts look awesome!

  • Tina C.

    Man I love this sew along–I unfortunately can never manage to participate (April is the busiest month/season for me work wise… one month later and I’d be in!). However, I lurk and watch very eagerly from the sidelines for all the pretties to start rolling in!

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  • Bellis Winter

    Hello I’ve a problem to put the button “Sew for victory” on my blog, I’m the first ? You know I’m not really good with cumputers…

    • Rochelle

      I’m so sorry about that! They should be fixed now. :)

      • Bellis Winter

        thank you so much, I’ll try

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  • Camille

    In order to reinforce the french team, I’m in too !!!

    • Bellis Winter

      good Camille !!!!

  • Joanna

    Yea! I’m almost done with a 1940s blouse, so now I feel more confident to join in:)

  • Lizzie Lenard

    PS I’ve tried several zillion times to get the button on my blog. It’s just not working. Oh dear. At least the buttons on my 1940s blouse will be less trouble.
    Love, Muv

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  • Lizzie Lenard

    Hello Rochelle,
    I found out about the Sewalong earlier this week and have made a start. The first couple of pics have gone up on Flickr tonight… Can’t wait to see all the 1940s fabulousness.
    Love from England, Muv aka Lizzie Lenard

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  • Ista

    I’m going to join in, though not officially through Flickr. I don’t want yet another account & login (as i don’t use flickr for my photos)

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  • Deb Kessler

    I am a total newbie to this group but excited to be meeting other people who share in my love of vintage and in particular the late 30’s- early 40’s. My hubby and I say culturally we stop around 1946!
    Anyway, I have limited experience in sewing clothing- I like making accessory items and I quilt but somehow clothing is intimidating. Again though I have my new group here and my husband who is very skilled sewing clothes to help me adapt and adjust to the project. Not sure if I can manage to complete a skirt by the end of April but am going to try. I purchased a pattern the other evening from Wearing History.
    Thanks so much for organizing this,

    Deb Kessler

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  • Bellis Winter

    I was just a witness of your amazing creation last year !!! So this I’ll try to be one to them, if you accept a little french sewer…

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  • Martine D

    The first edition was fantastic ♥ I want to sew myself my very first vintage style shirt (I’m a beginner) and maybe participate ? The project is on my brand new blog if you want to have a quick look and tell me if it’s acceptable for this hallenge… Thanks in advance and cheers from FRANCE ((sorry for my bad ebglish…)

    • Juliette MIJEON

      Bonjour Martine D, nous serons donc (au moins) 2 Françaises à prendre part à ce sewalong! A bientôt 😉

      • Martine D

        Bonjour Juliette, on dirait oui 😉 Je t’envoie un mail…

        • Bellis Winter

          non non les filles nous sommes 4 il me semble car il y a Camille et moi-même qui nous nous lançons dans l’aventure !!!

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  • Heidi Sørli

    This is a bit scary, but I relly want to try to participate in this. I just ordered the “smooth sailing” pattern from Wearing History and will start with the blouse.

  • Chococat

    I found this sew along through another blog. I’d like to give it ago, but I don’t know if I have time for it. I just bought two cute 1940’s patterns recently and I’m eager to sew them; I hope I can make it work. :)

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  • Lyric

    Sew glad I found this and not too far off from joining in. Chuleenan, thanks to you to for introducing me to the best, my most favorite 1940’s blouse.



  • Lisette

    How did I miss this post?! I’m in!

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  • Gwen Gyldenege

    Really excited to join in on this fun! I’ve several 1940’s patterns that are just waiting in my queue, including a few from Eva Dress. Yippie! I’m thinking it’s time to sew a playsuit or even the rosie overalls. :)

  • aem2

    So… can it be something that was started before March 15? I have a dress that has been sitting in the UFO pile, and I’d love to use this as motivation to finish it.

    • Rochelle New

      Well since Make Do and Mend and being resourceful was a huge part of the 1940s lifestyle, especially during WWII, I’m going to say yes. Assuming it still needs quite a bit of work and not just a hem or something 😉

      • aem2

        Excellent. Yes, it needs a tonne of work, as in I probably have to unpick most of the seams. Ugh. Ironically, the hem was finished. Don’t ask. It’s a sad, sorry tale.

  • Shermette (@Shermy3000)

    Oooooh!!! I am hoping I have time to do one!!! Putting it at the top of my list!! Thanks for having such a wonderful activity!

  • Chickeys

    I’m SO excited for this! I’ve never sewn a 40s pattern before, but I just found one on eBay that I think is perfect. Now to dream up a fabric….

  • Amber

    Perfect! I was very sad when I found out about the first Sew For Victory because it’d been over for months. It just so happens I’ve got fabric and everything for a pattern I’ve not gotten around to sizing up and making. (Okay, no that’s a lie I traced it out to slash and spread only to discover apparently nothing sticks to parchment paper.)

  • Abigail

    I’m SO excited for this! :-)

  • Elisabete Santos

    My goodness!! This is so exciting. I really want to join in with you gals. But I never sewn anything before, but after reading this wonderful blog I started to look at vintage patterns… I really want to learn. I hope I have courage to join in!

    Miss Beta xx

    • Rochelle New

      You can learn and you’ll be in great company as you do so. There are many women joining in who are new to sewing and I’ll be posting pattern ideas suitable for all skill levels. You can do it! :)

      • Elisabete Santos

        That´s so exciting! Thank you to encourage me :-)

    • vintage4me2

      Miss Beta, I am Vintage4me2…We can help you find something that is perfect for your level.

      • Elisabete Santos

        Oh, I already have a pattern, a very simple skirt. But that’s wonderful, thank you so much! You have a dress there that I really love, but I not sure if I could get it on time… or even if I could sew it properly. But I like a good crafts challenge, it means that we can learn more :-)

  • Gina Kimmel

    This is my first “sew along” and I’m really excited. But, I do have a couple questions. Do we post pictures along the way (as we are sewing?) or just our finished garment?

    • Rochelle

      Hi Gina, I encourage everyone to post photos of their inspirations and pattern progress in the Flickr group. It’s great to watch everyone actually work through their projects and see the idea become a finished project! Plus, if you need help with fitting or something like that, you can post a photo and get help from the group. :)

  • misscrayolacreepy

    You know I’m in!!!!

  • Laurie

    Oh my goodness! I just started sewing one of two WWII era dresses yesterday! I found your blog because I’m on Wearing History’s fb page!

    • Rochelle

      Hi Laurie! Welcome :)

    • julie sanderson

      me too! i bought a pattern at the weekend then found the sew along today through wearing history

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  • Juliette MIJEON

    Hey! It so happens I have a 40s style sewing project planned in the near (come on Spoonflower, pleeeeeeaaaaaase send me my fabric so I can start quickly!) future. Not sure if I can finish it before April 30th, but still…you can count me in!

    • Rochelle

      Well I hope all works out and you can finish because I love seeing custom Spoonflower fabrics in action!

  • Anne W

    Fabulous! I’m most definitely in!!

  • Alice

    Oooh, I want to join! I’m abroad until April 23rd though so it depends on whether I can squeeze something out in that last week.

    • Rochelle

      Fingers crossed! :)

  • Sara

    Yay! I’ve been waiting very anxiously for this announcement. Super excited!

  • welmoed

    Yay, another Sew for Victory! I was too late to join up for the last one, so I’ll definitely join you now. Can’t wait to choose a pattern & fabric!

  • Stacia

    I’m nervous about this, but I really want to try!! Hopefully I can actually complete whatever I try to start!

    • Rochelle

      Aww don’t be nervous. We had lots of people who were new to sewing and 1940s styles last year so you’ll be in great company. Many women have already introduced themselves as “newbies” in the Flickr group :)

  • stgilbert

    I’d love to sew along! I’m currently working on a wearable muslin of the Decades of Style’s 1930’s Sweetheart Overalls and plan to do a version in linen. Can I use this pattern for Sew for Victory 2.0?

    • Rochelle

      You sure can, Sarah! Awesome pattern :)

  • Vintage4me2

    We had such fun being a part of this last year and are so happy to work with you guys again! Judy

  • Sarah

    Yay!!! I was hoping you were going to do it again this year, I’ve already got a idea of what I want to make I can’t wait to get started :)

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Super exciting!!! I so enjoyed seeing everyone’s stellar projects last year and will be cheering everyone on again (non-sewer that I am) from the sidelines this spring, too. Can’t wait!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Gina Kimmel

      Jessica, you should give it a try. Pick something simple. It’s the perfect chance to start learning to sew!

    • Rochelle

      I have to agree with Gina! It’s never too late to learn how to sew, and with your amazing eye for color and putting together an outfit, I know your creations would be incredible! xo

  • Lauren Flake

    This is just what I need to get out of my sewing funk!!! Awesome!

    • Rochelle

      You and me both 😉

  • Veronica lewis

    YEAH!!!!! SOOOO excited I could barely read the post before dashing for boxes of patterns…now what pattern and what material?????? HHHMMMMM!

  • Jeanette

    Looking forward to this, just got to decide between two patterns, and I love both so it is not going to be easy!

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  • melancholianostalgia

    I’m so excited, I’ve been waiting patiently for the next Sew For Victory ever since I found out about the previous one and the fall for cotton challenge which it was too late for to join!

  • tworandomwords

    Oh, brilliant – I’ve been wanting to make something proper 1940’s a for a while – just need to hunt out a pattern now

  • Anthea

    I’m in! Don’t know which pattern to use yet.

  • Cherise

    Oh yay! I already have an idea of what I would like to make and this sew-along gives me the perfect excuse to get to it :)

  • Stephanie


    What is the best way to work out what year a vintage pattern is? I have a few but cannot work out if they are 40’s or 50’s?

    • Rochelle

      Hi Stephanie, I have a chart for dating vintage patterns that I’ll be posting soon. Some patterns have a copyright date on them and some do not. Often times I just “know” by what the pattern looks like and the hairstyles of the models on the package etc. In the meantime you can try searching for the pattern on Vintage Pattern Wiki and see if you can find out some more information :)

      • Vintage4me2

        I also have a huge library of vintage catalogs and other goodies to help me date things. Here are a few easy guidelines. McCall is usually dated on the back of the envelopes. Also in 1951 they went from McCall to McCall’s so that is a quick way to know if it is from the 1950s or later.

        Simplicity dated their patterns on the bottom of the instruction sheet. There were a few years where they did not date them but mostly you can find in on the “Primer” (instructions). The early 40s and later 1930s sometimes had a copyright on the bottom front of the envelope.

        Butterick, Advance, Hollywood and Vogue are usually not dated unless they have a date stamp on the back from when they were sold. I have lots of info on those if you need help dating any of these. We are happy to check on it for you

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for this Rochelle.. will keep an eye out for your post.


  • subversivereader

    Oh! I’m so excited about this – now to hunt out the perfect pattern and fabric :)

  • Carla

    I’m so so so excited I get to participate in this! I just gotta narrow down what outfit I’ll make now.

  • Loran

    I will be there : )

  • melissaormonde

    Yay! I was just telling Erin how excited I was for the next Sew For Victory! I’ve never participated before (I didn’t find out about the last one in time), but I recently found a great 1940s pattern I can’t wait to try out!