In Three Things

Three Things v.2

I did a post like this back in July, and I think it’s nice to do a mini round-up of things that are inspiring me, or I’m really loving lately. So here are three photos I’ve taken sprinkled amongst other things of three…


(yarn: quince&co Lark in color Belize)

Three projects I’m working on nowBruyere by Deer and Doe, Simplicity 1371 by Cynthia Rowley, and this cute cabled hat taught in the class Explorations in Cables.

Three blog posts I love – Erin’s post about our California Meet-up, Gillian’s post about selfish sewing, and this thought provoking post by the New York Times about when blogging becomes a slog.

Three songs stuck in my headNorth Side Gal by J.D. McPherson, La La Blues by Pokey LaFarge, and Fist City by Loretta Lynn

Three shows I’m watching – Outlander, Call The Midwife Season 3, and Sleepy Hollow Season 2


(fabrics purchased at A Verb For Keeping Warm and Stonemountain & Daughter during my trip to California)

Three fabrics I bought (shown above) – Some cozy yellow flannel, a whimsical Japanese linen blend, and a cute country border print by French General.

Three items on my wishlist -These boots, this sweater, this adorable fox belt.

Three things I’m learning from – Gertie’s new book: Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, Bonnie Christine’s class: Design Surface Patterns From Scratch, and this great resource on pants fitting via Cation Designs.


(a page from Gertie’s new book)

What are some of your “three things” lately?


  • Ami Lowden

    I love this idea for a post so much! So nice to see glimpses into other peoples creative brains as well as completed projects! I love that yarn! Also is there a pattern for that tunic on the page of Gertie’s book- its utterly adorable! Three things in my life at the moment are: Deer and Doe Chardon, peach hot air balloon pjs and a faux fur coat 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 There isn’t a pattern for that tunic in her book but I wish there was because its so adorable!! Perhaps you need to make it your next pattern? 😉 😉

  • I am reading gerties better book for sewing and learning so many new things, I am thinking about what to do with my 10 skeins of Louisa Harding Jesse and enjoying the brilliant mild Autumn here in the UK. The yarn looks sublime and goes so well with the french border fabric. Jo x

  • Three things in my life right now: Paint, Stain, and Keep the family fed. :o) We are half moving into our unfinished house this weekend!!!

    I love the Japanese fabric!!!! My sister would knock you down for it, I just know. :o)

    I love when you share the songs you’re listening to, you have GREAT taste in music.


  • Just because you want a fox belt I give you this:
    Like you NEED more fabric : )

  • tinygoldenpins

    Three things I love about Outlander (not counting Jamie): That chunky shrug stole she is always wearing (please somebody, make a pattern and post on Ravelry), the way Jamie wears his white silk scarf, and all the clothes from the 1945 episodes!!!!!

  • I love these posts, although I feel like I should write my answer out on my blog instead of writing a giant comment. The japanese fabric is so beautiful! And the article on Blogging Becoming a Slog really speaks to me after all this stuff this summer. I think I want to scale back my “online” even more next year, getting rid of twitter and facebook. The blog is important because I still want to do it for me so it will stay, but it is still really, physically and mentally, hard to sew for a living and then chipperly try to whip up some things for myself.

  • Gertie’s book is definitely on my three things! Now I my to-sew list is definitely more full than it was a few weeks ago. And I want it all done now!

  • I love Pokey LaFarge! Great. My top songs right now are Jubilee Street by Nick Cave&the Bad Seeds, Bellringer Blues by Grinderman (also Nick Cave, I’m obsessed) and …

    This: The song is awesome, the video is RAD and the story behind the song is weird too.

    “The song is deliberately meant to sound to its intended Italian audience like English spoken with an American accent, but the lyrics are actually pure gibberish, with the exception of the words “all right”, spelled in the internet-posted video as oll raigth” –

  • I like these posts! Those boots are amazing and I love the sweater and belt too. So many good things in this post! Can’t wait to see what you make with those fabrics!

  • gilliancrafts

    THanks for the shout-out! I like posts like this – it’s a nice check-in on how things are going. Do you have plans for any of those fabrics?

  • They are doing such an amazing job with Outlander!!! I’ve been a fan of the books and of Diana since the beginning – she is amaze balls!! if you ever get the chance to meet her at a book signing or a speaking engagement DO IT – she is a darling little pixie of a woman. Wasn’t The Wedding episode jaw dropping amazing!!! I’m 1/3 of the way through the newest book and then I plan to reread Outlander during the hiatus.

  • Beth

    How fun! I really enjoyed listening to your music, especially going back to Loretta. It would be fun to know the story behind that song! Thanks for sharing your threes.


  • I’m loving Gertie’s new book too! I so wish she had included a cobbler’s apron blouse/dress pattern! I’d be all over that. I’m waiting for Outlander to hit Netflix–I’ve been reading and re-reading the series since the late 1990s, and my excitement is high! I also want to Knit!All!The!Things from that show. (I’m in a FB group for Outlander-inspired knitting–I know, I know…) But we don’t have a television, so no Starz, just waiting for it to get online already! The first (free) episode was fantastic. 🙂

    Love that yarn too–such a pretty color.

    • OOHHH…can you share the link to the FB group? I would love to check that out. I’m a serious Outlander fanatic.

      • It is Outlander Knitters, but the group is getting pretty big and the admin is pretty strict about letting people in because of the high number of spammers, so make sure you send a message detailing your love of fiber and Outlander!!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    I love J.D. McPherson!

    My three things I have been listening to: Hank III (went to his show on Saturday night), Lana Del Rey, and the Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast.

  • I love the fabric with the cats and lions on, it’s so beautiful. I want to cover everything in it!

  • Amber

    Outlander!!!!! YES!!!!!!