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I don’t normally like to start a new project until I’ve completely finished one, but it’s getting to the point where I have to multitask to get things done on time. I have a wedding next weekend on the west coast and I have a lot of things to finish up (and blog about and/or submit) before I leave! I do have one project that’s nearly done though. I’m just waiting for my new pearl snaps to arrive in the mail from Snap Source. Luckily they have speedy shipping because I can’t wait to wear this wild (emphasis on the wild) west shirt!


This is another version of the Archer shirt I’ve been working on so I could make the tutorial for how to add western style yokes to the existing pattern. It will be all set and ready to go as soon as my snaps get here! Shown on the wall behind my dress form is a new button-up shirt pattern that I just found last night. It’s the Wenona Shirt by Named Patterns and I instantly fell in love and had to have it! I printed it and traced it this morning, but won’t be able to start sewing until I finish this project…


My very first quilt! I was contacted by RJR Fabrics several weeks ago with an invitation to join their blog hop. I took one look at all the scraps in my poor lonely scraps bin and decided this was the push I needed to finally do something with them. I picked a really simple design to start with so hopefully I can get the top done this weekend. The solids I needed just arrived this afternoon so now It’s Quilting Time (I’m totally singing that to the tune of Business Time by Flight of the Conchords now lol)!


I haven’t done much to remedy my “sausage pants” fiasco yet because I’m having a serious dilemma. I’ve realized there’s a huge difference between making simple fitting adjustments to a pattern, and making serious design changes. Since I want the legs to be significantly wider than my original pattern, I’m thinking a just need to find a new pattern that gives me lots of leg widths to choose from. This way I don’t have to pretend like I’m a professional pattern drafter in order to make the correct changes and adjustments. I started doing research on how to widen a pant leg but a bunch of red lights and alarms start blaring in my brain saying WARNING! WARNING! ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION! So yeah. I’m not good at big drafting changes like that so I just won’t even go there!


I also got a scary exciting email recently about a possible book deal. …yeah. I can’t even believe it. Honestly though I don’t know if I want to write a book. There are so many other things I want to be when I grow up and I don’t think I’m ready to add author to that list. I really loved Megan Nielsen’s take on this situation and I’m glad she put that perspective out there. Only time will tell I suppose.


And! I very recently started taking a new online class through CreativeLive. The course is called Design Surface Patterns From Scratch and it is phenomenal. I mean, …amazingly good. I’m such a newbie when it comes to illustrator that my jaw dropped at least once per lesson as I watched all the wonders it can do. Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun with the pen tool and blob brush tool trying to trace kitty shapes! These motifs have cute fabric potential I think. Maybe in time for Erin’s Cat Lady Sewing Challenge?

What are you working on this weekend?


  • Oh, my goodness, your paragraph on widening pant legs is the EXACT same thought process I had when it came to narrowing the pant leg of a 70’s flared pant pattern I’ve been trying to fit! I thought I’d be able to be cheap an use one pant pattern for everything, but when I looked up what was involved I decided to suck it up and just buy the burda cigarette pant pattern I’ve been eying for months.

  • Cat lady sewing challenge? Oh my! I have some cat fabric in my stash! Thank you so much for linking to that.

  • Your titles – chuckle, chuckle, chuckle! 😀 They’re the funnest ones in my feeds and of course the posts that follow them are stellar, too!!! I know exactly what you mean. I like to start and thoroughly finish task A before embarking on project B, if at all possible, but it rarely has been for me this year either and I’ve taken instead to often just devoting days to getting as much time on one thing as possible then moving on to the next and so and so, circling back to A until it’s done.

    I hope you’re not following in my footsteps and burning the candle too dangerously low at both ends at the moment though, sweet Rochelle. I’ve been soooo bad on this front in 2014 and it’s really starting to catch up with my (health and energy wise). I’ll likely scale back a bit come fall, but feel like a lot of re-balancing and prioritizing is in order in my life, in the wake of all the great new adventures I’ve embarked on this year.

    Have a blast with your first quilt – that’s really exciting and so fabulously vintage approved, to boot! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  • I usually work the other way around so that I have got multiple tasks going on at the same time and I only occassionally do one thing at a time 😀 Your way of doing things is way better I would say! Currenly I am knitting some woollen gloves for my little sister and trying to think of some sewing protect 😀 And good luck with the book, whether you choose to take the chance or not! I would take it since it’s a rare opportunity but choose what’s best for YOU! :3

  • Wow! You do so much!
    Regarding the pants – I’m not sure it’s only the width of the leg that changes, but also the length of the crotch (from trousers to slacks to jeans). I couldn’t find enough information on line about this but I think if you want wider lags you need longer crotch as well (otherwise the proportions will be off).

    Having said that, from the pictures it doesn’t look like so much of a change from the existing pants. If the hips fits well I’d suggest you just try the quick and dirty method of adding width around the leg and trying one muslin. If the general silhouette fits your need, you’re better off alternating the pattern you have and know rather than starting from the start.

    Good pants patterns are hard to come by… and even when you find “that perfect pattern” there still are lots of alternations to do in order to achieve good fit.

  • stgilbert

    Holy cow! Firstly, that shirt is sensational! I am really looking forward to the reveal. Your quilt will be fabulous (Quilting Socks! LOL!), I have no doubt. I like to reuse my scraps for quilts, too. A BOOK DEAL?! Amazing! It is well-earned and well-deserved if you decide to go for it.

    It’s my birthday today and I’ve been doing a whole lot of whatever appeals to me! Foyle’s War and knitting have been the key activity of the day.

  • that’s why they call them quilting socks…

    creative live is amazing (as is that glorious shirt). thanks for the reminder to hop over there…and congrats, whatever you do!

  • Sarah

    Yesterday, I made my first item of clothing ever – pj’s! (only the bottoms obvs!) I love reading your blog, and others and I am so getting the sewing bug!!

  • I’ve been thinking about making a quilt top with a bunch of my scraps (because I just don’t have room for another bin in my basement). Can’t wait to see what yours looks like!

  • Love your approach. I think since you are not so inclined to write a book may be you should consider designing fabric. You have awesome taste and I am sure you will come with brilliant ideas.

  • Ooh, I saw the Wenona shirt for the first time this morning and completely fell in love. Looking forward to reading what you think of the pattern once you’ve made it up.

    In the meantime, good luck with your projects and remember to take a break now and then to, you know, breathe. 🙂 x

  • Oh my goodness! Make sure you take time to have some food & sleep once in a while! I’d love to see a quilt that incorporated your fabulous scraps from the Cotton & Steel fabrics. They’re enough to make me want to move to the US!

  • Victoria

    What a lot going on! This weekend I am working on getting going with natural dyes. I collected walnuts this morning and I am going to get them ready to go. I am going to dye fabric for quilts!

  • Love the topstitching on that pocket!

  • I’m sewing curtains, a pillow slip and hopefully, a Nettie!

  • devon

    it’s quilting, it’s quilting time!
    i know what you’re trying to say, you’re trying to say it’s time for quilting and it’s quilting time OOH!

    also i loooove that wenona shirt. i suppose i’ll have to add another project to the list, grrr.

    and congrats on the book, regardless of the choice you make! :]