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Datura Tunic

Remember when I said my tendinitis was on the mend? I lied. You all warned me this would happen and I didn’t listen. I jumped back in the game too soon and got all ambitious with graphic design projects and Christmas sewing and now I’m back to square one with the wrist issues, like an idiot (as in: I’m not sleeping comfortably at night because they hurt so badly). I really should keep the typing down to the bare minimum, but I do have a bit of explaining to do with this Deer & Doe Datura pattern hack.


I bought this adorable Deer & Doe pattern some time ago and had been meaning to make it much before now but it kept getting pushed down on my list. I did, however, recently make The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline that I really liked. Since I already went through the trouble of making some alterations to the armhole of that pattern, I decided to simply retrace the Datura neckline onto the Tank Dress. It was actually a really easy adjustment!


Instead of fully lining the top section like the Datura pattern instructs, I just traced a bib style facing and pressed it to the outside rather than to the inside. Add some snazzy mini pom-pom trim and voila! – a Datura tunic hack. I think it’s rather adorable if I do say so myself.



Patterns used: Datura by Deer & Doe and The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline


Fabrics used: Folly by Amy Butler and Climbing Vine by Elizabeth Olwen


We’ve really been having some strange weather in New York this season. Despite the lack of snow that we should have by now, it’s been absolutely bitter cold. Why do I always end up in the woods without a coat, pretending like I can still feel my hands?! It was 23 degrees out, definitely below freezing, but the secret is to smile and keep your shoulders down so it looks like you’re not about to die of hypothermia. Carrying a parasol to suggest you’ve felt the warmth of the sun at some point this month also helps.


The cold felt great on my wrists though! Let’s pretend my stubbornness, and complete denial of what the temperature actually is, equals some kind of physical therapy.



Forgive me for keeping it brief today. I’m going to have to go back to the whole “doctors orders DON’T MOVE YOUR WRISTS EVER!” thing again for a while so I can really get better this time. I’ve pretty much signed off on all social media except instagram until further notice, so please don’t take it personally if you’ve messaged me elsewhere and I haven’t responded. I’ve also been resisting the urge to respond to blog comments like I normally want to. All the little bits of typing here and there really adds up. I’m sorry 🙁


Expect more photos and less typing in the future! I’ll try to keep the subject matter interesting 😉


Oh! Before I forget, the lucky winner of last week’s Popover Poncho pattern giveaway is:

  • I love your outfits! They make me want to sew more tunics. And I love this neckline “hack” – so far I’ve been too timid in my clothes sewing to combine pattern pieces. Let your wrists heal, so you can continue making beautiful things!

  • Debbie B

    Love the dress, that Datura top piece is lovely.
    I have had problems with the tendons in my wrists and thumbs since February, cause unknown, but that hasn’t stopped it being very painful and debilitating. Wearing splints on both hands 24/7 for several weeks helped a lot initially and I always keep them nearby still. I didn’t think that the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed were doing much at all so I eventually stopped taking them and there was no worsening of the condition. However, someone suggested to me that taking (the spice) Turmeric could be beneficial and so I have tried it and found that it really does seem to be beneficial to me, I don’t wear the splints now and haven’t been woken up by the pain in weeks ( it was a several times a night occurrence) despite not wearing them. I also take dl-phenylalanine alongside the Turmeric capsules. I have seen it recommended that black pepper can increase the effect of turmeric but I found taking that did not agree with me. Of course, taking these and the symptoms more or less going away could be a total coincidence but I don’t think so. For me I felt the effect in about 4 days although I hadn’t been expecting them to do anything and a couple of weeks ago I stopped taking them and the pain started to get worse again so I’m back on them now. I do hope you find something that helps your condition to improve very soon.

  • Ahhhh your poor wrists 🙁

    I like your pattern modification. You are always able to alter patterns in the most clever ways and I admire that about you!

  • This looks great Rochelle! I love the parasol too! I hope you get feeling better soon – take care of yourself!

  • I love the tunic – such a great pattern hack! I’m sorry to hear that your wrists aren’t getting better. I struggled with tendinitis for almost a year, and I still have to be really careful not to strain my wrists because it can come back quickly. Being a student, it’s impossible for me to stop writing, typing, and carrying heavy books around, so it took quite a while to heal. Wrist braces helped when it was at its worst, and I wore stretchy athletic tape (K tape) the rest of the time. My advice would be to find a good physiotherapist! Mine helped so much. She gave me some simple exercises, and also did some IMS (intramuscular stimulation), which really helped. IMS is similar to acupuncture (the same needles are used), but the needle goes into the muscle rather than just the skin, but only for a few seconds. It hurts while it’s being done and it’s a little stiff for a couple days afterwards (it feels like you’ve had an intense workout), but a few days later if feels much better. It’s not for everyone, but if you can find a good physiotherapist, it might be worth looking into.

  • Your tunic/dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! But as pretty as it is, I just couldn’t stop staring at your hair!!!!!!!


  • Feel for you with your wrists! Been there unfortunately. One simple thing that helped with burning and inflammation, was to take a pair of well fitting knee socks, soak in v cold water- with ice if you want v v cold. Wring out and put over your arms. Wear for 30 mins or so. A naturapath called Stewart Mitchell recommended this and it helped a lot. Putting icepacks on is not so good as it tends to burn the skin and create over sensitivity. Its a hard one, recovery is slow.

  • I love everything about this! You styled your shoot so nicely…it makes me pine for winter and cosy layering!
    The boots are amazing and look so comfy.

  • Your fabric choices are always the best! Quilting cottons never looked so good. This is such a cute tunic!
    Be good so you can get better soon. Chronic pain is the worst!

  • Would it make you feel any better to know that i’ve been ignoring the twinges too lately, and paying the price? It’s really frustrating that even things like reading an e-book make me pay later! 🙁 Good luck, honey!

  • I’ve been thinking about you + your tendinitis. Hopefully this time you’ll be on the mend quickly. Love this dress and you’re a brave woman for bearing the cold!

  • Woohoo, I’ve never won a giveaway before! And have been coveting April’s poncho so much! Thank you Monsieur Random Generateur! And thank you Rochelle, for running the giveaway and also for contacting me already. I have bad achilles tendonitis right now, so empathise how horrible it is not only to be in pain but to be denied the things in life which turn you on and keep the happy meter charged up. I can’t zumba right now and it’s killing a fire inside me a little every day. I hope you are able to return to your loves soon too because it’s hard to stay away from things which come so natural to you. Keep your pecker up Rochelle and may the new year bring new strengths and hope for recovery!x

  • KSuddeth

    Love the outfit! Those boots are killer and love the tunic! You always find the neatest fabric. I hope your wrist feel better soon (and I am really glad to know you will still be on Instagram)!!!

  • Don’t be sorry! Be kind to yourself, first and foremost, so you can heal and be back at it!

    I, of course, love your Woodland Fairy look and this new dress is no exception. Pom pom trim!!! I loves it!!

  • Rochelle – you make the most beautiful garments. I love how you interpret sewing patterns and fabric. I’m always inspired. Stay warm & do rest. I learned to rest my body several times the hard way! Take care and look forward to being inspired by your photographs. You know, they are worth a thousand words and all. 🙂

  • Lovely tunic! I have tendinitis in both wrists from typing at work. It never goes 100% away unfortunally. My advice is to get some wrist braces that have a metal insert so you can’t bend your wrists. Wear them at night when sleeping and for any keyboard work. It helps a lot to bring the swelling down. Best wishes 🙂

  • Laura

    I am crazy about the folly. I feel like there’s a distinct groove with your entire look, in fact your hair looks crazy amazing in these shots, and the tunic, leggings boots action should be non-stop. Rest dem wrist now lady.