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Adventure Time? Alpaca My Bags!

Well I’m back from the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, aka Rhinebeck, and it was awesome!! …and crazy. I was warned that it would be overwhelming and that’s definitely the truth. It’s not necessarily overwhelming in a bad way, but even my friend Aegean commented on how many people were there, and she lives in NYC!


We didn’t get too many photos of our adventures since Wil left us to have a girls day and took the camera along with him. I’m actually glad he did since I wouldn’t have wanted to worry about lugging it around and trying to keep track of it in the chaos. He did manage to get some great pics in and around the Llama/Alpaca barn though, which if you ask me, was the best part of the show!

Check out the sea of cars already parked when we arrived just minutes after the fair officially opened. Crazy! You couldn’t walk five feet without saying “Excuse me, oh I’m sorry!” to the eight people you accidentally bumped into.


Aegean and I had the best time just walking around in circles, touching ALL the yarn but buying barely any of it (on account of being so overwhelmed), waiting in outrageously long food lines (only for a second before we abandoned them for pickles and cheese), finding prime lunching picnic tables (which I’m keeping a guarded secret lol), meeting Gertie!!!, and laughing until our faces hurt. Mostly we just watched baby animals eat, which was amazing in itself.





This Alpaca had THE BEST Page Boy haircut, which we laughed about for quite some time (in a loving “OMG I want an Alpaca” sort of way, of course). Wil named him Gregor…


…I think Gregor’s Llama friend next door thought we were being very mean to him with our laughter though. He looked over and gave us the most intense stink eye I’ve ever gotten, especially from a Camelid. *gulp*


Seriously, we weren’t picking on Gregor! We love him so much!! I mean, that hair! So dreamy.



Shortly after we wandered out of the Llama barn we parted ways with Wil, but not before he got these awesome shots of us wearing seriously adorable felted animal masks!


The cutest!!


We left the show a little early so Aegean could catch her train home, and that was probably for the best since I’m sure the traffic is insane trying to leave the fair grounds! Driving through Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff was a real treat. Such adorable little towns, with an even more adorable little train station.


Everyone wears THE COOLEST hand knit stuff to Rhinebeck so I made sure to wear two of my hand knit items (the Jul Hat and the Sherwood Cowl), along with a Colette dress that I haven’t worn in ages. Aegean just learned how to knit in the round and was a little embarrassed to wear the hat she finished (which I thoroughly harassed her for because the hat looks amazing!!).


I definitely had a most excellent weekend (the Indie Untangled trunk show on Friday was a HUGE success, more on that later) and the crack-of-dawn drive home on Sunday was totally worth it. I’m definitely planning to go again next year, hopefully with some more friends who weren’t able to join me this time (you know who you are – wink wink).

Have you ever been to Rhinebeck or a similar festival? What did you think?


  • I hope to meet up with you next year! I love seeing pictures of you at our little train station where I walk with my son Lars up and down the stairs all the time! You can walk to my house from there! And I love your alpaca hair shots!

  • I really need to try my hand at knitting. I get so jealous of all the great knitted items I see floating around the blogosphere. I do crochet though, and I wish there was a festival like this here in Indy!

  • That first picture is amazing! It definitely made me smile! 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time.

  • What a fun time! I really, really need to learn to knit and your Jul hat should be my first inspiration. Then, some super soft socks 🙂

  • I’m so glad you had a wonderful time at Rhinebeck!! Someday I’ll get there. Me & my friends go to the Taos Wool Festival in NM. Since we live in Albuquerque its just a small jaunt to Taos. It’s a much smaller Festival but we love it. We’ve been going for years. We stay in the same hotel in the same suite every year. We book the room for the next year as we are checking out. The Old Historic Taos Inn is just dripping with charm and authenticity; its fabulous, and we are only about 2 blocks from the Festival. The restaurants are amazing too. The local yarn shop, Mooncat Fibers, just rocks. One of the best small shops ever just filled to the brim with wonderful local yarns like Crave Yarn, BC Yarnings, and Wooly Wonka Yarn (each has their own website if you’re interested in checking them out & I highly recommend you do)! Fiber Festivals are the best!! Next year is Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta – they only happen every other year. We are super excited for that! If you ever come out this way, feel free to contact me! You can find me at mrsdonnelly on Ravelry & my FB and Ravelry Groups are Claudia Donnelly Designs.

    Happy Knitting!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    I feel like Gregor needs a fan page. What a cool dude!

    Blogger meetup at Rhinebeck next year?!?! 🙂

  • That looks like such a super fun, action – and alpaca – filled day. Sometimes, I find, taking snaps of events/happenings on the fringes of the main event is actually more enjoyable and memorable, because you don’t have to vie for a clear patch of land (or concrete, tile, etc) and aren’t being constantly watched as you take photos (or at least not by quite as many eyes, which always makes shy little me, well, extra shy ;)).

    ♥ Jessica


  • Your outfit is just so gosh darn adorable, yet still sooooo cool!!!!


  • I am absolutely desperate to make the trip out next year! I went to Rhinebeck vicariously, via Instagram, and was thoroughly impressed, envious, and a little bit cranky-pants for not arranging my vacation schedules to fit this in. It looks like an absolutely glorious wool-fest of fuzzy goodness!

  • Looks like fun! Those alpacas are adorable!

  • zilredloh

    Sounds like such fun! I’ve never been to Rhinbeck but I will one of these years…

    Btw, guess who’s been to the Chicagoland Alpaca festival?! YES!!! It was so amazing and full of such funny alpaca’s not to mention some wonderful alpaca yarns. They’re so funny I want one too.

  • Oh, wow! What a great weekend! I remember your Colette dress that you wore – it looks great! Your pink hair and pink-ish hat are so cute, too 🙂 Love the little llama faces!!

  • Wow, I’d never heard of this until you talked about it on here… and it sounds incredible!!! Yarn AND crafts AND thousands of people AND alpacas?! How cool!

  • Oh man, I am SO SAD that I missed it! Well, OK, I got to help teach a sewing intensive, so that’s a pretty good tradeoff. I’ve only been once, but I loved it! Did you get to see any sheepdog demonstrations? There was also a llama limbo contest when I was there that was AMAZING. (Spoiler alert: llamas are super bad at the limbo).

  • I’m so bummed I didn’t see you! You’re the only person I didn’t see that day, but most of the people I did see saw me – I was too dazed from all the yarn and crowds. Oh well, maybe next year. Did you see the drive-in movie theatre, roller rink and diner all next to each other in Hyde Park? Why can’t I live there!?

  • It looks like so much fun! I would love to go and touch all the yarns and feed the baby animals. (I just fed a freaking ostrich at our local pumpkin patch! I was, quite frankly, terrified of losing a finger. And I got yelled at hahahaha)

  • Rochelle, I’m so glad you enjoyed Rhinebeck! I knew you’d love it. 🙂 I used to go every year when I lived in NY (and was obsessed with knitting), and it was an adventure I looked forward to every fall. The yarn! The animals! All the famous knitters in their phenomenal handknit sweaters, hats, and scarves! The food was always great too. I hope you can make it back next year, and I hope I make it back there one day too!