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My mom is in town this week and I’m super excited because we’ve been talking about sewing together for a long time now. So today, that’s what we’re doing! I grew up with a sewing machine in my house and was the lucky kid who had an awesome handmade Halloween costume every year. I was much too scared of the sewing machine when I was little, so I didn’t truly learn to sew until I took Home Ec in high school, but I did spend a great deal of time as a young’n standing next to my mom and watching her sew.


Now it’s my turn to show her a thing or two! We decided to make a sleeveless version of the Airelle Blouse by Deer and Doe Patterns. It’s a simple pullover style blouse with a cute collar, and my mom and I both agreed we needed one.


I taught my mom how to trace a pattern so we could each sew our respective size and save the original copy.


I picked a multicolor floral print by Denyse Schmidt and my mom picked a coral and yellow paisley cotton (both from Jo-Ann Fabrics).



We’re taking a break now, (a seamstress needs to eat after-all) but we’ll keep on sewing and will be back soon with photos of our finished shirts! I can’t wait!


Oh, and of course I’ve been working on my Sew For Victory projects. In fact, I finished a beautiful pair of silk/rayon blend pants but they ended up much too big so I gave them to my mom (who was super happy about that and hopes I make the same size mistake a second time). Sorry mom, I don’t plan to 😉


In order to avoid that size mistake a second time, I bought some inexpensive cotton twill on sale at Jo-Ann’s so I could test the fit on a fabric with no drape or stretch. I decided against the Vogue Pattern I originally planned on because the fly is actually a mock fly, and therefore attached, and therefore it’s impossible to use a serger to finish that edge. I ultimately bought the Marlene Trousers from Burda Style and really like the pattern so far even though the pockets made me spend a good deal of time scratching my head. Burda instructions are definitely for experienced sewers who don’t need illustrations to work from. Experience or no, I still need pictures!

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in quickly to say YES I have in fact been sewing and will have finished projects to show you soon 😉

Hooray for mother/daughter sewing!



  • I sew with my daughters – ages 12 and 14. Today they have invited a friend over so they can learn how to make a simple blouse. We will be making a 1960s Simplicity that has 4 main pieces but I think it will be a good place to start. I’m so excited and hope it fosters a love for sewing that will last them for years to come.

    I am glad you had time to sew with with your mom. These times are so special. And as an aside, I really like your fabric choice!

  • How wonderful! I grew up watching my mother sew and of course I learned to sew and my mother and I loved to go fabric shopping together but we never sewed together. It just never occurred to either of us.

  • I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see y’alls finished tops!

  • It must be so fun, sewing with your mum. That paisley is so pretty. I have a weakness for paisley 🙂
    And I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who cannot fully comprehend Burda’s written instructions. I need pictures 🙂

  • Is this one of your 12 patterns? Or is it a mini cheat since it’s a mother daughter project? Either way, this sounds like so much fun! I think my mom would love doing something like this with me.

  • Sounds like a great day, looking foreward to hear more of your mother/daughter day of sewing.
    Love Lis

  • Lovely, Though I wouldn’t sew with my own mother I dream of the day when I am doing some mother daughter sewing with my own daughters.


  • Jane

    lovely post and really like both your choice of fabrics

  • Mother teaches daughter and now daughter teaches Mother. The circle of life.

  • This is such a good idea! What a lovely (and creative!) way to spend time together. And that Deer and Doe pattern is gorgeous!

  • stgilbert

    OH, how fun!!! I am looking forward to seeing your finished blouses 🙂 Not to mention your new pants!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    So awesome that you two get to do this together! I can’t wait to see the finished photos. I also just realized that I don’t even know what she looks like!

  • How cute! Have fun together! 🙂

  • Oh yay for mom-daughter sewing time! My mom also sewed a ton when I was a kid (and made us–all 4 of us!–awesome Halloween costumes every year) but has had shitty sewing machines for sooo long. She finally bought herself a beautiful new Pfaff this winter and I am so excited because now we can sew together! It’s so much fun! Have a lovely visit and sewing session!

  • There is something so heartwarmingly, endearingly sweet about that fact that things have come full circle on the sewing front with you and your mom. You learned some of your skills from watching her and now you’re teaching her cool new things (like pattern tracing). Awww! I hope you two had a blast working on your projects.

    ♥ Jessica

  • I love sewing with my family! It doesn’t happen often but it is nice. That is too bad about your muslin but at least it will get used. I’m sad that you’re not using the Vogue because it is pretty high up on my to-sew list! What does a mock fly mean?

    • Never mind I just looked it up! I guess I’ll be converting them to a side or back zip. Sigh.

      • Rochelle

        Unfortunately you can’t do that. Trust me, I tried! I attempted to just cut the fly off and sew them with a side zip but it didn’t work. The pieces at the crotch wouldn’t fit together. It was a mess 🙁

  • I’ve never made anything from Burda – not-included seam allowances and what I read about the instructions are a bit daunting to me. As for Sew For Victory, I’m still working on my muslin…hope I’ll be fast enough to finish before April 30th!

  • My mother doesn’t sew, she hasn’t learned and she is so shy that she doesn’t want I show her… I think its a great moment to share with you mum !

  • How fun! I need to schedule a sewing day with my mom one of these days.

  • From what I’ve seen so far, these are going to look darn cute! Happy sewing you two!

  • This is so cool! I would love to do this with my mom some day. She hasn’t sewn anything for herself since she was in college.

  • Hooray, indeed. It sounds like a nice way to spend time together. 🙂

  • Looking forward to seeing your makes! (for the vogue trousers, could you serge that piece before you sew the seams up?). The Marlene trousers look good, I just made a pair of Burdastyle trousers and I found the same as you say about the instructions. I needed a muslin to work out how to piece it together, and where and how to finish off the seams/edges!

  • That sounds familiar. We always had the best costumes because my mom was awesome at sewing! Everytime my Mom comes to visit I put her to work sewing slipcovers. I’ve got 4 lovely dining room chairs and lovely chaise now. 🙂 Maybe next time we will sew something together.

  • Hooray : )