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I thought I’d pop in and share a bit of what I’ve been working on lately. First up, I’ve got a new pattern by Anna Maria Horner in queue. It’s a really neat pieced circle skirt that I can’t wait to make! I think the yardage charts might be wrong though because I could only fit 7 of my 8 blue panels on the recommended fabric no matter which way I tried. I’m not super upset about it though because that just means I have a real excuse to BUY MORE FABRIC! Ha! …Ew, and maybe a new ironing board cover while I’m at it.


Speaking of fabric, I just bought some sweatshirt fleece to make another new pattern that was just released by April Rhodes. She’s doing a blog tour to promote it so I’ll be back on December 1st to share my version!


Wednesday the 19th was my birthday (I am now officially in my early late twenties lol …27) and I kinda splurged and bought a really fantastic present: a king sized bed (Amazon Prime is AMAZING)! Who am I kidding, it’s more for Lucille than for us because that little pig hound hogged 82% of our old Full sized one. I’ve pretty much been working from bed since Wednesday, which is awful for my wrists, but can you blame me?!


Since I released my Deerly Beloved gift wrap on the 14th, I’ve already sold a few rolls! I’m so excited, you all are amazing!! I’m working on coordinating print-at-home greeting cards and gift tags to match, but getting the colors to translate well through a basic ink jet printer has proven to be a challenge. I really wanted to release them by Thanksgiving but I wont if the colors look …meh. I’m remaining hopeful, and I WILL work something out whether I release them as a perfect match for the wrapping paper or not. We shall see.


This is the look Lucille gives me when I’m shopping for more fabric to finish my pieced circle skirt and I stumble onto some ridiculous (ridiculously amazing) Aztec print Winterfleece. Don’t judge me Lucille, I NEED an Aztec fleece cocoon coat sweater wrap thing!

Oh, and all Hell most have frozen over because I bought a pattern to make leggings. ME! The girl who hates knits for no particular reason beyond I just plain love wovens. There are lots of legging pattern options out there but I found myself on Burda Style, browsing around as you do, and there was a sloper pattern for leggings at a great price for a knit-fabrics-noob.

I’ve been trying to think of sewing projects as whole outfits lately because I’ve made so many things in the past that don’t go with anything else. Which is why I bought the leggings, and also this twisted turtleneck dress with this cocoon wrap coat pattern. That’s a pretty nice, well-rounded outfit I think.

Now, how am I going to build that outfit out around this fantastic Aztec fleece?!


  • I LOVE your skirt fabrics. I’ve been tempted to make a circle skirt but I’m a little afraid of them. (wearing them, not making them) That looks like a great pattern though.

  • Must not veer into broken record territory…your puntastic post titles always bring the biggest beam of a smile to my face, dear gal, which stays there all the way through thanks of course to your stellar posts themselves.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  • Hope you had a happy birthday! Can’t wait till you sew up some knits and become addicted like the rest of us. LOL.

  • Sharren

    Hey Rochelle – naughty you for working in bed! Recover quickly so your wrists can get busy making that new outfit. I’ve checked out the patterns on the BurdaStyle website and I think you will look fabulous. So, stop working in bed and be well so I can see beautiful photos of you and Lucille frolicking in the NY countryside wearing your gorgeous new stuff!!!

  • stgilbert

    I am with Erin – you bought a KNITS pattern? Are you a pod person? Has our Rochelle been replaced? Eeep! LOL!

    That Lucille. Her cute face KILLS me every time I see it. So much cute!

  • Funny… I went from this page to your blog… Aztec inspiration stars aligned? 🙂

    Very curious to see how your sewing plans unfold, hopefully the wrists will cooperate!

  • I am sure your Anna Maria Horner skirt will be lovely! I just love the fabric you picked for it!

  • misscrayolacreepy

    Rochelle bought a pattern for knits?!?! Willingly!??!?! 😛 You will have to let me know your thoughts on that leggings pattern, I am interested.

    I like seeing your WIP plans almost as much as I like Lucille’s sweet face!