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Lichen Beret


After I knit two successful hats with the help of online video courses (here and here), I decided to set out on my own and work through my first knitting project using only the pattern. Well, I had to utilize YouTube once to learn how to do a “M1” but after that it was smooth sailing! I’ve well and fully caught “the knitting bug” and I don’t ever want to get better.


With each new thing I knit I realize that knitting is only 10% hobby and 90% magical string sorcery passed down through generations of wool wizards. It’s truly incredible to me that you can take two sticks and a piece of string and tangle them up in such a way that it makes a thing that you can wear. It’s fascinating! They should call them knitting wands, not needles.


Right now I’m really enjoying the magical string art that is Beret Knitting. As in, I only want to knit berets! Hats are perfect for me because I don’t have the largest attention span and I’m constantly wanting to start new projects (I’m like this with sewing too). I know with time I’ll learn to appreciate the temporal investment of knitting larger projects, but right now I’m in that super excited “MUST KNIT ALL THE THINGS!!!” phase. I can’t help it.


So this particular pattern is the Lichen Beret by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. I picked it because I really enjoyed learning lace techniques with my last project and wanted to build on that skill. The half lace, half regular stitch pattern makes this beret a very fast make and perfect for those needing to knit all the things like me. I made a noticeable mistake in the lace pattern in one spot but decided to leave it be as a reminder that I’m still learning. Speaking of reminders, I need to remember to pick much lighter yarn colors because I have small furry children who constantly need to be on me, hence the dog hairs that now live on my Lichen. Adds character, right?


I used a Knit Picks yarn that was given to me by a relative with an overflowing stash, and I think the yarn is pretty old since I can’t find the color on the site. It’s 100% Peruvian wool of the Andes in a worsted weight, and the color (though probably discontinued) is called Stream. I used one whole skein and a bit of a second to finish the decreases and make the pom pom. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a contrasting colored pom pom, or no pom pom at all so I just attached it with a safety pin and wear it as the mood suits.


I love berets because they have a recognizable vintage vibe (definitely gives my outfit more of a 30s look which I love) and are really fun to wet block. This was my first full-on wet blocked project (my other two were just quickly steamed into shape) and I think I picked the perfect plate for the task. So sunny and fun!


Well, I think that’s all I have to say about Lichen. Now for some silly photos…



I’m really shy in real life but a serious ham to those who know me well. Wil and I spend 70% percent of our photoshoot adventures just laughing at me being awkward and ridiculous. Most of the time it’s on purpose 😉


I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day! Today we honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving their country, and as a WWII reenactor, I respect this day very much.

We also tend to think of today as the first unofficial kick-off of summer so that’s pretty great too 😉

Are you knitting any magical things lately?


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  • Oh my goodness you’re making me want to knit all of the things! Especially that hat, how adorables is that beret?! Unfortunately, I perhaps have a shorter attention span than you and have never managed to actually make anything larger than a test square (it was a glasses cleaner damn it!), but you (and everyone else in the blogosphere knitting up a storm) are tempting back in to trying again. Sadly, I hear you on the dog hair front, the wolf is in full moult and I’m coughing up hairballs most mornings as a result. I also take half of him to work with me every morning and shed all over the office, it’s getting a little ridiculous.

  • misscrayolacreepy

    Bottom photo on the right is my all time fave of yours! hahaha!!! I may try to recreate it in our twinnie beret post hahah

  • Knitting Wands…YES!!! Well, I use a Crochet Wand, but still similar. :o)

  • Jennifer

    Love your beret! I, too, am addicted to knitting them (working on one right now). I also totally agree with “knitting wands”. Taking flat fabric and making clothes is one thing (I do love it!) but, taking a piece of yarn and making clothes… definitely magic!

  • Theodora

    Ah, berets. They seriously rule, I am such a fan of them too. Knitting them to match fave jumpers is so satisfying! You’re hats are gorgeous, way beyond beginner already. I hope you continue to LOVE knitting, even as you get more skills. I’m knitting a ‘Suspender Blouse’ at the moment.

  • Deb Kessler

    Love the beret but alas, am not a “knitter”. I love the top you have on in the photos. Did you make that? Do you plan to be at the Reading Airshow?


    • Hi Deb, this top I didn’t make. It was actually a second hand dress that I cut into a shirt! I was looking forward to Reading this year since it’s one of my favorite reenactments, but Lucille is scheduled for surgery that Monday so we’ve decided to stay home with her instead.

      • Deb Kessler

        What a fabulous idea- to “repurpose” a dress that way. I have learned so much since joining the group here. Always on the look out for vintage or vintage inspired clothing but never would have considered that. Thanks for the tip!

        Sorry to hear that Lucille needs surgery. I was hoping to see you at Reading.


  • I’ve caught the knitting bug too! I’m currently knitting bunny slippers and a mustard owl cardigan. That hat looks fabulous! I know exactly what you mean about the wool wizards! I finished my first cardigan last year and just stared at it in awe because how can a pile of string turn into that?!

  • If you want knitting wands you should invest in some Brittany Birch needles…they actually look like wands, plus Beeyootiful to knit with! Excellent job on the beret!

    • Ooo I just looked them up and you’re right! They look magical! …I need some.

  • The beret is beautiful and it looks great on you. These pics are so nice and you look adorable hamming it up. 🙂

  • No, I’m not knitting any magical things right now. In fact, I think I must be completely immune to the knitting bug… and that makes me sad. Especially when I see gorgeous knitty things like this! It’s beautiful 🙂

  • Adorable! I have the same knitting/crochet bug! My only hat, so far was a crochet beret. Super fun! I am now knitting a bikini. Finding you on ravelry!

  • stgilbert

    KNITTING WANDS! Yes!! I am so glad that you have well and truly caught the knitting bug! I know you’ve worked so hard to get to this point 🙂 I love, love the beret and your whole outfit makes me sing! That top is amazing!!

    I am knitting a sunny yellow cardigan with a crochet white peter pan collar. Happiness!

  • Knitting wands – I love that!
    I have not yet tried to knit a hat. But I am nearing the end of my 2nd cardigan at the moment, and I love it. The whole process always seems magical, and that is neat.

  • You are so cute. This whole post made me laugh. I agree, knitting is actually magic. I don’t have the patience for it but I wish I did. Your beret turned out great!

  • Knitting wands, perfect!! I love your beret, it’s the perfect size and such a pretty colour.

  • I’m knitting a 1940’s simple cardigan. But I’ve been going in slow motion since the weather has gotten nice. Love your new beret, the colour suits you!

  • Beret: adorable. Outfit: super adorable. Did you make the blouse, too? 🙂

  • Your beret looks lovely! Knitting is so addictive. =) I’m also amazed by how magical it is…with almost every project, I come to a point where I think, I don’t know exactly how this is working but I’m sure glad that it is!

  • Hayley

    Glad you’ve caught the knitting bug, but beware because it does take over your life!! Love the beret, and can’t believe you’ve only recently started knitting!!