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So which Victory Optical frames did I pick?!

To follow up with my previous review for Victory Optical, it’s time to reveal which of the six frames I decided to keep! You voted to help me choose, and I definitely took your suggestions to heart.


The first pair I fell in love with were the Tang frames in Red! Victory first released Tang in the early 50s, according to their original advertisements, and they’re the pair I’m wearing the most right now. They’re so unique! The thing I love most about Victory Optical is the fact that their frames are actual vintage reproductions, or truly vintage inspired. There’s a heritage and authenticity I feel rings through their frames, making them easy for me to gush about. Love them!


The second pair I’ve chosen to keep are the Miss Exec frames in Pink Pearl! I love the subtle cat eye shape and the color is just too cute. It makes me happy just to look at them!



It’s funny how much I love the color of these frames when they’re alone on the table, and then when I put them on I realize they’re almost the exact color of my face, haha! I picked them because sometimes I don’t want so much contrast around my eyes, so these are a great sort of “low profile” frame …for me lol.


Last but not least, a surprise pair! I didn’t actually review these frames in my original post, I had tried on the Slim Oval instead. I’ve always wanted a pair of 1930s inspired round frames so when I saw the recently released Eye Play I nearly gasped out loud! They’re such classic frames. I love the bridge style and the overall shape. The Eye Play comes in so many fun colors, but I knew I wanted the timeless Honey Amber.



And! To make the Eye Play even more awesome, there’s a new clip-on attachment you can get to turn them into a super sweet pair of sunglasses. Aside from being very 1930s, the attachment also reminds me of a Neo-Victorian/Steampunk look, which is SO COOL!



Victory currently only sells the frames, not the prescription lenses, but you can buy the frames and take them to your local optometrist to have your prescription lenses put in (which is what I did for my El Ria frames).

Victory offers free shipping in the US, as well as free returns. If you’re an international customer, you can request a shipping quote or check out Victory’s many retail locations across the US, Canada, and Australia.

For updates on sales and new releases, follow Victory Optical on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


Thanks for helping me pick my new frames! Don’t forget to use the coupon code LUCKY20 (good until next year!) for 20% off if you see anything that catches your eye 😉


  • It was a pleasure helping you pick! I swear, I’ve been eager to see which ones you went with in the end. Stellar choices! I love, and would totally wear (assuming they worked for my face, which runs on the small side with eyeglass frames) all of them as well, especially the red and the pink pairs. Your new glasses are, if you’ll pardon the eye wear pun, spec-tacular! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  • Debora McFearin

    Good choice, love the frames and it’s time for me to change, thanks for the coupon code!

  • Elena Knits

    I love the frames you chose 🙂

  • Iwonaf

    Wow!!! Cool blog:) Photos are perfect.

  • Eeeeeeeeee! All of my favourite frames! They all look so terrific on you!

  • Evie

    I love all of them! And the sunglass clip-on for the last pair is super fun.

    • Thank you! Yeah I really want the clip-on now. They look so cool!

  • Evie

    I love all of them! And the sunglass clip-on for the last pair is super fun. E

  • jannapyj

    I kept looking at your sweater! Read a little, look at the sweater…glance at the glasses, stare at the sweater…read a bit more, drool over the sweater!!! I finally soaked it in enough to pay attention and was struck by how nice the Eye Plays look with your Brown eyes!


  • I love the Eye Play frames! They look so great on you!

  • All your frames look wonderful! I have long wanted vintage specs, but I find the frames to be very small. Do you know if the sizing on these are true to vintage, or do they come in several sizes?

    • Thank you! Some of the Victory frames come in multiple sizes, but even their standard One Size frames still feel modern as far as width and proportion. I do have one pair of actual vintage frames from the 1950s and they’re tiny! Even on my petite head, they’re snug. The Victory frames feel comfortable 🙂

      • Thanks, that is very helpful. I will research further:)

  • What a great selection, something for every mood and outfit. They are such fun and make me smile. Shame though my eyesight is perfect, maybe one day!!!

    • Thanks, they are definitely fun! I had perfect eyesight until I was 19 (even now my sight isn’t too bad, but I have astigmatism so I need prescription lenses) and I was SO excited to learn I needed to start wearing glasses haha! My face feels complete with them 🙂

  • Oh they are cute! We went to an Optical Market here in Shanghai the other week (my Husband lost his lovely green ones) and there was SO much choice. And for heaps cheap too! So lovely you had help choosing yours!

    • I can only imagine what kind of awesome frames Shanghai has to offer!! I’m picturing all sorts of wild colors and shapes. I love fun glasses …obviously 😉

  • These all look super cute on you!! It’s great to have a few pairs of glasses around, so you can change up your look whenever you want. Great choices!

    • Thanks, Heather! I agree, when you wear glasses everyday, it’s nice to have a little variety 🙂