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Just a quick post today because I’m coming out of a stressful weekend/week and was reminded how important it is to slow down and take care of yourself. I kicked the weekend off in the emergency room (not me directly, and my family is all totally fine now) and left with a hefty reminder that simple things like a proper diet and a bit of exercise are not to be taken for granted.


I definitely did a fair amount of stress sewing this weekend (and even a tiny bit of knitting) and have two completed dresses to show for it which I’ll share more of soon. It’s funny how my wrists/arms felt pretty darn good the past few days, even with all the sewing I was doing, but now that I’m back at my laptop that twinge in the crook of my elbow is back. It’s clear now that I really need to find a new routine for sharing things via the computer if I want to kick this tendinitis/tennis elbow/whatever-it-is for good. I’ve stopped filtering all my photos (I used to like vintage-y/warming filters a lot), so eliminating Photoshop except for re-sizing things has been a great start to the cut back on my computer time. I’m trying to remember quality over quantity for blog post frequency, and I’ve been looking into using my phone for dictation, though talking to Siri has been …amusing, to say the least. Why does she like to capitalize random things?!


Don’t worry, I’m still all smiles and things are back on the up and up so I’ll have some fun, less Debbie Downer topics to share this month. Topics like: my two new dresses, including my completed block printed dress (which I shared a peek of on instagram) and the three Victory Optical frames I picked from my last review! AND! SPRING FOR COTTON kicking off later this month!! (Spring for Cotton as in Fall for Cotton except it’s not Fall anymore lol, which will be much more laid back and self directed on account of my need to step back from the computer as previously stated. It will still be a fun sew-along though, I promise).

So, yeah.

Eat right. Take a walk. Slow it down. Take a breath. Read a book. Make things… like dresses, and decent meals, and time for family.


  • Lisette

    It sounds like you’re looking on the bright side of things, so that is good! I just deleted my facebook account last weekend and I am amazed how much I am getting done in my real life and how less anxious I feel. Seriously, I can’t believe how many times I went to my computer with the excuse I’ll just check… and then had nothing to check so I actually went about getting stuff done.
    Make sure you’re taking plenty of time to do nothing too! Sitting and doing nothing is so good for the mind.

  • Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend, but it is good to hear that things are looking up for you. I understand all too well how stress can cause problems, somedays I feel like I wake up with a panic attack, I know it’s not healthy. Taking time for the things we love, like sewing is a great way to ease our stresses of daily life. Glad to hear your back to your smiling self.

  • Lisa

    Sorry to hear about the stress, good reminders though!

  • Elena Knits

    We take so many things for granted, and realize at difficult times, that it shouldn’t be like this. I’m glad everything went fine in the end. In times like this one realizes about the important things in life.

  • I’m glad to hear everything’s okay. It’s nice to have sewing during stressful times to keep your mind from wandering. That’s what I find anyway. Take care of yourself!

  • Your colour/fabric choice and sewing finish are always so gorgeous. Looks like another beauty of a tunic. And it matches your new glasses! Sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time recently. It’s so easy to let self-care slide when things go wrong/crazy, and that’s when you need to look after yourself most. Your closing line is perfect advice.

  • Gentle hugs coming your way, sweet gal. I’m very sorry that the universe has been hanging some serious storm clouds over your world lately. Your closing line is the recipe for a happy, wonderful life in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Hope everything’s OK! Sounds like a really tough week! Sometimes it can be so easy to let taking care of yourself go by the wayside, especially when you’re busy. But really, when you’re busy, you most need to take care of yourself! It’s such a good reminder- thanks for sharing!

  • sallieforrer

    Great reminder Rochelle! I’m definitely the kind of person that has to stop herself on the regular and ask “what’s REALLY important here?” because I do not operate well under stress. I think some people thrive, or so they say, but in my experience, shit really goes bad FAST if I’m not eating/sleeping/getting enough ‘me’ time… At this point in my life I’m pretty serious about sticking to my routines because I’ve just found that’s what works for me, although I think it makes me a less ‘fun’ person to be around (“no, I’m sorry, I have to go home now in order to eat dinner, digest it, and go to bed…”) ANYWAY! Good to hear you’re making time and looking for new ways to take care of yourself. Nothing is worth risking your health and well-being!

  • You are SO right about taking care of yourself Rochelle! We take our health for granted til illness comes along and gives you a kick up the butt! Two completed dresses? Wow. Would love to see the knitting.

  • Great advice! I am booked off this week due to anxiety and stress, so these are all things I need to focus on. I will definately be making some things this week!

  • Glad to hear everyone is doing well now. Too bad about your wrists again though. Can’t wait to see the dresses though!

  • Totally hear you on the taking it easy front – life is too stressful sometimes! We need to take time to smell the flowers. I love sewing to destress, there’s nothing better

  • jannapyj

    The colors in these photos are so vibrant, so beautiful! Filters? Bah! You sure don’t need filters with your awesome photos!!!

    Thanks ever so much for the sneak peek of the block print dress! It is SUCH a happy dress. Really, that was my very first thought, “How happy is looks!”

    Experiences with Siri inclued her changing totally innocent words to swear words! :o) Always proof read your texts before hitting send.

  • Is your computer area set up as ergonomically as your sewing space? I recently decided to completely rehaul my sewing space because I was getting terrible back pains whenever I sewed (which is most days). It cost me ~$500 or so for a new desk, standing height trestle table but it was so worth it to reduce future damage.

    Otherwise (and I’m sure you’ve heard this from your own doctor and/or physio) – anti-inflammatories, less repetitive movements of the joint, resting the joint, consider a steroid injection.

  • JoezGal

    You summed up your post with some very sage advice for all of us to remember!

  • Ooh! I’m liking the colors and buttons! Glad everyone is doing better! Sickness in any form is no fun.

  • I’m glad you guys are all doing ok! And I need to take your advice on making decent meals and slowing down…I’ve been so bad about that lately. xoxo