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Less Talking More Doing

I just looked at the clock and realized it’s after 6:30 PM, which really threw me for a loop because it’s still plenty light outside. It’s been over 40 degrees the past few days and that feels positively tropical after a record cold February. The snow is slowly starting to melt, leaving behind a winter’s worth of grit and grime from salted roads. It’s the kind of dirt that would be an eyesore for any landscape if it didn’t mean that Spring was officially on the way. A first robin sighting in the yard confirms that.

February was rough. The surge of energy that follows the New Year is a bandage for my seasonal depression. A bandage which had well and fully sloughed off by the time March rolled around. But now that it’s here, and we’ve had our first true sunshine in I can’t remember how long, things are looking up.


Lucille and I can go for long walks again. Muddy paws and lighter jackets are what make me happy right now. That and doing things. Being outside, going for walks, cleaning the house, and letting my creative energy make its way back to me. For the past few days I’ve wanted to do less writing, less blogging, less talking and more doing

and definitely more sewing 😉


  • I love when it gets lighter outside , i always feel refreshed and doing more! 🙂

  • I hear you. It’s like someone lit a fire under my butt with all this sunshine coming back.

  • Dude, you’re not alone! I’ve barely wanted to do ANYTHING between the short days, seasonal burnout, and a cold that I just can’t shake. But the extra light at the end of the day and the peeps of spring on the horizon are giving me a little burst of energy for the first time in ages and I hope you’re feeling the same!

  • Maja Ćorić

    My dear gal,
    You’ve said it! The spring’s power to make people DO things is ever-present. Once I start smelling coming of spring in the air – my mind starts making plans: what can be planted, what can be painted.. all the strength of “doing” comes to me…
    Keep sewing, and keep posting about it.


  • Joy

    I love that Spring is here ’cause I’ll be less lazy to finish my projects. Where did you buy the fabric for that striped black and white top?

    Joy of Sewing Machine Tips

  • Debra Ward

    Yup! We just discussed in my house how happy we feel that we can finally get out and not freeze our noses when we step out the door. Right now I’m enjoying the drip,drip,drip coming from my rooftop.

  • Amen! This was the first week my pup and I could take a nice long walk, and I loved it (I’m sure he did, too!). I’m with you…less talking, more sewing is on my to-do!

    • It’s so muddy and gross outside that I have to immediately put Lucille in the tub after a walk around the block. It’s not only mud, but also gritty salt/sand and I can’t just quickly wipe her down. She hates being wet but walks are her favorite thing so it’s worth the tub time to be able to take a nice long walk again 🙂

  • Yes, oh my stars, yes!!! I just want to do and make and intentionally relax, too, this year. The older I get, the more I yearn to simply my life, make the best of my time that I can in the moment, and live in the here and now as much as possible. We’ll never get back a single one of our tomorrows, which is why living today in a way that makes us happy and content is so tremendously important.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Chantel

    Your blogs always bring me cheer and an invigorating dose of inspiration! thank you 🙂

  • Issabella The Cat

    Yeay for the Doing of things! I am really starting to long for some rays of sunshine to energise my creativity again. Keeping my peepers open for some spring buds starting to pop through on my walk through the park today!

    • I swear I’m solar powered! I need a bit of sunshine to feel in top shape. We have so much snow and ice piled up in the yard I’m scared the poor flower buds won’t even have a chance! We’ll see though 🙂

      • I’ve said that I’m solar powered for years, so you’re not alone. If it’s overcast for a couple of weeks my energy level drops dramatically.

  • jannapyj

    Hurray for more doing!!! Those t-shirts look so crisp, so professional! I look forward to seeing you model them. :o)

    PS: I have the same little bird scissors…I just love them so.


    • Thanks! They were really speedy makes on my serger (which is the only way I can tolerate sewing with knits haha!) and I’ll be modeling them soon 😉

  • I’m right there with you on the seasonal dol drums. Hope March brings warmer days and London dog walks! Your knits look lovely!!

    • Thanks! Here’s to a happier, warmer, walk-ier March for you as well 🙂

  • Are those…….knits?!?!?!?!

    • They are! I know, Rochelle and KNITS?! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?! 😉

  • Lisette

    Yes! It has been wonderful to be out about with the dogs. And I think you’re right, I AM doing more sewing. I’m certainly doing more of the daily stuff that has to get done, with a smile on my face and a whistle on my lips.

    • Haha I agree! Doing the dishes is almost enjoyable lately! …almost 😉

  • Hooray for spring and sunshine!

  • colesworth

    You used the green buttons! (they had my vote ;o)

    • Yes, green for the win! Thanks for the vote 🙂

  • Winter was rough here in Philly; I can only imagine what it was like north of me. I’m not a depressed person, but even I had blue days. Glad you, Lucille and I are doing a little better now that the sun is shining and the temps are warmer!

    • Thanks, Maddie! I have a good friend who lives in Philly (by way of Vermont) and she even said the winter was pretty brutal! Here’s to an awesome Spring 🙂

  • The turn around to spring weather is the absolute best! I hope that you are able to keep soaking it up!

    • Thanks, Stacia! Hope you’re enjoying nice weather as well 🙂