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doctor’s orders

I finally saw my doctor yesterday about my hand/wrist/arm pain and the appointment basically went like this:

My Doctor – “I’m not exactly sure what to diagnosis this as yet but in the mean time you need to wear your braces, take this medication, and restrict the hand activity to just two hours a day.”

Me – *gulp* “…Uh, what?”

Doc – “If you want to get better you need to stop stressing your wrists.”

Me – “Just thinking about not moving my hands is giving me a panic attack. *nervous laugh* I can’t stop moving my hands!”

Doc – “I know. That’s why you’re here.”

Me – “Heh. Touché.”


My Doctor is really amazing and he knows that telling me to stop moving my hands when I MUST MAKE ALL THE THINGS is like taking a knife to my heart (What? No I’m never over dramatic about crafting!), but I am serious about getting better so I have to do as I’m told. …which I don’t always do so well with. Which is why I may or may not be breaking the rules already by typing this very blog post. …and I may or may not have already broken the rules by sewing a pretty scarf today.

I need to get serious about getting better because wincing with one eye closed as I type through the pain has gotten annoying enough that I decided I should probably not continue to do that. I also can’t hold a cell phone or a pair of scissors comfortably anymore so that’s a wee bit of a problem as well haha!


So this is basically a public service announcement stating that I will be not be typing anymore for a while (I’m going to make Wil do it for me so I can still blog mwahaha!) and my sewing projects are going to be much more simple and more spread out. I’ve deleted all the social media apps off my phone to cut down on the temptation. …except Instagram. I need to at least be able to micro blog for cryin’ out loud!

I already gave up knitting and bowling for the time being, which might nearly kill me** with Rhinebeck and Fall bowling leagues coming up really soon. So hopefully cutting those things out will help speed up my recovery a bit. (**again, I’m never over dramatic about crafting or nerd sports)

Now, with that said, who can suggest some good TV shows or movies for Lucille and I to watch that will make me forget I’m addicted making things with my hands? I like murder mysteries, sci-fi/fantasy, and anything with a non-modern setting. We’re currently watching Blacklist and Hell On Wheels.


  • Amanda

    I’ve had similar issues…at one point my fingers were numb while I had intense pain all through my wrist/forearm. My doctor was great…but it was really the combination of osteopathic manipulation, massage therapy (especially shoulder blade and neck areas in addition to the arm), and physical therapy that got me back to feeling “normal.” It took a year of no knitting and limiting all sorts of movement while attending at least one appointment each week focused on these various therapies…and some weeks, all three. So, do take it easy even if it takes a long time. And don’t be satisfied with “good enough” get yourself all the way better and learn how to maximize comfort once you’re better so you don’t injure yourself again. For instance, I’m a lot more body aware now. When I’m stressed, I really concentrate on relaxing my shoulders. I’m constantly assessing my posture. And I’ve invested in more ergonomic equipment. Good luck and best wishes on your journey to health!

  • Oh no! I know how hard it is to stop, I too failed miserably a few years ago which may be why I’ve been in pain of and on over the last ten years. Go slow, get better, and watch all the things suggested. Enjoy stepping back (as much as possible, soooo much easier said than done, specially for a doer) and get well soon

  • Suzigreenfrog

    Ho my, you must just do as your told (take it from one who knows). The sewing bee is on youtube,, and if your feeling a bit low watch Its a Wonderful Life always works for me. Wishing you better soon.

  • I feel for you, so bad! I’ve got the exact same problem (at least it sounds like it). Going crazy after nearly two years of pain in my hands and wrists.
    I hope you get better soon! Warmth helps me a lot, it eases the pain – hope that is of any help!
    I’m also a tv-show-addict, if you havn’t seen Boardwalk Empire, you really should!

  • Kimber Crow

    Oh, take care of yourself!! If you have Netflix: Landgirls is a good WWII drama from England, Dr. Who (all of time and space, woo hoo!), Sherlock (another good BBC production), NCIS (season 12 is airing, so you can get seasons 1-10 on disk or stream), OUTLANDER if you have Starz on cable (or read the books),

  • I want to say that I have been enjoying you blog for a long time now and am sorry to hear about your hand, wrist, and arm pain.
    I have been dealing with similar issues for a few months now. I do a lot of crafting and am a cake decorator so I know how scary it can be when doing what you love have been restricted.
    I was told it was overuse/tendonitis and had to wear braces for a month. It didn’t get better so I saw another doctor. They said carpel tunnel/arthritis/ or an autoimmune disorder and I’d need extensive tests. Long story short, I lost my job and insurance so still don’t know what it is. The good news is it seems to be getting better slowly on its own. It is three months later and I found a better job at a sweet bakery with less production, and am able to craft again. I found that warmth, hand exercises, Traumeel homeopathic pills, and an anti-inflammatory diet have helped a lot.
    I hope yours heals quickly, too and you can get back to making all the things you love pain-free!

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  • Melissa S

    I had the double whammy of carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy in both arms, mostly because I had a stupid desk setup that put pressure on my forearms and wrists. It took a surprisingly long time to heal — I spent about 6 months in full wrist and elbow braces, at work and for sleep, before getting much relief at all. Took a full year to clear up entirely (but it did resolve itself!). So please be patient with your body as it heals. I avoided permanent damage, but I still have to limit the amount of repetitive crafty work I do. Quilting (the actual quilting part, not piecing) and knitting are the worst for me. But I still do both, stopping when I get twinges. That’s also why I have several completed quilt tops awaiting sandwiching. Someday …

    After a different injury (severed a tendon in my thumb), I realized that a huge portion of the strain I put on my hands was reading hardcovers in bed. My mom got me a Kindle and it made a big difference. I still love and buy hardcover books, but the bulk of my reading is now electronic.

    London Hospital was a BBC series that only went 2 seasons, but was well done. I assume you’ve seen Call The Midwife and Foyle’s War, and if not, you must, if just for the costume porn. 8 seasons of Inspector Morse are on Hulu, and the spinoff Inspector Lewis is on PBS. All 15 seasons of Midsomer Murders are on Netflix. Silly and somewhat predictable, but charming nonetheless.

  • Isaboe

    Have you tried Endeavour on PBS? Well BBC… very good detective story set in 60’s Britain; I also like Call the Midwife, Bletchley Circle, Sherlock; if you like a really twisted story Miss Marple might be good (I think it’s a little too twisted for me). I also really love the Keeping Up Appearances series… But obviously I’m another PBS-junkie….

    And I’m also a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate; Hubby likes Firefly – it’s not bad.

    Oh and the new Marvel movies are pretty good too – Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man, Etc.

    And you can’t beat a good John Wayne movie – I like Rooster Cogburn, the Shootist and The Sons of Katie Elder, as well as many others…

    The original ’39 The Women (gotta love the clothes), Doris Day films Teacher’s Pet and Please Don’t Eat The Daisies;

    Oh and M*A*S*H; Jackie Chan movies; Eddie Murphy movies; Big Bang Theory; and strange of strange, Expendables I&II… I don’t know, old men admitting they’re old? Oh They Were Expendable with – John Wayne.

    Can we say eclectic? Hope this gives you some ideas.

  • We are in the same boat. Doctor put me on the disabled sewers list back a few weeks ago. I figured out that the weight of my DSLR camera turned sideways instead of using my battery grip was what was most irritating to my wrist.

    I have been wearing an immobilizer brace for weeks. It has helped. I am also going to wear a crafter’s wrist support when sewing and cutting from now on (or until it feels so good that I forget that I need to do it).

  • Chris

    I have been in your shoes and believe me get a Kindle, take up walking, find a Physical Therapist and pray a lot. I couldn’t sew for 18 mo. It was hard, lots of surgery following an accident, but I listened and I am back. Find some new inner strength.

  • Kaci

    You might just love Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. A sassy “lady detective” in the 20s solves murder cases. It’s filmed in Austrailia and the costumes are sumptuous. The plots are silly but it’s very addictive.

  • Hrrrmmm. Wonder if it’s tendinitis. Same thing happened to me when I upped my work-hours (fabric shears are heavy!). I took a much-needed break and all was well for a few months until I pushed myself (knit longer than I should have) and now we’re back to square one. Well, two maybe, because it’s not *as* bad as the first round (I wasn’t even able to hold a pen or cup). I do have coworker who has it and she had to have something IMPLANTED INTO HER ARM to control the pain. She even takes cortisone shots. daily. SO. Yeah. Not to freak you out or anything.

  • You might really like ‘The Bletchly Circle’. It’s a series that’s available on Netflix (8 episodes), which is about 4 women who were codebreakers during World War II and end up solving murders.

  • Oh I hope you recover quickly, it’s so frustrating when you can’t use your hands properly. I’m not a big tv buff but I’m really into watching a bbc drama called peaky blinders, set just after world war 1. The second series hasn’t long started and Tom Hardy has just come into it 😀

  • Hello Rochelle Came across your post on Bloglovin and it really struck a chord with me! I am so sorry to hear about your wrists as I know how impossible it is to stop crafting! I have had basal thumb arthritis for some years but will just ‘keep making until my thumbs drop off’. Your scarf is beautiful! I also love all things vintage, sewing and dogs! Hope your wrists are better very soon,
    Have a lovely day

  • misscrayolacreepy

    You can call me and I can type up your blog posts and e-mail them to you 🙂

  • Sad to hear about this, you will appreciate your hands all the more when they get back to normal! Patience is all. I know, I had frozen shoulder, it took two years to go. You will not be facing that kind of ordeal I hope. Shows wise, I highly recommend a series on the BBC at the moment, which I bet you will be able to watch on the internet somehow – iPlayer? – Anyway it’s called Crimes of Passion and it combines the soft focus armchair therapy of Agatha Christie’s and the visual seduction of Mad Men. Oh and it’s in Swedish. Very cute language. I can say I love you in Swedish now. I also absolutely love Lilihammer. It’s mad and very funny – the business!

  • Marsha Smith

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and would miss it if you could not continue. But most of all I want you to be able to do the things you love. Take care and I hope you are better soon.

  • That sucks, but you really should try to get better and take a break!!!! Have you tried Sherlock (BBC) yet??? I LIVE for Sherlock! (Smart is the new sexy)

  • scooter

    Bummer! Not saying this is your deal, but I had nonspecific hand/wrist pain and swelling, ganglian cysts, and various other joint issues for years…until I quit eating gluten, at which point they cleared up within a couple of months, never to be heard from again. I have a coworker who saw my recovery and tried an elimination diet for her awful sciatica; she had to cut milk, gluten, and corn, and she recovered within a couple months also, and has not had pain since.

    So that’s something to think about. Anything that causes inflammation could be an issue–allergies to milk, gluten, and other foods, pollen, chemicals, etc. don’t always show up in the “allergic rhinitis”.

    Good luck with your recovery! (and maybe some Inspector Lewis would be fun? or MI-5?)

  • Victoria

    I’ve been watching a lot of really awesome BBC shows lately- mostly documentaries about things like how music in the 70s affected people’s fashions and what not. I got this “private internet access” program on my computer so I can make it look like I am in the UK and watch them all! If you like Downton Abbey, the fifth season has started over there and you can watch it using this too!

  • beebeesvintagedress

    Ohhh lovely, that sounds pretty rubbish but it sounds like your doctor knows best! Just think if you give it a rest now you can sew later whereas you don’t want to hurt it long term! We will miss you but i’m happy you will still be instagramming. Hope you feel better soon! x

  • I hope your wrist starts feeling better soon! Obviously no one likes listening to a doctor when it restricts them from a lot of things, but at least your committed to getting better (: A show I’m obsessed with right now is Haven, which is on Syfy. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s really interesting and brings up a ton of lore and the past, and takes place in a little town in Maine. As I said, feel better doll!

  • Sounds pretty annoying, I know what it’s like not to be able to use your hands when you are used to knit and write and sew and do almost everything with your hands! Hope you will get better soon and follow doctor’s orders 😉 My recommendations of TV shows for you would be Heartbeat, The Grimm, Hawaii five-0, Hannibal ( I didn’t like it but you might like it! 😀 ).

  • Supernatural makes for great trash TV to watch. If you read fantasy, I like the Kim Harrison books! Terry Goodkind!

  • So sorry to hear about your wrist pain – I hope you recover soon! In the meantime, I second all recommendations for anything BBC, especially the Bletchly Circle and Call the Midwife (though both will make you miss knitting and sewing), Sherlock and DCI Banks, which is a startlingly good crime drama. Little Dorritt is also an amazing mini-series. A couple of those are free on Amazon Prime, if you have it. Also, two shows I love just because they mix fun and cleverness are Leverage (thieves working for the greater good) and Eureka (frequently silly sci-fy show about super smart people and the every-man sheriff who saves them from themselves, also free on Prime). Hope these help!

  • 🙁 I’m so sorry to hear this… how hard! Good luck with taking it easy!

  • I hope you heal quickly. I like Continuum, there are three seasons available on Netflix. It’s a Canadian time travel cop show.

  • Oh no, hope your wrist is better soon!

    Seconding all the “Foyle’s War” recommendations, it’s really a terrific show. “George Gently” is good too — murder mysteries set in 1960’s England (with the bonus of some fun costumes to watch). And “Murdoch Mysteries” (on Netflix) is a Canadian series that takes place in turn-of-the-century Toronto.

  • I had the same problem last year in my left wrist (the pain went all the way to my shoulder though the problem was situatued in the wrist), and I had to wear a brace for 6 weeks. Sewing with it was fine, actually. Knitting… Not so handy. Turns out it was caused by knitting on small (in length) circular needles and hypermobility in my joints (I bend in so many ways). I switched to the magic loop method for sleeves and such, and avoid long knitting marathons now. Good luck on your recovery!

  • Oh, no!! I’m so sorry. I really need to start taking it easy, too, or I’m afraid I’m going to end up in the same boat. Hope you heal quickly!

  • Oh dude!!! That’s such a bummer! Definitely take it easy and get better – you gotta plan for a LIFETIME of crafting, you know? I recently had to buy some of those gelly wrist pad things for my computer at work because typing was giving me wrist pain. I’m not new to carpal tunnel and I try to do exercises for it, and so far I’ve been able to keep it pretty mild, but hand pain can be really brutal, especially when it’s exacerbated by doing what you love! Why is it never like, “I’m sorry Rochelle, but you just can’t clean the house ANY MORE! No cleaning litter boxes for you!!” or something…?
    Anyway! Big fan of Call the Midwife at the moment…

  • Dawn R

    You need to watch Outlander! You will love it. If you like to read, Gone Girl is a great mystery story. Do you like to read?

  • Jane

    So sorry to hear this. I have a similar problem, RSI in both wrists and tennis elbow in both elbows with ongoing chronic pain. Had all the treatments nothing worked, I am now disabled and have to live with it day to day and have had to give up work. Mine was from typing on top of sewing, knitting, crafts, I can now use my hands for about 30 mins a day. PLEASE listen to you doctor, don’t push through like I did to where it is now permanent. It is a bit like a handful of pebbles, I can’t hold enough pebbles in my hand for all the things I want to do, so I have to make choices and spend those pebbles wisely and thoughtfully. Pacing myself helps too, and sometimes making the decision to do what I want to do, and accept that I will have pain, but I made a choice. I don’t know what they offer in the states, but here I was referred to a pain management programme. If they have something similar once you have a proper diagnosis, I would really recommend it. It helped me feel less isolated, I had not met chronic pain suffers before, it helped me understand my pain, and it gave me very useful strategies for managing my pain and feeling I was in control and not the pain, as it can be very depressing. you need to recalibrate what you can do, but you will manage and find new things that give you pleasure as well as your main loves that you can still do but in less quantity than before. I now read a lot, audio books when I can’t hold a book, watercolour painting which I find a more gentle movement than sewing, and I walk a lot. Best wishes and good luck, right off for a walk after this typing! Regards Jane

  • Oh I am feeling your pain. A few years back I cried trying to pick up a cup of tea as the weight of a tea cup made me feel like I had broken my wrist, then my hand lost strength and I dropped the tea cup. Smashing it to pieces resulting in more crying.
    I saw a doctor, they told me to stop using my right hand and take pain killers for the rest of my life. I explained I’m a designer I kind of need my hand. Their suggestion, change careers.
    So I gathered up all the x rays, scans and information and took them to my osteopath. A very painful session later he said ice it every day, wear my brace all the time and do the exercises he showed me.
    I did everything he told me, rested it as much as possible and now it’s not perfect but I can pretty much do everything I could before and it only really hurts if I spend an entire cutting out fabric. So I cut, rest, cut, rest and manage it as best I can.
    So in my enormously long rambling way, I wanted to say hang in there, it gets better.

  • Oh blimey! I’m so impressed how you have taken this news on the chin! Hats off to you for finding solutions so quickly. I seriously need to learn to delegate or I’m going to have the same issues. Your doc speaks sense and good on you for taking his advice seriously. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

  • Oh sweet dear, I can truly relate, and my heart and understanding go out to you entirely. There have been many times over the years when my ability to type, sit up, or otherwise do one of the key steps involved with being productive on the computer and/or crafting front has been greatly restricted. They’re not perfect, but one workaround (when it comes to the computer) is to utilize a speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking, which types as you dictate to it. I’ve used it periodically and though it does take some patience for sure, it beats having to give up writing online entirely for sure.

    Tons of gentle hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  • Laura

    I MUST MAKE ALL THE THINGS! I chuckled aloud. Was I the only one who got the Hyperbole and a Half reference? 🙂

  • Oh no! But, but I’m going to miss your posts though. Your doctor is funny, and you’re so adorable! I hope you get better! May you can install a dictation program? Hehe

  • I am slowly improving after a long bout of tendonitis on the pinky side of my wrist/arms. What ended up helping me was wrapping my wrists and arms almost to my elbows with athletic tape during the day and sleeping in braces. I slowly reduced the taping until it was only around my wrists and am now tape and brace free with only the tiniest twinge every once in a while. I also do stretches I found doing some youtube searching…with arm extended I pull back on the tips of my fingers alternating directions. I hope you get relief very very soon!!!!

    Have you watched The Bletchley Circle? It’s on Netflix. It’s a 3 part mini series. I have yet to watch the last part, but the first parts were good.


  • My mom has carpal tunnel issues so I know it’s only a matter of time before I get my fair share. I feel for you 🙁
    But I can definitely recommend some shows!
    Fringe– combines crime drama with sci-fi what more could you want?
    Pushing Daisies– same thing but adorable instead of scary.
    Star Trek Next Generation– the best of the star treks and worth a shot if you haven’t seen it. Hold your judgments until season 3.
    Doctor Who– history and the future all rolled into one! And it’s british!
    I also highly recommend checking out some Korean Dramas on the site Drama Fever (there are a few on Netflix too) They’re great because each series is a self contained story of 20 or so episodes with a beginning, middle and end, and the they all manage to draw you in when you least expect it. I think you would like the one called “My love from another star.”– another combination of crime and sci-fi, but also with some mighty good looking Koreans.
    I hope you feel better but take this opportunity to rest and recoup.

  • devon

    Booo so sad! Get better soon!! Sending all the best wishes to your poor wrists.

    Here are some of my more recent Netflix faves:

    -The Paradise – Victorian England department store, a story similar to Selfridges. They talk a lot about sewing!! Maybe that will help your withdrawal. And the sets/clothes are pretty spectacular
    -Happy Valley – not historical, but an 8 part [I think] British miniseries about a woman who is a cop that was really good. I couldn’t stop watching.
    -Top of the Lake – similarly toned miniseries set in New Zealand starring Elisabeth Moss
    -The Diana Vreeland doc is good!
    -So is the one about Muscle Shoals, this tiny town in Alabama where some of the most famous hits/albums of all time were recorded
    -If you like history – JFK Like No Other is a 4 part documentary that I found really interesting, there is so much amazing old footage and I learned a ton of stuff that you don’t learn with the usual general Kennedy story.
    -And lastly, if you like overly dramatic true crime shows, some of the I.D. channel shows on Netflix are pretty bingeworthy, like Disappeared.

  • I love love Hell on Wheels. I missed last week’s episode and need to catch up before Saturday. I hope your recovery is quick and painless.

  • Tädi Maimu

    I have terriblw lower back issues. I’ve been eating standing up for a month now. You see I sit for 8 hours at work in one position making custom sports wear. And I shouldn’t be doing any sewing at home.. ooops! I have been cutting way down on it thou.

    Sad thing is I recently stared knitting my very first sweater ever! And I really want to keep going with it so I have been at least trying to knit standing up. LMAO

    So yes rest your hands!!!

    On TV shows… I have no idea what you like. I can watch Greys anatomy even thou I’ve seen all the episodes already. Same goes for all vampire shows ever created. And Friends LOL!

  • Jess

    As well as a sewist, I’m an extreme knitter and professional musician, so I literally feel ya on the wrist/arm/neck/etc pain. One thing I find helps me to NOT use my hands is watching a foreign movie with subtitles. That way, you have to look at the screen! You can’t just listen and look at your knitting or sewing. Best wishes!

  • I do hope the pain leaves your wrist soon. Having been a rigorous musician in another life, I know what hand/wrist pain is like. Not to get preachy, but sometimes hand/wrist pain is from building up muscles, but other times it is much more serious. You’re doctor knows best! All my best for speedy recovery! Also, Midsomer Murders are AWESOME and there’s like a trillion episodes that are each over an hour long. Yes. Soooooooooooooo fabulous! Yay!

  • Hate to hear about this! I used to be a fanatical knitter until I had the same problem. That was when I started sewing. At the time I really didn’t see how I could stop knitting and still enjoy life. But I made it through. 20 years later I am generally fine, but knitting and bowling are still out.

  • So sorry to hear you have to scale back so dramatically–I can’t imagine how fidgety you must feel!

    I’ll second the Dragon software recommendation, especially if these limitations end up being long term. A colleague of mine has some serious hand/wrist/arm issues, and she’s using this software to write her dissertation, grade student papers, and do pretty much everything else on her computer.

    As for TV, you must have seen the BBC’s Wartime Farm already, right? If you haven’t, it’s on YouTube, and my husband and I are huge fans. I was also just about to recommend Blacklist, but I scrolled up and saw you’re already watching 🙂

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • If you haven’t seen them I highly recommend What a way to go with Shirley McLaine (there is some pink hair love in there) Hud for Paul Newman’s understated western shirt and I always loved Carnivale and just found it on Amazon Prime, i think. Also Six a Feet Under. Really digging that right now.

    Feel better soon!!

  • stgilbert

    Oh, ouch!! Poor you! I know you can download free voice to text software, as well as Dragon from I use Dragon at work for all of my transcription work. That way you can still blog, but not harm your poor hands!

    I highly recommend Acorn.TV – all BBC shows all the time! Foyle’s War, Miss Marple, and Joanna Lumley’s documentaries.

    Get well soon!

  • Oh ouch! Both literally and figuratively! I have struggled with Carpal Tunnel/RSI in both elbows and wrists, and it is a KILLER whenever I have to cut back on all the computer time/blogging/crafting/sewing/knitting/drawing/baby cuddle/chopping/carrying things… And no, I’m never overdramatic about crafting either. Never go around saying things like” “I’m going to die if I don’t get to do some *add craft of choice* soon!!!” … *cough*….

    I feel your pain; I do hope you get better really soon.

    And I’ll second “Call The Midwife” for a great show, and “Firefly”, and have you ever gone through every episode of Stargate SGI, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe?? Really fun, and it takes forEEEEVVVERRRR…. Plus, I love coming back to “Scrubs” time and time again. Classic comedy. Who knows, Lucille might even fall for Rowdy? ; ) ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  • I’ve had this problem before, and did need to give up knitting. Bowling can make it flare up, too. However, I’ve found that yoga, particularly Yin Yoga (which gives deep stretches of the connective tissues and muscles in the back, hips and shoulders), has been the miracle cure. My theory is that the nerves in your hands get compressed and irritated on their way through the elbow, shoulder and eventually the spine. If you stretch out those areas so that the nerves aren’t trapped and rubbing, the nerves heal up. Don’t do poses that put pressure on your hands, though. It’s worth a try, as at least it will help with stress!

    • And do the ergonomic thing with your computer where the keyboard is elbow-level and the monitor is eye-level. Get a separate keyboard if necessary. It makes a difference!

  • Ellen

    You need to take care if yourself, so hard as it is, follow the doctor’s orders. Check out Foyle’s War on Netflix. Great mystery set during WWII. Excellent. And get well soon.

  • Oh no! That’s the worst! Hopefully if you take some time off, you’ll be back sewing and knitting and typing in no time 🙂 Also. Call the Midwife. Best. Show. Ever.

  • I’m so sorry to hear the news. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, I feel for you. I have been put “on the bench” a few times.You may want to check out For something like $5 a month, you get access to lots of good British drama, mystery, and comedy. Take care of yourself!

  • Oh no! I was so hoping to hear that you had found some kind of magical cure! Two hours a day? Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be forever. It’s amazing how many tasks require wrists. Typing is definitely one of those brutal ones – maybe you can get one of those programs that you can dictate to? I have no recommendations but I’m sure they exist.
    As for shows, I am super hooked on X-Files – it’s on Netflix. I missed it the first time around but I am super enjoying it.
    Hope you feel better soon! Sending you lots of good healing juju!

  • terrible! Did you watch the first 8 eps of Outlander? (I have a feeling you mentioned it? – it might make you want to knit though) and there are a few episodes of the Bletchley circle (50s fashion and mystery solving code cracking girls). Orphan Black?

  • So sorry to hear that you are unwell. I have no idea if you will like it but I really enjoyed Warehouse 13 for campy sort of sci fi.

  • Ooh watch Dexter! It’s sooo good. But seriously, I hope you get better soon – not crafting/typing/texting/moving would kill me too.

  • Do get better soon. Try and track down Crimes of a Passion. A Swedish crimes series set in the 1959s – you will LOVE the clothes the central character called Puck wears.

  • Foyle’s War is a great detective drama set in Britain in WW2, if you haven’t seen it already. The costumes and sets are gorgeous, there’s a plucky female main character (something I always appreciate, especially in period dramas,) and it’s really interesting watching a WW2 drama from a British perspective. The first two seasons are streaming for free on Hulu. 🙂

    I hope your wrist feels better soon. I’m typing this comment with my wrist taped, because I messed it up tracing patterns. Repetitive stress injuries are annoying, especially when they happen because of one’s hobbies.

  • Well that’s poopy.:(
    Foyle’s War one of my favourites. The Paradise, Musketeers, and if you haven’t already watched but is always fun to watch again. Firefly.

  • Oh, dear, that’s horrible! Get better soon!

    Now, with that said, who can suggest some good TV shows or movies for Lucille and I to watch that will make me forget I’m addicted making things with my hands? I like murder mysteries, sci-fi/fantasy, and anything with a non-modern setting.

    Yes, yes, but what does Lucille enjoy? It’s only fair to pick something you’ll both like, after all. 😉

  • Oh I really hope you heal quickly. I love all that really old stuff like Agatha Chrisite. And not to tempt you, but there are some great outfit ideas in there too, for when….

  • Victoria

    When I broke my arm it was torture. I’ve queued so many crafting projects that I’ll never have enough time. Proper British crime drama (Lewis/ Miss Marple etc) got me through but I’ve recently been watching Hannibal and The Wire. Hope you get a diagnosis and cure soon, I love reading about your shirts. I hope I can get my sewing skills good enough to start building a collection like yours.

  • TanBB

    An oldy but a goodie is ‘Firefly’ and my son has watched something called ‘Falling Skies’ which he keeps on at me to watch, and I have just started watching ‘True Detective’ which I am loving. I hope you get the rest you need and get better quickly.

  • d

    So sorry about your hand/wrist. Having had surgery for carpal tunnel and de quervain’s tenosynovitis in both hands, I can relate. After years of injections and physical therapy, I’m so happy not to have to deal with that anymore. Hope your issue can get resolved quickly!

  • Oh, honey, you need to come over to my house and watch TV with me. I have a gazillion things recorded on my DVR that I never have time to watch because the husband is always watching football. But if it was two against one… maybe. (kidding) Shows I’m liking right now (or wishing I could watch): Castle, Person of Interest, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans (recorded but not watched yet) Dr. Who (really good this season, love the new Dr.) Face Off… Oh I know I’m leaving something out. If I think of it I’ll come back and comment again. Take it easy and get better fast.