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planning the rodeo gal shirt



I’m currently working on a muslin version of the 1940s Rodeo Gal shirt by Decades of Style, which was originally released by the McCall pattern company in 1946. I love having reproduction patterns like this available because it includes nine sizes in one, which means no pattern grading necessary! The pattern has also been simplified just a bit from the 1940s original which I don’t mind either.


I have two fabrics in my stash right now that I’m considering for the final version of this shirt but I can’t decided which one to use! Eventually I will use both, but I’m leaning towards the acorns right now. I stumbled upon this Kate & Birdie Paper Co print at Fabric Worm and I fell in love with it. It’s a relatively subtle print (for me anyway!) and I think it would look great paired with a taupe colored solid cotton.


After another buttonhole foot fiasco recently, I’ve decided to take a break from them and try shirt snaps instead. I read some good reviews about the SnapSetter so I bought the tool and few varieties of snaps to test out. Hopefully they work! I’ll share a review/tutorial if I really like the SnapSetter system.


I’ve also been browsing my own little library of old magazines and catalogs for more western wear inspiration! I’m a nerd like that. Once I get interested in something I just have to know as much about it as I can, even if it’s just a certain style of shirt. I’m sure Fashion Historians can relate.

In other coincidental news, Wil and I almost moved into a Saloon House…

This AMAZING house near Ellicottville, NY was originally built as a resort/vacation destination type seasonal rental but the owner was looking to stop the weekend rentals and take on long term tenants. I instantly fell in love with its quirky charm and jaw-droppingly beautiful vintage clad interior, but it had one gigantic downside: no yard. Lucille is my baby so a proper patch of grass for her to enjoy is an absolute must have, but this place just didn’t have it. In the owner’s defense, he’s made a living off pouring and making concrete so I can’t blame him for trading a green yard for one he can pour and never have to mow. I will forever wonder what it would have been like to live in a Saloon though…

I’ll be back soon with a test run of the 1940s Rodeo Gal! Wish me luck ;)



  • Jessica Cangiano

    Good luck, honey! This pattern is, in cowboy/girl parlance, pretty rootin’, tootin’ fabulous and I can already picture how great the finished shirt is going to look.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Lyncat

    I love the snap setter. I’ve used it for years!

  • stgilbert

    I am so happy you’re making this shirt! It’s going to be glorious on you! Hooray for pearl snaps!!

  • Leather Lace & Turquoise

    Can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Victoria

    I’m interested to hear how the snap setter is, I usually use a spool of thread, a scrap of fabric and a hammer. It usually wind up with one or two put on crooked or cracked.

  • Shanniloves

    Would love to know how you like the SnapSetter. I bought one at Joann’s, can’t remember the brand, and it is crap.

  • Honora

    I love the acorn print. Are you planning on using both? They would be great together. Some embroidery , or embroidered patches on the front would be adorable too. You always make amazing things! I really look for ward to seeing the finished project!

  • Mel

    Can’t wait to see it. The pattern is so so cute, I think I need it, too!!

  • Corey Y

    are you going to embroider the front and back yokes? I think that really takes these to the next level. I have some from Aunt Martha’s that are flowers spaced perfectly for the shaped back yoke.

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