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the island of misfit tunics

I have this sad bin in my closet that’s full of forgotten handmade items, much like The Island of Misfit Toys. Do you have a box like this? I can’t bring myself to part with these items yet so they just live in limbo in this big plastic bin. Well I decided to sift through it the other day and I found this tunic I made when I was still living in Vermont, so it must be almost two years old, and previously unblogged. I’m rather fed up with pants lately after sewing a million muslins so I decided to boycott them for the time being and wear leggings instead. Conveniently, leggings and tunics are a winning combo.


Oh, and p.s. I HAVE PINK HAIR!! Now for those who don’t know, I’ve been wearing wigs on and off for nearly a decade. Sometimes for fun and sometimes for medical reasons (due to my skin disorder), so this is not the shortest my hair has ever been (nor the pinkest for that matter) but it’s certainly a big change from the luscious ginger locks I’ve been sporting all summer! I decided to ditch the wigs for a while because they’ve been giving me massive tension headaches, plus I really want to wear my handmade hats, and when you wear a hat on top of a wig it kinda feels like a really awkward layer cake hoisted onto your head. So a pink pixie it is!


I’ve been battling tendonitis or carpel tunnel or something for the past several (several) months, and I’m in denial that I need to see a doctor, so I’m trying to cut down on the typing. …which I’m currently doing with a brace on each wrist. So let’s cut right to the details! I can’t remember what pattern I used to make this tunic but I do remember the fabric is from the collection Far Far Away III by Heather Ross. I llllooooovvveeee itttttt.


Outfit Details:
Tunic – made by me
Glasses – El Ria c/o Victory Optical
Boots – VOLATILE Addict
Leggings – Old Navy
Scarf – A gift from England
Earrings – Target
Sweater – Old Navy
Belt – Potomac Leather
(via the Renaissance Festival …because I’m a nerd)

photos by William Waldon



Doesn’t my unnaturally shaped elf ear match my pixie haircut rather well? It’s like I was born to have pink pixie hair or something.


I’ll leave you with some outtakes 😉


Do you have a sad bin of misfit handmade items? Do you shuffle through it from time to time and give things a second chance? Usually when I do that I remember why they ended up in the bin to begin with lol. This tunic is a wee tight in the armhole.

Oh, and who wants to start a No Pants Club with me? The only prerequisite is you need at least four pants muslins that have been banished to The Corner of Frustration (okay maybe just one muslin if it was traumatizing enough that you can’t even fathom four) haha! That’s your free pass to the No Pants Club. And no, leggings clearly don’t count as pants 😉


  • LOVE the hair! Yes, I have a box (and I’m only admitting to having ONE box) of sad projects that “one day” will be fixed. Probably the same week that I finally clean out the sewing room closet…
    P.S. Did you know I work in the ergonomics department? Let me know if you have a mac or pc. Each one has dictate programs, the mac is vastly better from what I understand, but I can send you the instructions for doing speech-to-text stuff. And if you take a photo of your computer set-up I’ll have one of the ergonomists look at it and make recommendations for equipment to reduce your stress there. I have carpal tunnel, big time, but have kept in in check for YEARS by going to the chiropractor. Sometimes its overuse (duh!) but sometimes its because my neck is out of whack.

  • Well I’m definitely in the club! I did at least 4 muslins for my cigarette pants but they’re still not perfect, although good enough I think for me to stop making muslins before I commit a pants-related felony. So I’m in! Looove the pink pixie, so adorable. 😀

  • I think this is my favourite out of all of your different hair options!

  • dom

    I’ve been reading your posts from about a year … looking forward to them. I’m a beginner in sewing and your creations make me dream. I just love your personality, your humour and … your new hair ! I’m a WEE bit jealous !

  • Beth Arcuri

    you are adorable, inside and out, and now I am sad that I don’t have cute pixie ears to go with cute pixie pink hair…but I am sure that my floppy ears will look nicely hidden with my gray/brunette hair which will be sporting teal trails through it soon

  • Ha! I love your No Pants Club, and I totally have more than enough Muslims for membership – although since I live in toasty southern Arizona they are all shorts versions. So much frustration with the pants! But so happy with the pants club 😉

    • Ack! Muslins, not Muslims. Darn autocorrect!

  • Cute! I love the pink hair, and the tunic is wonderful!

  • I love your pink hair!

  • i love your new hair! and yes, i think it was meant to be little fairy! so why was this lovely tunic in the misfits bin in the first place?

  • Love the pink hair, the boots and the belt!! LOVE!
    How about an “I’m too scared to make pants” club? I could totally join that 🙂

  • Love your pink hair. Carpal tunnel is no fun, I was in major denial for the longest time myself, till my husband forced me to see a doctor. Lucky for me I was able to take physical therapy for 3 month and I’ve been pretty much symptom free for the last year. My advice see a doctor before surgery is required.

  • Love your hair. Totally agree about the pants. It’s been at least a year since I’ve tried pants again. I have at least four muslins that have ended up in the kind of bin you’re talking about . You have inspired me to try again though!

  • stgilbert

    OMG YOUR PINK HAIR IS AWESOME!! I love it so much! The tunic is fab and, yes, to leggings! I have discovered the joy of leggings recently and am totally on board.

  • I love your pink hair it is so cute! Ok…so I have to go out on a limb and suggest something for your tendinitis. My husband’s family owns a supplement company and they have this stuff that just saved my life when I had tennis elbow and carpel tunnel after having my first daughter. Here is the link . I had to take massive amounts (about 3 capsules 3x daily) for the first month…but then I just tapered off and took it occasionally for maintenance. It seriously works great!

  • Amazing hair. You look fantastic.

  • I love your pink pixie – you were definitely born to rock it! I too am battling a tendonitis type thing and it’s really affecting my sewing/typing/blogging/knitting and it’s so frustrating! If you come up with any amazing remedies, please share. I would totally join the no pants club (i have muslins hidden out of sight all over the place) but I have contracted your Archer obsession and what would I wear them with?

  • Love your hair!!! Pants are totally overrated anyway, so don’t feel bad 😉

  • misscrayolacreepy

    I wish the weather would cool down here so I could wear a cute outfit like this! Love the pink hair and that ear! 🙂

  • Ugh, I feel you on the not wanting to see a doctor for pain in the wrists thing… It’s not bad enough yet that I’m ready to stop living in denial! I’m so glad you kept this top, it’s perfect with leggings! I wish I felt comfortable in them, as I have more than four pants muslins balled up in a drawer somewhere…

  • I have carpal tunnel in both my hands, and after being told to lose weight (rude) and that I might need surgery in both hands (putting me out of work for six-eight weeks) my boyfriend bought be a Roleo and I recommend it entirely! I was doing five minute workouts on each arm every day for about six months – and now nearly two years on I’ve had no surgery and I’m mostly pain free!!

    As long as it’s definitely carpal tunnel or RSI instead of rheumatoid arthritis (which should NOT be massaged!) please, please look into getting a Roleo because it pretty much saved my bacon!!

    Good luck!
    Melody x

  • LOVE the hair! Sadly, I find a lot of my items go to the back of the wardrobe! However, I’m going to make a conscious effort to wear more over the coming weeks 🙂

  • Wooo! I can totally join the no pants club! I’ve got enough thrown away muslins! I’m in!
    And, yeah, I have some handmade items that just don’t cut it. They’re a good example of how much I’ve learned since then!

  • I love your hair, it’s really cute!

    I have just went through surgery for the carpal tunnel syndrome, I am so happy that this thing is over … well all most over as full recovery will take six months.

    You should try the cortisone injections, sometimes it’s enough to heal the carpal tunnel syndrome (I had three but it did not do it for me.)

  • Embrace the pink pixie!! Adorable that your ears match 🙂 The tunic looks great too, you certainly have the right figure for it, so jealous!

  • Your hair is ADORABLE! aaah! And that sweater looks ridiculously comfy. Love the whole look!

  • I LOOOOVEEE your pink hair! totally rocking it! And while I may not have the prerequisite pile of pants muslins, I am generally #teamnopants All. The. Time! Great tunic look!!

  • sillyandrea

    YAY PINK HAIR! Looks great! We’ll form a second club for that.